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My Uncle and his wife had a stroke of brilliance when it came to Christmas presents this year. Either that, or my aunt remembered the conversation we had while driving me from the airport to my grandparent's house. As I have a Uhura action figure, and "Torchwood: Rift War" comic book. Which has a totally lying cover as it's a post-Meat pre-Rest fic, so it's TEAM fic story and not just post-series Two story that I was expecting.

Also, it has a timy-whimy aspect AND Steampunk!Torchwood makes a cameo! And Toshiko is featured taking actions and doing things other than read things off of computer monitors. Oh, and she rides Myfanwy.

The minuses is that, at times, the human cast is drawn very oddly. There are three artists on the book, and it really, really shows. ( The back up feature is drawn beautifully! ) Owen did not show all that well, and cannot really remember what he did.
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Regarding the rumors of a US version of Torchwood to be picked up by FOX:

"MS3K is my shepard, I shall not dismay. They make me laugh at bad movies, so I may have an enjoyment of medicority. I do not require brain-bleach, for you lead me on the path of great LOLs.

"So though I walk though the valley of bad genre media, I shall fear no sporks, for MST3K is with me. Your 'bots and your MADS comfort me. You prepare a fest for the brainmeats in the presence of an unending cultural wasteland. You protect me with hilarity, and my laughter shall never runs out."
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I still cannot speak about Children of Earth for more than five minutes without breaking out into CAPLOCKS OF RAGE four months after the series aired.

Sometime in the future [ profile] juliet316 will produce a post on Gwen's Heroine's Journey. I was thinking about that myself the other night, and was fairly pleased with it until I got to the "final task" portion. I was thinking that her test was keeping the kids safe, and if it was, then she failed her task. And, then, got all the traditional rewards of suceding in her task.

I'm not saying that Gwen did not deserve having her family alive at the end of the series, nor her being given the task of rebuilding Torchwood. I blame RTD. I blame him HARD. I mean, when you manage to fuck up one of the basic units of storytelling, you need to seriously examine what the fuck you're writing.

On the bright side? RTD is still better than Frank Miller. If you have never heard of Frank Miller, one of the things he's written is Batman kidnapping Dick Grayson ( Age 12 ), keeping him in the Bat Cave, and made him catch rats for food until he earned the privilege of being fed human food. For a slightly more humorous take, Linkara reviewed the first two books of All Star Batman and Robin here. Yesterday I dared myself to read series set in that universe, and I chickened out around chapter five. It was one of the more horrifying stories I've ever read.
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I've somehow have come to the conclusion that a post-Golden Age Athens AU with the Whoverse would be awesome. The setting would be good a close fit for New Who sensibilities, and Classic Who has serials set in settings close to this time period. And some of those serials even survived intact!

I have an idea who The Doctor would be, as well as Barbra, Susan, Ian, Vicki, and the Torchwood cast. However, I have no clue who would be what with everyone between half-way though One's term and the present.
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Oh, and if I read another fic where Captain Jack Harkness does not understand/speak a little Welsh, I shall cry. Since, he was, you know, living in Wales when an large percentage of people spoke Welsh AND some percentage spoke only Welsh. Especially since there was a large draw from the monolingual Welsh areas into Cardiff, as well as from everywhere else.

Of course, this doesn't mean that Jack speaks flawless Southern Welsh. I'm not sure what his accent would sound like, and what would he screw up since I don't know what his native language is and how much his speaking of Modern American English daily for the last few months would effect it.

I'm also not sure when /z/ and the rest of the borrowed phonemes crept into Welsh except for /sh/ and it's mutated /dz/ because it was both borrowed and developed out of /si/. It's a bit confusing because siop was borrowed really, really early.

Ianto and Gwen know a little bit of Welsh too. Heavy emphasis on a bit because they had to pass an A-level in Welsh, and they might have forgotten everything except a few words if they never used it regularly afterwards.

