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Apparently my brain thought it would be awesome to start plotting a Jeeves and Wooster pastiche. Believe it or not, it's actually going pretty swimmingly. Those little pockets of time between classes is the perfect amount of time to fiddle with dinner seating arrangements and the other several million things that have to go into Checkov's armoury to get a Wodehouse plot to go off correctly.

One of my goals was to avoid some certain things in the story. The biggest is that the phrase "What ho!" will not appear. Well, I may have someone say "What ho!" if something extremely large will be immediately dropped on them.'

The printer in the lab I'm using is also out of ink, which is a entirely different sort of argh that isn't solved by dropping safes out of windows.
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Dude, no fair. Dad keeps flipping though channels, and in "Mickey Blue Eyes" they keep using the Jeeves and Wooster theme music.

I mean, I can put a disk on, but it's not the same as it playing on television, you know?
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"The trouble with you, Spode, is that because you have succeeded in inducing a handful of halfwits to disfigure the London scene by going about in black shorts, you think you're someone. You hear them shouting 'Heil, Spode!' and you imagine it is the Voice of the People. That is where you make your bloomer. What the Voice of the People is saying is: 'Look at that frightful ass Spode swanking about in footer bags! Did you ever in your puff see such a perfect perisher?"

- The Code of the Woosters
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I found Chilbury! Sorta. I know it's a Real Place, and Little is a good modifier as I have yet to find the actual location of the place on a map, but have found a reference to "the village of Chilbury" in The Devil Rides Out that is somewhere in Wiltshire. I've also found a Chilbury that is located "near Wantage" in an article about the poppy fields in Wiltshire.

In conclusion, Chilbury is tiny and real.

And I'm psychotic when it comes to checking out tiny, cannon details.

Though I did find out what milk-walk is.

at which two latter places his wife sold milk, eggs, butter, etc., to people and customers calling at the house, whilst a hired man worked a milk-walk in the village.

It's a milk route!
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Dammit, now I'm wondering what the hell the "Little Chilbury War Memorial" is. Is it a mis-spelling of a real place, or is it entirely fictious?
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I've been thinking about the format of the Jeeves and Wooster fanfics recently. This particular fandom has the extrodinarly lovely habit to write fanfics almost identicaly in the style of the books, which is that the series is presented as Bertram Wooster's memiors from about a ten year streach, even though I'm not thinking about the exact dates at the moment.

Anyway, even though it's thought that Bertie started writing some of the memiors during this time - a charecter that is "never seen again" returns and marries Aunt Agatha, I belive - would it be compltely insane to think that while Bertie is an extremely prolific memorist, he was also a diarist? Having Bertie being a diarist would have the advantage of Berite being able to reconstruct dialouge said several years previous without having him to remember all of it. This would, to me at least, have Bertie to be more in charecter as his dialouge seems well put together, but his recolections of poetry and more relevant to the sound rememberance, songs, not as steerling.

Mostly thought of when fiddling with a bunny crossing Wodehouse!Reality with Acutal!Reality, as I would doubt that Bertie would record what would happen in the story in his memoirs, but a diary would make sense.

Though Bertie as blogger is my favortie crack idea in this fandom so far. = )
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I was going to rec this on [ profile] indeedsir, except for a discussion of the community in the comments, I thought best not. Well, I suppose I could as it doesn't get too much worse than "too each their own," but I'm wary of provoking... unpleasantness. Though, seriously, how much unpleasantness could ensue from one of the nicest communities I've ever been in?

ANYWAY. But it does not say that the post itself is not hilarious. In response to [Bad username or site: @] asking whether or not it would be terrible to cast Hugh Grant as a NPC in an RPG just to mentaly picturing him say "Excuse me, I, ah, well, well, I could be wrong, but I seem to... erm... be a brain in some sort of... jar?".

One slight error in reading the text, [ profile] taimatsu posts this, a reworking of the line with Jeeves and Wooster in the comments. Because, really, Hugh Laurie would sound just as funny.
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It just may be the next greatest thing since sliced bread: a clock that very politely and respectfully wakes one up. Narrated by Stephen Fry.

Though Jeeves would not think that a loquacious alarm clock would be suitable to a gentelmen's station, but it's very good thing that most of the people who would get it would not have that problem, what? = )
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A Great Gatsby/Jeeves and Wooster crossover.

Good idea, or bad idea?

Pro: Both take place is roughy the same time frame, and almost in the same location.

Con: They take place in entierely diffrent historical universes, as the Great War may or may not have actually taken place in Jeeves and Wooster, and the plot line of the Great Gatsby would not have taken place without the war.

Pro: Besides New York City being itself, you could reasonably see Bertie and Tom at least running into eachother once while they were in New York City.

Con: I'd actually have to re-read The Great Gatsby. = )
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Again, mostly from this series of posts Indeed Sir Vetern's/Amstice/Rememberence Day posting

More specifically, a bit where [ profile] innocentsmith saying that wasn't herself a bit of sunshine. I almost replied, "Well, if you are, the rest of the world might as well end the music, what?"

There are three things wrong with that reply:

  1. It sounds like I'm sassing her, when I'm trying to pay her a compliment. I'm trying to say something along the lines as, "Dear God woman, you're only being bleak on the occasion of a somber holiday, and doing so on such occasions is hardly saying that you and jocularity are not on speaking terms!

  2. I'm also paraphrasing a fic.

  3. And I'm sounding far too much like Bertie Wooster for mine or anyone's sanity. I mean, what?

Still not traumatic as the thoughts speaking with a decidedly British accent, but still confusing none the less.
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What's a preux chevalier? I can't seem to find a definition, though I'm guessing it means something along the line as a gentleman.

Verily, I really am that boring. I have been writing a bit, in the 512 AU even(!), but I'm not sure if I can still get away with out writing the bits where Mike gets sent up. I haven't decided on the best way for that to go about, but since I can put out reasons why it's logical so I have no problems imaging such things.

Plus, crazy Holmes/Potriot crossover! Which I can give a whole list of reasons why it's a bad idea, because it would be set in a country I know almost nothing about, in multiple languages I don't speak as one of the few things I do know about Belgium is that most people in Belgium are not monolingual, in the Victorian era. I have no plot, either, to boot. *sigh*

I should go on an expedition for supper about now though.
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I'm slowly wandering though The Inimitable Jeeves, and Bertie described one of the lighting designer as "a Voice from the ceiling named Bill" having bit of a discussion with the director.

I immeditately thought of Magic Voice. (Then bounced a bit when I knew what they were talking about.)

I have officaiy conteplated Jeeves & Wooster/MST3K crossover. God help us all.


Reading a bit more - and finishing it, actually - I've come to the conclusion that Bertie pretty much melts in Jeeves' hands. Though I was a bit surprised that he was all melty-shaped in Bingo's as well. Oh, Bertie.
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I've been hunting down Jeeves & Wooster things, and I finally looked up what books they had of the library. The good news is that they have lots and that there are more tapes of the series floating around the library system.

The bad news is that half of the books are in the Liliy Library, also known as the rare materials library that there is no way I'm going to be able to get at them. Most of the other half is in the Research collection, and I feel kinda bad about checking out a reserch collection book for a fun read. So out of the "lots" theres about one or two books in the acutal browsing library.

Though I am entertaining the idea that I would be, infact, conducting research. I'm just conducting research of a fandom nature. = )


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