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If someone manages to link up Jack from De-Lovely and "Lead Tenor" from The Producers so that they're the same person, I'd love them forever.

So what that Jack in De-Lovely was in 1932 and the Producers was in 1952? ( Summer of 1952, as Funny Boy closed on June 2. Or so says the musical's program. ) Has John Barrowman aged a lot in twenty years? No! Jack could totally be both parts.

I would say "and Jack from Doctor Who" but I already know [ profile] unfeathered is working on that for [ profile] tardis_bigbang. And, godspeed and *hugs* for that.
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Bizare Torchwood Therory of the Day:

Billis Manger is one of those really high number model War TARDIS-pl that fell though the time war. ( Those are the ones that are humanoid shaped, right? ) Being a bit out of sorts and a wee bit batshit after the Time War and the genocide of his kind, he latches onto serving Abbadon.

I never said it made sense.
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Sleight Of Hand By Ryttu3k

Quite possibly the creepiest Torchwood fic I've ever read. Mostly because it pretty much has Suzie's bitchfest to Max except without the brainwashing with Jack and Ianto.

Except "Sleight of Hand" was written two months before that episode aired. 0_0

...Oh, how I love that my crack theory keeps turning up in all my fandoms. *starts layering on the tinfoil*
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I'm not entirely sure why my brain switched to this particular topic last night, but I realised something about the host segments in Soultaker last night.

Joel had to be lying.

I realise that cannon in the MST3K universe is extrodinary streachy, but there is no possible way for Joel to be telling the truth about Dr. Forrester progrming the Satellite of Love to self-destruct in ten years. This is because for the Sci-Fi era to even exist his statement has to be false. After all, the date at the begining of the eighth season was 2525 - and the Satellite of Love had been skimming thought the universe for about 530 years at this point. And even I know that 530 is way more than 10.

Okay, so now since my brain still refuses to not shut up - and because I thought I had more and better reasoning for the above point - the reason why Joel could have been telling the truth.

Dr. Forrester programmed something on the Satellite of Love to blow it up, not in ten years, but on a specfic date. Now, since everyone became beings of pure engery and almost everyone left the satellite at the end of Laserblast, it's possible that someone on the satellite other than Crow was programmed to destroy the SatellIT of Love on a specific date. And since hacking the 'bots is giving the MADS way too many points for compentcy than they deserve, that leaves Mike and Magic Voice. And while Mike does display a propencty for blowing stuff up, I think that Dr. F was just sane enough to realise that programing Mike to destory the satellite might mess his mind up to make him unuseable as a test subject.

So that leaves Magic Voice. And for some rason, this makes sense that this would be her almost complete reason for existing in the first place since the only thing I can recall her running was the console and perhaps the Hexfield.

Buit that's not to say that Magic Vice was a kamakazi pilot. I't smore likely that the MADS just stuck her up there with a secret subroutine that she never knew existed even when they started plunging from the sky.

And since I'm pointing fingers, Cambot also fits as an plant. Heck, Cambot makes a little more sense in one regard since Magic would seem to be the more obvious cannidate to distract from Cambot's secret threat.

But this is much more sane sounding to my reasoning why the Guardiens exist in the Buffyverse. *nods*


Jan. 7th, 2006 09:35 pm
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Snowblind by Ludditerobot is a Buffy the Vampire story set in Minasota. Of course, my brain decided to go to pot when the first charecter mentioned in the story is Mike. Then, it was pretty much a free-for all in the riff department ("Do you think they live in Circle Pines?" "Well, due to global warming there's 10,005 lakes" "And if that was true, the English would have never conqured parts of France." ect.)

Okay, my brain did shut up with the Xander in the make-shift archery range.

Last paragraph. Mike is onstage again, and up pops Steph. O_o;

It's not spelled the same, but still. Now, if this doesn't speak for universal sub-concious*, or at least an amazing coincidnece, I don't know what does.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to dig my lair to keep me safe from the mind control rays.

*Universal Sub-concious )
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Anyone remember the time that I found a description in two diffrent fanfics that had a insignificant detail as the same thing and the detail was cannon? Or that time when I thought I saw the same setence in two diffrent fanfics in two diffrent fandoms but it turned out to be very similar sentences?

Does anyone remember what I was trying to prove? Because I think I may have found a similar thing in two diffrent published books.

Okay, during the unending road trip, I brought along Neuromancer, by William Gibson. I think one of the first sentences in the book is describes how the sky was the color of a television set to a dead channel.

And the other day, I was reading Neverwhere, By Neil Gaimen. In this book the line is "The sky was the the perfect untroubled blue as a television screen, set to a dead channel."

Wacky, huh? But do to the decade or more gap between the two books, I'm thinking that Gaimen might had read Neuromancer, thus picking up the description. So it probably doesn't count towards what ever I was trying to prove... I think it was a collective creative eather? A global sub-concious? How that life is a huge, poorly cast B-Movie?

The last one really doesn't make too much sense, but have you ever gone down the street and over hear a stranger that sounds just like your cousin? Or real look-alikes? Just proves that the Creator had to cast the same people in diffrent roles.

Okay, so maybe the last is just my parniod fantasy. But maybe the previous two? I wish I could rememember...
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See science does weird things to my head. So does fandom. These two factors occasionaly manifest as working physics into fanfiction plots, and having Subreality as the ommniverse that all the diffrent multiverses/branes are wandering about in, and the massive changes in weather/slowly shifting buildings/general unmapiblity of the place is due from the branes occasionaly crashing into eachother. (Plus, these collisions could be "the spark of creatifvity" but that's just taking things a bit far.)