Okay, semi-regular rant about Welsh and Torchwood over. Carry on.
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I have finally managed to fix the majority of Children of Earth. I kept the 456's motivation's intact, but I rebuilt everything else about them. I filled in the plot holes, straighted the logic fails, and tried to clearly point the source of Clem's powers to still being connected to the 456. and less that having mental illness gives you magical powers.

I also did things that just make me happy. One of the radio reports in the background is that a large bird was seen flying over Cardiff. Jack mentions that the Hub only sustained "minor damage" because after the first earthquake they fortified the whole structure with alien tech, though he hasn't had time to fix the roof after the last Dalek invasion.

The only thing I'm waffling on is whether or not the final death should take place. I can justify it either way, since it's set up that they don't actually know whether or not he's dead until after the deed is done. I'm leaning on the side that he should live, because the story has already finished when the button is pushed, and killing him would be for the sake of killing him.
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I felt much better today, though there was some doldrums transitioning from afternoon to evening, as there always is.

Also, I now think that fic with Estelle, Alice, and the Tarot Girl needs to be written right now. They all live in the Cardiff at the same time, and since Cardiff is not a megalopolis, they could run conceivably run into each other.

That, and there needs to be more Alice/Johnson femslash. But thats a lot harder to write because of Alice's grief, so I'll let it slide for now.
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Having dreams about fandom is fun. Having dreams about Children of Earth is not - especially when it's the kind where they're rounding up the kids near where you live. Or in my case, the place made up of all the places I've lived.

The first group of kids I was helping getting a large group of kids onto a bus to get them out of town ahead of the army. But I lost them all because there was a liquid bomb I had to get rid of, and by the time I had dumped out everything the heavily armed soldiers had taken the kids off the bus and onto their trucks and driving off with them.

Then I fell back into my neighborhood, and I managed to scoop up some kids waiting at a bus stop. For some reason the neighborhood was mostly deserted, which was probably my subconscious saving me from watching my next-door-neighbors ( they were a family of deer hunters ) and the army having a shoot out. A little later they were scanning the houses with heat signature cameras, and they caught our residue, but I did something clever with some very large dogs so the army thought they just picked up house pets and not people. Then I woke up, so I got to miss the lovely aftermath.

See, this is why I read "War of the Worlds" and not "The Andromeda Strain." I am several orders of magnitude less likely to have my blood sucked by aliens than I am of dying of the super-flu.
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Not going to mention RTD inverviews at and AfterElton because my complete rage about the subject. Espeically the fact that RTD said that the event in Day Four happened just to put Jack in an emotional head space to do what he did in Day Five. Then declared the decision good art.

What I am doing is linking to the Children in Need donation page in the memory of Ianto Jones. And the BBC News page about the project.

At the time of posting, donations for Children in Need was £2,218.83. I'm going to throw something in the kitty myself.
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As much as I disliked the ending of Children of Earth, I really want to read stories about what happened afterwards to both Team Torchwood and society at large. I would write it myself, but I am not very good with UK politics. The only part I would be comfortable with would be saying Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru would get a lot of votes in the next parliamentary elections.

Or whatever their Whoverse equivalents of SNP and PC would be, as the PM's in the Whoverse haven't belonged to a recognizable party either. Though I think the only one people would even want to claim is Harriet Jones.

Who, oddly enough, had she still been PM like the Doctor said she would have been in World War III, the majority of the stupidity of Children of Earth would have been avoided. How Harriet Jones would have handled Children of Earth )

Tie-in Joy

Jul. 16th, 2009 07:19 am
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I was looking at [ profile] iantos_desktop wondering if [ profile] lorannah had posted any Children of Earth stuff. Instead I saw she made some very nice 19th/20th/21st timelines, though something very interesting on the twentith century timeline caught my attention. Since [ profile] lorannah footnoted it with coming from "The Torchwood Archives" and me actually having that same book, I decided to look up the information myself.

