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I have my results from the neurologist: Everything is normal!

The only thing that way even minor sketchy was that one of the disks in my neck was shaped a little funny, so it was every-so-slightly flattening my spinal cord.

So while it sucks that I don't have a diagnosis, it's better than having a degenerative neurological disorder. Right now the only thing is bothering me right now is word recall: mostly relating to food things like "carrot" and "marinara sauce."
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The MRI tests were a success. I'm just pretty damn happy I'm not claustrophobic, since I was in the machine for about three hours, maybe a little more. For the brain scans I could listen to music ( the Beatles ) but for my spine the headphones wouldn't fit in the headpeice, so there was just lots and lots of banging for a half hour.

Kinda like being at Essltate again. They even gave me the same kind of earplugs, but yellow instead of green or orange.

I had my scans, I had an IV where they pushed the contrasting juice in, so my right arm is a little bit of a pincushion between today's injection and yesterday's blood test.

I just get the results for my blood test tomorrow, and the results for the scans on Thursday. And my parents are indeed coming up on Saturday, so I can get the computer situation sorted out. Right now I'm on the 8th floor of the graduate collection, watching Rachel Maddow/Countdown and checking live journal and my email. And playing a little Kingdom of Loathing.

Anyway, I'm signing off and heading for home and my bed. This year I have a thermometer, so I can acutally tell how frigid/broiling it is in there. So I can say with authority that my room is a 80 degree sauna, because they decided to turn on the heat yesterday. Which was fair, as before the heat was on it was about 68 in there.
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Had the neurologist's appointment today. I was poked at and prodded, literarly. One of the tests was poking me with a safety pin.

He wanted me to have a B12 test, which I did today, and the results should be in by Wendsday. Also, I'm having three MRIs tomorrow afternoon. One of my head, one of my spine, and one of my chest. It will be about 3 hours, which I think includes the time for the contrast juice to do it's magic.

This afternoon, after the exam, has been rather exhausting. I've tried to study, but as soon as I read something it falls out of my head. And, of course, today was the day in Girls Like Us to evaluate the semester so far and our goals for the rest of the semester/year. Right now, I can't really think to the end of the week.

The end of the week, oddly enough, was a time my parents were thinking about coming up and seeing me. I should have the results of the tests by then, so it's either going to be a celebration or be completely awkward.

I'm going to feel completely stupid if I've been reading too much into some of the comments the doctor's have made. But at the same time, when the receptionist was making the appointment for the MRIs, she did say "possible MS" to the receptionist on the other side of the line. And, you know, the neurologist specifically said they'd be looking for plaque.

But since purgatory is a place with a finite existence, I'll know one way or the other, soon.
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Cut for talk of menstrual cycle stuff )

And now to re-read some Poetics, and things about Spanish theatre so I can organize thoughts about... Aristotle and the Golden Age of Spanish theatre, exemplified by plays by Lope de Vega.

And that there should really be "Jack in the Middle Ages" fic. Especially after seeing John in a promotional photo for the Robin Hood panto. He does look rather fetching in green. = )
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Coming back from Massachusetts, I picked up a cold. I felt myself being infected on the way to Boston-Logan by the driver's cold. ( But we all had a nice talk about the Bai'ai faith! )

Then I started my period, so went from bleh to comatose. I didn't really get out of bed Saturday or Sunday, and spent the majority of the time napping or watching Justice League or Batman Beyond.

But today I got to the bank, got a money order for the tickets to see Wicked on April 5th, and mailed it off. I kept thinking I was Doing It Wrong, and asked the Post Mistress if I had filled everything out right. I also picked up an application for a passport while at the post office. John powered me though some points, to where I was singing out loud again.

And then I rewarded myself with Pockey. = )

Spring has sprung here. The bulbs have sprouted, and I saw snow drops and irises out. And a flock of robins. No blue birds, though.
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After hitting my head hours and hours ago my brain is still wonky. This is why you shouldn't hit your head on concrete block walls, kids!

Torchwood? Good, but felt much, much longer than 50 minutes. More thoughtful details after I stop feeling I'm going to fall asleep in my chair.

but I do have this one thought, spoilers for Sound of Drums and Wariors of the Kudlak of Sarah-Jane Adventures )
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I was working commencement this morning, and I got sick. Really sick. Almost passed out sick. I left my post and headed to the usher room, then I went to the Health Center.

Apparently, being sick and on my period and not eating a good breakfast and my blood sugar crashing and being dehydrated isn't good for me. Who knew! = )

Because of the above mess, I skipped tonight's commencement, and didn't get that much further with packing. Though if I just finish putting my dishes away, and pack up Leo the desktop and bring back the network cable, I'll be in good shape.
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Because I haven't rambled enough about this:

I finaly found out what was causing the rash. Apparently, even though I washed my clothes, there was still some lingering residute of something on it. Might have been posion ivy, maybe not. There was a stain on it where I was getting the rash, but it was from a chocolate muffin.

Anyway, though the way I found out was to rub the pants I wore on three days last weet on my arm to see which spot broke out, and spot # 3 was the winner. Of course, now I have a rather large rash on my arm, but this time when my rash goes away, it's going away for good, as I'm bagging up the jeans and not wearing them until after thanksgiving break where I plan on running them though the wash five or six times just to make sure.
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Remeber how I mentioned I got posion ivy a few days ago? Well, I have it. ALL OVER. From my wrist to sholder, as that's where the vines rubbed against my skin, then all over my chest and stomach and down my legs. And did I mention that I'm still breaking out and I have no idea how I even got posion ivy in some places, as I was both wearing clothes AND washed by hands and arms SEVERAL TIMES before I striped to jump in the shower.

