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I was not fail!mod this year, and I got all the gifts ( that I had ) out! And assurances that the gifts I didn't have will be here soon!

My sister will arrive soon, slightly later than I predicted. She came in at 10, I predicted that she'd arrive home around noon. The forecast was okay, but then suddenly it dropped 30 degrees and the rain turned to snow, and the doors in the car froze shut.

But I put in the lamb, hopefully I put in the lamb correctly, and we'll have Christmas soon.

I hope everyone has/had a good Christmas, or a good day off, and hope the relitives do not drive yourself to homicide. = )
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I did end up going out. Went to Vintage Phoneix and picked up Detective, Arkham Reborn, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, then headed over to the Irish Lion. I had good food, and read my comics, and had a good time. Unforuantly, the food did not like me.

So I was misrable for a little bit and watched Linkara review "Amazon's Attack" for the fifth time.

But! I was feeling better in time for the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I had some knowlage of the cues, though I did not bring any props. I got to toss around stuff anyway, and was covered by a 6-inch foot deep of toliet paper by the end of the movie. The prop part was actually pretty underwellming, as there was more pain involved than fun. Apparently there was a big target at the back of my head, and I was beaned with lots of stale toast.

There was also quite a bit of rice in my shoes too.

Would I go again? Probably not, unless it has acting in addition to the film presentation. Because it wasn't particularly all that entertaining. A lot of the interaction is beating a few dead horses. Like while the Brad/Janet riff was always funny, the no-neck one was very, very tired at the end. I attempted to add some varity by riffing on different things, usually the muscial numbers. I am not The Brains, so the only one worth mentioning is the one about Footlight Parade during the "Don't Dream It, Be It" number.

The TL;DR is that watching MST3K with a few friends is more enjoyable and cheaper and does not involve getting hit in the head with toast.
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Happy Halloween!

My plans for the day has changed slightly. I'm still handing out candy ( now from noon to 4 ) but apparently the Halloween movie is not on Halloween this year. It was the 29th.

I'm a bit broken up about missing my favorite IU tradition. The film this year was Alfred Hitchcock's Blackmail.

I did do CCC's Halloween Party, though. I dressed up as Lady Luck, and hung out and made a few new friends. Then I went over to one of their rooms, and we watched "New Frontier" and some episodes of Spectacular Spiderman.
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I was all "YAY! THREE DAY WEEKEND!" this morning. Then there was a niggling doubt, because IU sucks when it comes to time off. So I checked, just to be sure, and I do have class tomorrow.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] beccaelizabeth!
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Forty years ago today, mankind first walked on the Moon.

One of the first science fiction stories was Johaness Kepler's Somnium published in 1634. He's transported by magic to the Moon and makes observations on how the Earth may appear from this vantage point. The original draft of the story was a dissertation defending Copernican theory.

The first science fiction movie was an adaption of Jules Vern "To the Earth to the Moon." A slightly more realistic depiction of the Moon would be depicted in "2001: A Space Odessy" before there were any good pictures of the moon.

So even though we've only walked there a few times in reality, we've walked there a lot in our minds. And this is why I love science fiction.
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Happy Canada Day!

This morning we had to run Kismet to the vet because he went from puking, to puking all over the place, to pucking blood. The vet poked and prodded, and since Kismet got his yearly shots Saturday, he hypothesized that maybe it was a delayed reaction. Or Kismet ate a bug that did not agree with him.

So they shot him up with liquids, and we have to dose him with tummy settling pills and pills to counter-act the possible reaction to his earlier shots. So far we've given him one. I can already tell this is going to be hilarious.

Now I have to go out and get my own yummy pills and return library books. But after lunch. Twincityhackers cannot survive on juice and cherries alone.
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Happy Winter Solscite!
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Today I finally learned why November 11th is remembering living veterans in the US. I knew it was because the US already had a day to remember war dead, but it never came up why Memorial Day was established. Turns out that it marks the end of the American Civil War - and that the American dead in WWI was about half that it was in the Civil War.

This diffrence is probably how there became such a large gap between the reactions on making this a holiday. In 1918, people remembered the Battles of Gettysburg and Chickamunga and the rest of the bloodbaths that pretended to be battlefields.* Not to mention the neighbor vs neighbor warfare in the border states. While the last war to be fought on European soil was the Crimeian War, the last large war that took place was the Napolionic Wars.

I think now, the reverse is true. People in Europe remember WWII, and the last large war that took place on US soil is still the Civil War. I don't think this has anything to do with each continets thoughs on warfare, as the US has had troops in combat almost every single year since the Declaration of Independence was signed. But it does put a little more truth into the maxim "Those who forget the past are condemmed to repeat it."

*To put this into perspective, the Battle at Gettysburg had about 51,112 in three days of fighting, and Chickamauga had 34,624 in one. The total war dead for the Civil War is 618,222. In WWI, the Battle of Battle of Passchendaele from July 11 to November 10 had about 857,100 casualties.
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Happy Rosh Hashanah!

I was all happy and bouncy from a meeting I went to. Then I turned on the news. BAD IDEA.
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Happy Independence Day! Or if you don't celebrate that particular date, it's also Friday, which is a reason to celebrate all it's own.

And belated wishes of Happy Canada Day and Happy Summer Solstice!
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It's also [ profile] the_crazy_lady's Birthday. Happy Birthday, Christine!
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I just tried to make a St. Brigid's Cross. For being made out of braided paper towel and disposable chopsticks, it doesn't look half bad.

And I completely failed at marking yesterday's Spring Equinox. Happy spring! And assorted religious festivals - Yesterday was the Equinox, today's Purim, Sunday is Easter ( for those who do Easter on the Gregorian Calender. )
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I completely failed on doing something for Leap Day, or [ profile] mst3kslash. Doh!

At least "Farming Today" will be on in an hour.
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First thing of the new year: Had fireworks in our yard. Had our neighbor's fireworks in our yard, that went off a little bit too low for comfort. The big flowerly ones, that are supposed to go high up, were about five feet off the ground. O_o
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Happy Turkey Day for those who celebrate it. Those who don't, it being Thursday is still an excellent reason to have a MST3K marathon!

Now, I have to go write a paper. Or two. And find Tyler's telephone number, 'cause I only have four people for my phonology project.
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Happy New Year, for all those using the Jewish Calender.

And, belated happy new millennium to those using the Gregorian calender!
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Americans: Happy Labor Day!

Everyone Else: Yeah, I still have class too.
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Yes, Virgina, there really is a National Loyalty Day.

  1. Designation — May 1 is Loyalty Day.

  2. Purpose — Loyalty Day is a special day for the reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States and for the recognition of the heritage of American freedom.

  3. Proclamation — The President is requested to issue a proclamation —

    1. calling on United States Government officials to display the flag of the United States on all Government buildings on Loyalty Day; and

    2. inviting the people of the United States to observe Loyalty Day with appropriate ceremonies in schools and other suitable places.

It's celebrated on May 1st, as May Day is a dirty communist holiday that there had to be a holiday created to counter it. Actually, two holidays. Law Day, USA is on May 1 too!


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