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Regarding the rumors of a US version of Torchwood to be picked up by FOX:

"MS3K is my shepard, I shall not dismay. They make me laugh at bad movies, so I may have an enjoyment of medicority. I do not require brain-bleach, for you lead me on the path of great LOLs.

"So though I walk though the valley of bad genre media, I shall fear no sporks, for MST3K is with me. Your 'bots and your MADS comfort me. You prepare a fest for the brainmeats in the presence of an unending cultural wasteland. You protect me with hilarity, and my laughter shall never runs out."
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Oh, god. I just realized the original MST3K Slash page just got destroyed. As did MST3K Fanfiction, which got me into the fandom and inadvertently inspired [ profile] mistieforlife to make the first incarnation of the MST3K Slash group.
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The following thought kept me amused for a good half-hour at work today. Knowledge of the hardcore MiSTe and the new Star Trek kinds is needed to fully share my joy. Onward! )
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You know, I was resigned when it was reported that John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd would be at Comic Con. But the entire freaking cast of MST3K will be there too. Trace Beaulieu, Paul Chaplin, Frank Conniff, Bill Corbett, Joel Hodgson, Jim Mallon, Kevin Murphy, Bridget Nelson, Mike Nelson, Mary Jo Pehl and J. Elvis Weinstein.

In other words, MY DREAM CON. The only three people are missing are Naoko Mori, Eve Myles, and Burn Gorman. The only thing that could make this better was there was a live session of people riffing "Shark Attack III: Megaladon."

The only thing that's preventing me on clicking that button is the $2500 pricetag for the entire trip. Which is both more than I want to spend, and money I was setting aside for my UK adventure. And adding the third that I'd go into complete fangirl meltdown and be useless before even the first day would be out.

...Give me more reasons why this would be a bad idea?
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I really try to be unbiased when voting for [ profile] writerinadrawer, but the last story I'm iching to give a fail to because someone thinks that Gallager is a good person to emulate.

And as a MiSTie, I cannot vote "yes" to Peter Gallager.
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MST3K ref on A Daily Show! Which was a somewhat false reference because I kinda doubt he's referencing the KTMA era. But I live in hope!

And John Oliver is back. Because apparently he's on a work visa - and obligated not to strike or otherwise he'll be deported. O_O
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Review for "Rocket Attack USA": You're actively rooting for New York City to get blasted by the Soviets so the movie can be over.

But the host segments always make me happy, even though I may have started chewing my limbs off from severe boredom - Civil Defence Quiz Bowl for the win!
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I just bought the majority of my books. I still have my Informatics books, but I'm going to go to the bookstore to reserve them there, as it's just the reader and whatever the Information Infostructure professor assigns. But this time it's an actual professor, and he's taught before and everything so I hope it's not going to be a pile of suck.

Anyway, $180 for linguistics and history of theatre. Which isn't bad, considering it's 12 books! 11 of them are plays for history of theatre, and I already have Poetics by Aristotle as I wanted to see what [ profile] savemoony was raving about ( in a good way ) and Macbeth because I have a collection of Shakespeare's tragedies. Judging from the book list, the "history of theatre" is going to be a "history of western theatre" 'cause out of the books, five are Greek, and two of both French and English, with the rest of the world represented by one book from Japan.

But, it is about No theatre. = )
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I just wrote out a really long, self-indulgent post. I now feel horrible.

The most relevant part, is:

Should I post the fact that we're having our annual [ profile] mst3kslash secret santa this year over at [ profile] mst3k. I'm hesitant because it's fic, 'cause the comm is anti-fic, and it's slash, and while I'm not certain of that comm, I'm a bit wary as bringing it up tends to make people... make funny faces... when it was brought up in other places. Most recently as the MST3K Discussion Board. And others, but their complaints was more quality than that we're insane for slashing Joel and Mike 'cause there is no way that they could be gay.

And more importantly:

Seriously, am I still blacklisted/steered away from/whatever it was? Or has everyone forgotten/forgiven?


Oct. 29th, 2007 12:34 pm
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As seen from [ profile] gypsyjr:

Everyone's favorite cowtown puppet show - and this is irrefutable as it's the only one - is producing "new adventures" of the 'bots. Heading the project it Jim Mallon and Paul Chaplin.

At the moment everyone seems to be... incredibly sceptical.

At least no one is angry at just the idea of a re-invention, as Rifftrax is more or less MST3K without puppets. At least there isn't any wank! Yet.