Plus the only thing that's been really soothing things is ice, which I am apparently not supposed to apply to blisters.

Dammit. I'm ose myself out on antihistamines, and try bundling up tomorrow, as the hardly wearing clothes thing that I tried today was not a success.

Actually, you know what would be carthirc? Watching Batman and Robin. Not the whole thing, as that would be mad, but just the parts where they're kicking Posion Ivy's ass.
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This is mostly for the benifit of my dear, beloved sister [ profile] ship2shore

Remeber how I was complaining about the food in the cafetria making me sick? Well, I had another incident on Thursday, after eating chicken dumplings. (but the kit-kat bar probably didn't help matters either, in retrospect)

So I popped into the nurses office durring lunch to get some tums. This ussualy makes the pain go away, but it didn't. I made it though physics, with a litte difficulty, but in Spanish, the last class of the day, it got worse. So I went into the bathroom and curled up into a little ball because that, for some God forsaken reason, helps.

I finaly ask to go to the nurse, with five minutes left until 3, and ask the nurse to let me go home, but by the time I find the number to call Mom at work, school's over. And I decied to call Mom at work because I definitaly wasn't going to walk home like that, nor was I going to stay at school until play rehersal was over and Dad was going to pick me up. Except Mom was home the whole time!

Anyway, since I've been popping into the nurse's office fairly regularly for the last couple of weeks, she tells me to go see a doctor. I tell Mom this and she scheduals an appoinment for that day.

So after we go to the doctors, and I spend forever in the room waiting for the doctor to show up, I see him for five minutes, tell him my symptoms (stabing pain in my abdoman after I eat at school) he tell's me it's propbably my gall bladder. I should reduce my intake of fats, and to take generic OTC Zantac for two weeks, and they'll see how I'm doing in two weeks, and if there's no improvement that they'll schedual an ultrasound to see what's the what.

And since I'm a curious little monkey, I was looking up gall bladers and sour stomach (sour stomach is one of the things that Zantac is supposed to treat) and I found out what a gall bladder is (a storage place for bile, which digests fats) and that one of risk factors for gall stones is a family history of gall stones, and high cholorestal food.

And since Mom, Mama, and Mother all had their gall bladder removed, I defintaly have a family history of it. And since frech fries is a food group for the school, I'm not surpriesd that this is happening now. Plus fried chicken has always done a number on my system.

But I am a little bitter that McDonalds makes me ill, and it's never made me ill before, and this is with my Zantac. Yes, I'm aware that's my own damm fault, but... McDonald french fries! I won't make that mistake again, though.

But there is good news: I FINALY SENT IN AN APPLICATION! It's to IU-Bloomington, major in Infomatics.
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I am again sick from eating in the cafeteria. The only thing that the two days have in common was I ate something made from what they claim as "beef." Though I should have known better than to get a cheeseburger; a couple of days ago my firends got cheeseburgers and the patties were still slightly pink in the middle. Uh, ick?

So I went to the nurses, the second time in the three years I've been in the last several days and the last two years, to get something to settle my stomach so I wasn't hunched over in pain in Spainish. I promptly waited 20 minutes for the department to get out of a meeting for somthing the nurse was able to give me in 30 seconds.

This was from a diffrent nurse than the one that is the sponser of the Octogon Club, which didn't have a meeting today since we were waiting for some information that she was going to tell us. But didn't because she didn't show up, along with half the officers. So we stood in the hall, I asked for any club shirt designs, said that they're weren't going to be any club dues again this year, and the vice-pres (the only other officer there) adjoured the meeting.

Tomorrow is Senior Service Day, so I'm going out to the theater to pick up trash. Of course, we have to meet at school then find our own way to the site, then go back to school. Which is fine for everyone who, you know, HAVE CARS, but sucks for the people who have to ask for rides from other people in thier homeroom.
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Apparently, Mac computers don't give me headaches, but PCs do. Even though I've had a headache lurking just behind my right eye, or the temple on my right side for the last three days, there have been no days where I haven't been able to do my Media Arts. But if I just use Mom's laptop or the desktop it starts hurting again.

Of course, the German potato I had during lunch has me in bed anyway, which is a charge from yesterday's sleeping the afternoon away because my head was bothering me too much. But I did get to skip a half hour of English, while I was racked out in the nurse's office waiting for the painkillers to kick in.

I think the only thing that hasn't made my last few days a pile of suck has been the fact I got A on a Spanish test. Which means I'm no longer failing Spanish! Huzzah!

And I've started work on a New Years Resolution fanfic, so I can get into Yuletide 2005. Because writting for obscure fandoms = Yay. Better yet, I get to write a wacky Joel/Mike AU for it. And if anyone is intrested, there's at least one other Joel/Mike challenge, and a gen challenge. I'm just calling dibs on the one with the comments as "I always thought that those two had a history." = P

Edit: I totally forgot about the Canadian penny today! Rachel was rooting though her change purse and she found a 1952 Cannadian penny. She showed it to me, and I history fangirled on the topic of recent British monarcy, and that she should keep it because I've never seen money with Gerorge VI on it. And since I fangirled so much she gave me the penny. Well, she gave me the penny after I explained that the coin was only technicaly worth less than a US penny, even though no one really cares that much to sort US pennies from Canadian pennies.


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