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Oh, yeah. Did I mention I wasn't kicked out of college? I have to sort out a gigantic mess with changing my major and some other things, but I'm going back to college.
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I've finished my Christmas shopping. And I'm going out to eat to celerbrate once I've finished cleaning for term break. Plus the fact that all the places on campus are closed for term break as well.
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I am officially Done with this semester. Not in the "I'm brain dead" sort of way that I've been the last few weeks, but as in "I've taken my last final."

For the love that is good and holy, let next semester be better.

And I'm still considering switching the second programing class to ethics instead. Because ethics > coding.
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I just bought the majority of my books. I still have my Informatics books, but I'm going to go to the bookstore to reserve them there, as it's just the reader and whatever the Information Infostructure professor assigns. But this time it's an actual professor, and he's taught before and everything so I hope it's not going to be a pile of suck.

Anyway, $180 for linguistics and history of theatre. Which isn't bad, considering it's 12 books! 11 of them are plays for history of theatre, and I already have Poetics by Aristotle as I wanted to see what [ profile] savemoony was raving about ( in a good way ) and Macbeth because I have a collection of Shakespeare's tragedies. Judging from the book list, the "history of theatre" is going to be a "history of western theatre" 'cause out of the books, five are Greek, and two of both French and English, with the rest of the world represented by one book from Japan.

But, it is about No theatre. = )
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Cog Sci discussion was canceled today. = (

So I went to Borders instead. = )

I ♥ Seed Magazine. I have also achieved buying the Second Doctor serials "The Mind Robber" and "The Invasion", and a book on linguistics called "Word Play: What Happens When People Talk". I did have a book on Internet communication, but I already knew 90 percent of the material, and the ten percent I didn't wasn't interesting enough to payout the $30 asking price. And the IPA Handbook, but I'm waiting to see what I need for my phonetics class first.

Which I just did. Holy Mother of God! My linguistics books alone cost nearly $100! On Amazon! I don't know how much my other books are going to cost, because I forgot which section I'm in for the history of theatre, and my reader isn't priced but it's going to be around $30. *sulks*
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Fingaled scedual for the final time so I'm no longer taking Arabic ( YAY! ) but am instead taking two programming courses ( ICK! ).

If I don't graduate on time because I haven't taken enough electives, I think I might cry.
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Oh, AND I JUST KILLED A FORREST: 34 Page reading, 14 page reading, 2 xeroxes, and a homework description.

I don't have books in half my classes, so I have massive .pdf files instead. Good thing I get a free 800 page printer allotment at the beginning of the year, huh?
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I went to class. I read the paper. I ate brunch. I finished "The Left Hand of Darkness" by Ursula K. Le Guin, which I should probably do a review for.

It's hardly afternoon, and my brain refuses to turn over. All circuitry burnt out for the day - which is unfortunate as the day is hardly over.

I blame the journalist who wrote "The woman lighted three candles." in today's edition of the New York Times. = )
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I'm going to a collage internship/job fair tomorrow.

I have no resume, for the excellent reason that I have nothing to put on one. Though I have something that has my contact information, and what I'm studying.

So I'll put on my nice clothes tomorrow, and talk. Because, hell, that Simulax guy was really nice last year.
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The final I just took is best described as O_O *facepalm-y* *headesk*
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I have my last final in a bit, and I'm a bit... flail-y. Because it's programing, and while I'm a good programmer, I'm a slow one, and that doesn't exactly work for timed finales. So I just went over my old code, and sharpened it up a bit because I know that one or two of the programs involve cannibalizing previous assignments.

But, that's all I can really do. And wait, and pack. Because I found huge, free boxes today that were discarded from the C-Store.
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I've been preparing to move out for Saturday.

This means I've emptied everything out, and have dumped it on my floor. But I have... most of my clothes packed. But I have two more days to pack!

Just one more final tomorrow, then packing and ushering on Friday and Saturday. Then it's home to Missouri.


Though I can't quite remember the name of the town I'm going home to.

blue pens

Apr. 30th, 2007 08:33 pm
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I have a cold. Hence the not doing anything except studying, for that's the only thing I have energy for. Which is good for classes.

I was sitting my exam in morphology, with box of tissues. I did not snuffle, even when I ran out of tissues.

The snuffling by the guy across the aisle? Wouldn't stop for an hour and a half. If we needed the whole two hours, there may have been a dead body riddled with pens. Mostly blue ones as I was sitting nearest, but I'm sure that the others would have joined in.
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Okay, adding on to my last post: anyone know good books on history of science in the 20th century? Because I have one more class and we're still in the mid 19th century and the wild goose chase that is aether. And I really, really hate aether.

Right now I have a book on the British codebreaking operations with Japanese code, and on Project Orion and the early projects dealing with nuclear powered spacecraft, and maybe a book on ENIAC if I break down and by the firesale copy at the bookstore. ( That contuinus firesale is the bane of my montary existance. I think I've spent over $60 there over this year. )

Seriously, one day I'm going to take a history class that actually finishes the damm syllabus and gets beyond World War II.
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I don't want to go to class.