I could have sworn I read this fic before... though, it will probably lack the crossover with the gender-swaping and global trek back to Minnesota. Or the breaking into NASA. And probably the talking cat, the other talking cat, REALITY 1, the HUB, or the Holocabana won't be there either. I have no doubt there will be destruction of the Hubble, though!
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I finally thought of a workable MST3K/Whoverse crossover.

Due to the fact that Kevin Murphy and Clarke Peters have a very similar singing voice, somehow, somewhen, there needs to be a duet between Tom Servo and Captain Jack Harkness.

Preferably with mentions of Mike finally finishing knitting his Doctor Who scarf, and the vast similarities between Weevils and Mole People.
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John Barrowman has maybe spent a little too much time on the set of Torchwood recently - he's started to dress up like Derk from "Teenagers from Outerspace"!

[ profile] miss_zedam posts pictures of him and Scott at the Cardiff Mardi Gras, where the unfortunate scifi crossover took place.

Luckily, there was no duck tape seen. Though there is this little black number... = )
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Apparently, you can have multiple Doctors, The First Evil and it's Whovian relations, a pair of Jacks, a squadron of Care Bears and any amount of versions of charecters played by Adal O'Hanlan, but the minute you add multiple Mikes? Your brain goes all 'splodey and it's a real bitch to clean up.

Have to go, I think Crow just made Father Dougal cry.
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Teenagers from outer space sighted in Shediac, New Brunswick.
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A lovely post by [ profile] troyswann remixing Milton and her own comments to Warriors of Innocence and LJ/6Apart.

I'm also watching the recording of "Shark Attack 3: Megladon" that I recorded off of SciFi, and DEAR GOD it's hysterical! I keep laughing during the shark attack scenes, and my inner Crow and Servo are keeping me amused as well. And Barrowman keeps upstaging everyone else by being able to act. = )
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I just realized why the Utopia trailer bothers me:

Can I really spoil anyone for MST3K? )
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They killed my Black Donnellys! This is the second show that has died in this time slot this year, the other being Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip.

Now it's an improv show. Now, I like improv. But to axe two good shows? *sighs* At least with the internet I can at least finish out the season on for free.

And apparently:

When you see a Shakespeare quote you must respond with one of your own in your LJ.

Hamlet: "The air bites shrewdly; it is very cold."
Horatio: "It is an eager and nipping air."
Hamlet: "What hour now?"
Horatio: "I think it lacks of twelve."

Hamlet, Scene Unknown, Act I.

Because "Much About [Censored]" by Connie Willis is awesome. It's a short story how a student's best friend convinces their English teacher to do Shakespeare. So between school and football practice she and her best friend help the teacher censor out all of the plays and lines that have injunctions to them. Somehow, Hamlet makes though the play list and those four lines are the only lines in the entire play that aren't censored out. ( Seriously, "Who's there?" is bad'n'wrong because there were statistically less murder and crime before English had contractions. Then there's "This scene implies that the curtains are dangerous because Polnious gets stabbed behind them, when it's people kill people, and not curtains." )

Plus, MST3K did Hamlet.
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It's nice to know that whatever fandom I happen to be in, Tom and Crow will always come to my rescue over mediocrity and bad writing. Such as this little gem from the Daily Mail:

John Barrowman has won fans on both sides of the Pond. And, discovers Sara Sands, the Anglo-American star is divided by other things too - including whether or not he and his gay partner should adopt a child.

Tom: I'm glad that it emphized him and his gay partner, because if it was he and his straight partner, things would be kind of awkward.
Crow: Maybe they thought that some of their readership might be confused on whether Barroman's husband Scott Gill was really a man?

And that's when I gave up on reading the article. But I'm told it contained further delights, such as the paper consistently calling the charecter Barrowman plays Jack Harness. The riffs almost write themselves!

But tomorrow at 8 AM on BBC Radio 2: JOHN BARROWMAN and MUSICALS.
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There's nothing like listening a bootleg of one of John Barrowman's performances, and then suddenly hearing what sounds like Kevin Murphy.

I don't know about you, but my mind immediately jumped to crossovers. Because, seriously, what could be better than a crossover between MST3K with the Whoverse?

Except for the Satellite of Love doing a screening of "Shark Attack III: Megladon." That would be awesome beyond belief, as its exactly the sort of film that Sci-Fi likes to show (and is showing, on the 9th) which automatically brings it within the purview of MST3K.


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