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I've handed out the assignments. It didn't take very long, though I kept drawing one poor person's name ten times for themselves.

And, we have one less person in the exchange than last year. Last year it was eight, this year seven. Still better than the three we had the first year. = )
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There's nine people in this years Secret Santa for [ profile] mst3kslash! This may not sound like a lot, but last year there were only three.

Needless to say, I've just done the names bit. Though I'm waiting to email out the assignments tomorrow. The overwhelming clamoring for the Joel/Mike is extremely large not-surprise. The biggest non-surprise, though, was that I still drew myself.

Though I actually went out for supper today. All the way up a block to Jimmy Jones, as I needed to eat but for the second time I just sort of stared at the RPS menu and my apatite died. So I have a sandwich and salt and vinegar chips. And baklava from the 10th Street market as it's right next to Jimmy Jones.
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1. go to your journal archive
2. find your 23rd post
3. find the 5th sentence
4. post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions

My favorite pairing happens to be Mike/Joel. from a post of joyful squeeing that [ profile] mistieforlife made [ profile] mst3kslash. *sighs* Has it really been that long?

The 25th post I made was "The White Rabbit," in honor of the two communites - the yahoo group was made about two months before by Kate. But I'm really happy on how much this segment has grown over the last two years. I remeber a girl who was running around with the tag, "The only known Joel/Mike 'shipper" and then it turns out that half the 'shippers that are active turn out to ship that pairing. And the fics in this section of the fandom has at least trippled. And you don't hae to travel to the edges of the internet to find slash fics. And there's fanart now, how cool is that? *huggles mst3k slash group* You guys are the best!
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It's very hard to have proof of anything on MST3K, because "cannon" is really what's the funniest and/or most convient at the moment. Tom's arms are don't work, unless they do. Mike grew up on a farm, except when he doesn't. Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank are totally not a couple unless they are.

Speaking of that last one, I bring what has turned my brain into a small pile of mush on the floor. It's a segment from Turkey Day '91, in the sixth hour of the mad doctor's presentation. Frank locks up, and kisses Dr. F goodnight.

The video. Yeah. I'll be a puddle on the floor if anyone wants me.
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Sometimes, I do think I've gotten a handel on the fink. Most of the time, she's got her handel on me.

internal conversation on seeing STS Death Flight )

Unless somone's got a bunny for the last? I've got a lady that was looking for one, and I can't seem to come up with anything.
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Okay, I'm redesigning the icon page. So, what would be better: an organization by pairing, or by icon maker?
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I actually updated MST3K Slash twice within the last ten days.

Unforunatly, it was just stuff that I should have moved over there months and months ago. Now the only things that aren't up are the various WiP floating about. yays.

My sister and I went to Walmart yesterday for my graduation gift: most of the stuff I need for college. So I have my medince chest and my office supplies and my laundry stuff and some dinnerware. And some food, of course. = )

So I added this stuff to the rest of my hopeless chest (towels, bed linens, and coathangers) and I have almost everything. Except cleaning supplies and a sense of purpose, but I can pick those up in the next few months.

Now, if I could only get into the website to sign waivers and get a meal plan. And go to the doctor to find out if I have immunity to chickenpox or not. And stuff.
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Updated the website with some icons and Spangly Blue Notes. Made [ profile] mst3kslash S2, and added tags, with figuring out memories situation later.

Now, I should actually work on actual slash stuff, but I don't have any workable slash at the forefront.


Speaking of slash, I was thinking that while there was a word for one who does gen (a generalist) and a person who does slash (a slasher) theres no word for a het person. So, hetador?

I mean, since slash has become to mean "non-cannoncialy male/male pairing" instead of "any pairing that isn't cannon," I'm at a loss to call pairings that are male/female and non-cannoncial. And since you can't have non-cannon pairings in gen works - or at least I think you can't - there's no words to describe it.

Of course, this is comming from an unrepentent slasher who is also cannon-hugger and I'm still not sure if that's possible.

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I handed out the secret santa assignments. *crawls off to die*


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