I don't want to go to either of them, as the last thing I learned that was new was that vortexes act on two dimensional planes. And that was three weeks ago!

I mean, seriously, you could watch E=mc2 and Gallieo's Daughter and pretty much get my entire History and Philosophy of Physics lectures in four hours! If they ever do a piece of Descartes and Libetz, that IS my entire class.

I didn't have to go to my first class either, as we were only listening to speeches. It was worth it, though, to see the comedy ( it has to be a comedy, because I can't deal with it framed as a tragedy ) of the anti-gay marriage argument. Because, clearly, two people of the same-sex can get married signals the end of democracy - and that's a direct quote. The stupid, it burns!
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I went to the Little 500.

It was a bicyle race.

I had no idea where I was going when I left the house, I managed to get there fairly quickly by following where everyone else was going. Then I learned why you should aways carry cash, because then I wouldn't have had to run back to a dorm to get some for a ticket.

Of course, there was a food/drink ban at the gate.

So I had lunch, as I had to finish my just opened soda and the rest of the trail mix - though I ended up squirreling away some other food outside the gate.

I entered just in time for the national anthem, and wondered where the hell I was suppose to sit, because as far as I could see there were the matching shirts of the greeks. I walked, and walked, and then ended up at the nearly empty bleachers at turn two. Apparently, the Little 500 is a bigger deal for the Greeks than non-Greeks, for the bleachers that weren't behind the pits where much less full throughout the entire race, even though they were the better seats.

So I stood on my seat, and randomly decieded to cheer on the Cutters, for they were not a fraternity. I picked well, for not only were they never below fifth place for the entire race, but they won the whole thing! And there was only two accidents where the racer could not continue.

Could have done without the sunburn, but what can you do? It was warm, and the wind kept the dust clouds mostly out of where I was sitting. Good weather.

Now, to party. With my learning community. Because I really am that much of a shut in! No, it's because I just got a $808.87 receipt for food for this party, so I'm not going to crash someone else's party, even though I have a good idea where it will be.

And the lad who dropped the $808.87 receipt is going to Have A Talk with me about spending several hundred dollars over what he said he would spend. I feel a little bad about scaring the RA who handed over the receipt, though. ( I didn't yell at him! Honest. )
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I have finished writing my last bit of code for Information Infostructure I! Huzzah!

Comment to this post and I will …

1. Tell you why I friended you.
2. Associate you with something (a fandom, a song, a color, a photo, etc.)
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Associate you with a character/pairing.
6. Ask something I’ve always wanted to know about you.
7. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.

In return, you must post this in your LJ.
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I have escaped one of the most awkard converstions that I might ever have. I was at a Women in Computing lucheon, and the topic was a study that someone did on mentoring. As the token undergrad of the hour, I got asked the question of whether I have a faculty mentor. I answered no, as I don't have one and have a tendecy not to ask people in RL questions about... anything.

Anway, the discussion ends and we all leave, and who walks in but on of my professors? I just hope that he didn't recognize me and no one remembers that I said I was talking the class he was teaching.

Besides the exit, the forum was good. Depressing, but good. Two professor's conducted a five university study about mentorship, and it turns out that the professors think they do a lot more mentorship than the undergrad or master degree students think that they're getting. On the order of 80% of professors think they make good mentors, and 20% of the students do.

The things that I found interesting was the way that respondents in the survey that they conducted got into the computer and applied computer sciences. The male students said that they got into the area in a younger age than the female respondents, and that the majority of the time the think that got females intrested in the area was a class, and the males it was self-study or in a group with friends.

Another thing that was mentioned that was a peer question on the survey, on whether or not the respondent was satisfied with their program had a great deal to do with their close friends in the unit. Someone posed a question on whether or not it made a deal with whether or not it made a difference with the gender mix, but it could not be answered with the data.

I think this should be followed up more, as I think it makes a large deal for female students in the area because most of the time you don't see a female student sitting in an area completely surrounded by males if possible. Instead, there's usually a few clusters of female students - and these clusters are more likely to be found near the front than the back. Of course, this is subjective to my expeince in all three of my classes, but it would be interseting to see how hat would work out.

Oh, and I've been up since five AM, trying to catch up on work. Some of it I've caught up on, but my programing, not so much.
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I got approval to pursue my linguistics degree today.

Lets see how I'll do on my goal on graduating with both my informatics degree and my linguistics degree in four years, shall we?
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1. University Shooting in Virgina. Kills 30 at last count of post. Jesus Fucking Christ.

2. I finished my advocey speech about political communication. It was touch and go until I wrote the concluding paragraph this morning. Though I only have four out of five citations that I neeed ( If you're wondering, two political events that I attened, a study on media coverage in the 2004 election coverage, and an extremely unscientific survey that I conducted in class. ) I'm giving the speech tomorrow.

3. I can register for classes tomorrow, and my schedual sucks. I have four classes on Monday and a daily eight am class. But since the daily eight am class is going to be learning Arabic, and since I rather like how Arabic is set up, it might be okay.


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