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Earthquake, Martha & Jack drabble.

shakes )
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short, short Ianto/Thirteen Torchwood/House crossover. written for [ profile] karaokegal who wanted the two written off so they wouldn't go with any other characters.

I like them, and spent more time on the set up than the actually meeting bit 'cause I can't write believable romance.

don't say I didn't warn you )
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Wales vs South Africa
Rating: G
Summery: It's World Cup in Cardiff, and Gwen and Jack celebrate the occasion in their own ways.
Note: I'm Fudging with the time lines. Lots.

Wales vs South Africa )
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Heroes fic. Flash Heroes fic. I am a sad being. That is all. Though oddly enough, I was in the emotional state at the end and then wrote myself back to even-headeness. Wacky.

Issac )
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Title: Gypsy Lavender
Fandom: MST3K
Characters: Gypsy Rose, Joel Robinson
Prompt: Purple
Word Count: 528
Rating: G
Summery: You must select paint colors with great care.
Author's Note: Props to the BotBuilders yahoo group.
color_i_fic Challenge: Lavender - Joel Robinson
au100 Challenge: Purple - Twincityhacker's Table of Scintilating Scenes

Paint Samples )
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In the internet apycolypse, only mst3k fanfiction will survive!

Seriously, since I figured that I had this greatestjournal just sort of sitting there after I decied not to use it for a project I was going to do, I figured I'd "shadow" my livejouranl.

I've also trying to think if I should shadow [ profile] mst3kslash. Or even, maybe, the collection of fic I have on my hard drive. Some of it floated out to fandom public domain like "Shankie and Frank are Reunited," but some of it is very much not, like "Time and Echos." I figure if I did do that, then the fandom public domain would be posted publicly, and the stuff that I don't have permission for would be hidden in some way.

Right, back to shadowing.

Edit: This is going to take forever. I mean, I've only done two months worth (7% of total postings), and it's taken five or so hours. And I have exactly 700 more entires to backup. Yays.
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Title: 50 Sentences (About Two Lonely People)
Point: The begining, middle, and possible end of a Joel/Mike relationship.
Challenge: [ profile] 1sentence, Delta Challenge Set
Continutiy: Just pretend that Mike got thrown up there with Joel.
Rating: PG-13

I wrote this some time ago, actually. I couldn't decide whether or not it was okay, and I kept rippping it apart. But, eventually I figured that since it was just going to rot in a private locked entry, I might as well post it as someone might get a few seconds of joy in this self-induced hell of a planet we call Earth, even though it's not great art, and won't inspire anything but thirty seconds of laughter and hatred (this is where the "humans pepetuate their hell upon themselves come in) and diresion. Meh.

50 Sentences about Two Lonely People )
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Sherlock Holmes. Float On. About 300 words.

A Bit Too Heavy )
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Title: Persistance of Future Memories
Fandom: MST3K
Characters: Dr. Laurence Erdnht, Professor Bobo
Prompt: Slate, Circle
Word Count: 1191
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Cannon. ish. The Persistance of Future Memories )
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I didn't actually mean to write this.

Since I looking at my friends list, and when I happened to refresh I saw that [ profile] slwatson had posted another one of her stories, and then I realized OMG! The challenge ends in three weeks and I only have one story done! So I set down to write something with Joel, or maybe something in the greenhouse. Then it's all lead, then a "hear" a paint roller, and then I'm suddebly sitting in fromt of a mostly finsihed drabble.

And now with the background, onto the fic.

Tittle: Lead-Based
Series: MST3K, General Series (Dr. Laurence Erhardt)
Prompt: Lead
Rating: PG
Summery: When you home is in a radioactive dump, you have to take some procautions.

Lead-Based )

Now, if I could only figure out if the it's actually MST3K-y enough to call it MST3K for the challenge...
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Title: Racing, and Pacing, and Plotting the Course
Fandom: MST3K
Characters: Torgo
Prompt: Winter
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Author's Notes: The first thing when I saw the speed skaters? "Someone been hitting the thigh master?" or possiblely "They're all saytars!" I'm not sure.
Table: Twincityhacker's Table of Frolicing Fics

Racing, and Pacing, and Plotting the Course

He stood flexing at the starting line. Bending down for the start, he glared at his competitor and held still to wait for the shot. When the bang went off, he didn't think at all. His skates bit into the ice as he pushed himself against the ice, going faster and faster across the slick surface. He flew across the ice trying to beat the competition, beat everyone. His body felt like it was being consumed by fire as he crossed the ten thousand meter finish line.

Gasping, Torgo looked at the ranking board. Silver. The Master would not approve.
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Even though the day had random amounts of drama sprinked thoughout the day - we had drama in physics - today was good day for me.

First, I applied for crew for the high school spring play. Sadly, we are not doing "Nosies Off," but "All About Agatha."

Second, my media arts is done. My movie, my photoshop projects, my black and white prints, everything. I'm the first and probably one of the few to actually do this this semester.

Third, there were two (2) MST3K fics posted today. A crossover fluff/het piece with Joel/Bonnie Barstrow from Knight Rider by [ profile] slwatson, called A Little Less Empty. And then, there's the new chapter to the sequal to Steps Though Time, "Ignus Procella" at the yahoo MST3k_Slash group with some Joel/Mike action. All I need is some Joel/non-human (whose name is not Lenier) to prop up my "fannon!Joel is pansexual" theory.

Fourth, HOUSE and BONES day. Or if the rumors are true, HOUSE and COMMANDER IN CHEIF day.
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Random Orange Fact #2: Orange has become the colour of opposition around the world.

Titian )

TennĂ© )

International Orange )

Uh, I'm prbably going to be expanding the Servo one, since this is the only Servo one that didn't sound like Bubble Head or extoll the virtues of crossdressing.

Well, I could have slashed him, but... uh, this is for [ profile] color_i_fic, and well... did I mention the spine thing? Yeah. -_-O

But it's finally done! Now to work on the AfriXander one. First Buffy fic I'm going to actually show people. Hopefully there won't be any accidental crossovers in it - though I could get away with giant bug demons or... oh. That would work.
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Fun Orange Fact #1: Before the introduction of the Orange fruit, there was no name for the color between red and yellow - it was just called red-yellow.

Coral )

Amber )

Peach )
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I still suck. And I'm not thrilled this version, since it suddenly swaped POVs. And

I call this version of the plot "Before Next Sunday AD: The Sixth Day Violation Mix" because it's the sixth retelling of the same story, and the naming of it after a Arnold Swartzenagger movie just makes it all the more mockable.

So, should I start the Seventh Sinner Mix, or submit this one? )
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I should be doing something consuctive. So instead I finished a possible entry for graycastle's New Year's Resolution 2005.


I always knew those two had a history. )


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