Did I mention you have to take into account that M-Theory is right?

Okay, so you have the portal's earth universe floating on it's brane, and for some reason it has quite a few universes pretty close to it, each floating on their own brane too. The hub isn't actually in ommnidimensional space, but it appreares to be since it is in contact with alternate branes. (So I apply cannon loosly in this case, but the term "ommni-dimensional space" just means that all the dimensions {length, width, hight, time, ect} are in the same spot, which is the bloody case anyway.)

The laws of physics between the various worlds are just plain incompatable. For instance, while its immpossible to convert matter or energy from nothing in our universe but on the second life brane its very possible. And while porting from a energy brane to a matter and energy brane once and a while is okay, extreme cases of it isn't good for your health (so again, everything in moderation).

What appears wrong with Dave in particular is is mass-body demands electricity or electrons. Perhaps, for some reason, all the porting to electronic universes make his mass not convert to energy properly. Or maybe the electromagetic force is so weak that gravity is able to stirp the electrons from his body thus neccesitating the additiion of more electrons from the tube of pain.

And if you just happen to have an hour or three, the program I watched it avalible for viewing here. I've only seen the last hour or so, because of technicaly difficulties of a sound nature (MST3K is very werid as a silent movie).
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Was it ever said, from The Green Slime to Danger Dioblock, that Tom Servo had a racecar bed?

Yeah, it's to do with fanfiction again, but this time I tripple checked and have hard copy.
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Could the MIR REALLY just have been a coverup for the MST3K experiment? Consider the following:

-While hundreds of people have claimed to been on the MIR, they all where goveremnt employees of thier respective nations. The SAME GOVEMENTS that lied over and over again about their involvement in govement activites.

-If there was an actual SOL, it would have been either picked up by NORAD or other govemnent groups, since they montor everything from the Earth's lower atmosphere to the moon that is larger than a baseball. What more brilliant way to hide somthing is to hide it in plain sight!

-The last SOL experiment was aired on August 8, 1999. But since each transmission comes from the not too distant future, it is ENTIERILY possoble that that transmission date came after August 20, 1999.

-When a for profit group attempted to purchase the MIR, they were turned down even though the owners of the station could have sorely used the money. But how could they have sold something that had already crashed?

-The last occupants of the MIR where two Russian cosmonauts and a French astronaut. Or should I say several robots and a American?!
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Mike Nelson, Crow, and Tom go into a IHOP in Minniapolis at 3 o'clock in the morning. They order waffles. Then due to a amazing plot contrivene, Michael J. Nelson just happens to walk into the same IHOP and sits in the booth across from them. He orders waffles. Crow then asks Michael J. Nelson for some maple syrup, since the wait staff has all gone off for a smoke break.

So what happens now? Do they set off a catalismtic chain reaction, destorying all of the known univsrse or does Michael J. Nelson mearly share the joy of hot maple syurp?

Personaly, I fall on the side of the maple syrup. I have this strange theory that MST3K charecters are like cartoon charectors, who cannot suffer poofdom. But if you happened to insert Buffy Summers and Sarah Michele Geller in Mike Nelson and Michael J. Nelson roles, the universe would be toast. Or at the very least the two would faint.
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I dug out Sidehackers from the tape collection, and it was worth the wait. First I was a tad parinoid that I wasn't going to be able to see it beucause my sister--whoes tapes they really are, or at least all the CC era tapes-- taped over the section until the begining credits of the movie with Star Fugitive.

Yeah, I have somthing like thirty tapes, with two or three episodes on each tape, but hardly any complete episodes. Then between episodes there's this brief bursts of episodes, like there's one where Tom tries to bring Crow down to absolute zero and a mad chugs glue. But the only time I was really upset was when I couldn't find the begining part of "Teenagers From Outer Space." The one where Joel preforms shock thearapy on the 'bots, and they just turn it around on him. And they metion B.F. Skinner! Wrongly, because he worked with operant condtioning and rewards, not with punishment. A closer person would be John B. Watson. He worked with punishment. And screwing up children's psyches.

Speacking of comparisions of behavorists and mst3k chaecters, a closer fit for B. F. Skinner would be Dr. Forrester. Why? Skinner wroteWalden Two, a book about how behavior modification (bemod) could be used to rule a socitey. And society's rulers should bemod as soon as possible to create a utopia so some nutjob doesn't use it to conqure the world. Even the utopia would be ruled by a dicator, but in that society, he could only use his power for good; otherwise no one would follow him.

The only diffrence between the two societies is that one uses the reward system, and the other uses the punishment system. But it has been shown that the reward system lasts longer when the rewards stop coming than the punishment system when the punishments stop comming, even though the reward system takes longer to take effect. (Oddly enough, these sytems were tried out on prisoners and the mentaly insane. Both catagories fit the MADs and the SOL crew, no?)

Of course, the system that lasts the longest would be the sporatic reward system. You only get a reward some of the time, based on some obscure system. Think of slot machines, and you've got the idea.

And to tie it all together: The grapes that the mad doctors used to get Joel to push the butons on the dispay, probably as a baseline for the movies, was operant condionting with rewards!

Now who says that television isn't a education experience?! *colapses*


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