...Those clever bastards. Lucia Moretti, one of the people mentioned in "Children of Earth" is mentioned in "The Torchwood Archives" as well. Both sources agree with her staffing date, 1968-1975, but disagree on her date of death. Torchwood Archives says 1998, CoE says 2006, and for a CoE reason, the Archives Date doesn't work.

Also, there's a lot of references to Children of Earth in the James Moran's Captain's Blog Ongoing Archive notes of a Dr. Patanjali as a young medic at the hospital asking about Torchwood. On the Lost Souls page there's also a yellow sticky post with "Why can I find no trace of Jim and Mary Sangster at the GRO?"

EDIT: Earlier in the book there are two post-its that also contain references. The first is "Who is Timothy White? and the other is "Where is Clemont McDonald?" Thanks to [ profile] eawen_penallion tip-off that there were even more references.

What all these references mean )

I wonder if there's any references to Lilian Cartwright, who works in the council offices, or SilverClaw who a member of the school computer club in any of the audioplays, books, or audio exclusives.
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They've put out pictures of the next wave of Torchwood action figures to be released sometime this year. More info here at The Blowfish... looks like a Blowfish. Captain John actually looks like James Masters. The Toshiko and Ianto figures look nothing like Naoko and Gareth. Owen's figure is in the next wave.

The Tosh Horror lies behind this cut )

The only other thing I did today was act as backup when Mom took her kidlings to the playground, and weeded the tomatoes. The tomatoes really needed it as about 50% of the greenery was morning glory vines.

Also, I would like to be able to concentrate on doing just one project some time soon. Right now the only thing I've made progress on is my character on Kingdom of Loathing. = (
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Yesterday we finally, finally painted the bathroom. It's the same color as my room, which is a pale green that you can hardly tell it's green until you compare it to the white ceiling or tile.

Fiddled with re-write, but I really have to sit down and watch Day Four and Day Five again to see what needs to be nudged, and what I need to steam roll. Speaking of which, if you have an opinion of what needs to be changed, please slap them in the comments.

Already on the List )

And, most importantly, remember this is Torchwood, and not Spooks with Aliens. The viewing of Them! may be required to to get the right mix of Serious and Rubber Monsters. Anything else?


Jul. 13th, 2009 11:49 am
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Going along, doing other things, I suddenly get foam in the mouth rage again over Torchwood. I was watching [ profile] thingswithwings's vid "Though the Glass." which can be found here.

And even though Jack and Ianto are both on the same side of the glass, it's still there.
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I got done watching Day Five a little while ago, and spent the last half hour hashing over it with my Dad. I can say it really was an excellent piece of television drama. I'm a little teary-eyed, but no where near last night. Probably since I've already gotten over the initial shock of my show being gone. I'm still sad and pissed off about it, but not crying buckets.

I know I'm going to stay in the Torchwood fandom. I'm probably not going to buy the discs because I don't think watching emotionally devastating things is a good time. Or suspenseful, or horror, or, frankly, serious films. The two darkest films I own is Sleepy Hollow and Nosferatu, and those are dusk at best.

Everything else I really need to stew over. There may be essays comparing this to classical Greek drama coming up, or attempts to bring Children of Earth in line with the previous Torchwood series. Or Torchwood fic completely ignoring everything that happened previous to the last ten minutes of "Reset"!

I write Mystery Science Theater 3000 fanfic. I'm very, very capable of missing the point of a series entirerly. Plus, I have a cliche bingo card to fill and I still want to write about Elves!
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Since season one, I've set up a challenge for myself. Write "Donkey Skin" as a Torchwood story. And last night, I finally had a breakthrough on it! There's still some analogues to figure out, and the ending needs to be altered a bit, but this is the furthest I've ever gotten on this project.
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Children of Earth: Day Four )
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I have more thoughts about day one. Mostly about the layout of the HUB.

Spoliers for Day One )


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