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One of the tools I broke yesterday was my great-grandmothers. = ( But they can be fixed! And they are meant for using. It also explains why that set includes a scythe. At least, I'm pretty sure it a scythe. It's a very odd looking scythe, with the pole forming an S-shape.

Today I finished the clearing, but I'm being stymied by the soil. The soil where my house is clay. A very heavy clay, so it has terrible drainage and the top of the soil is baked to a rock-like consistency.

After lunch we headed to the hair salon and Mom and I both had our hair done. Mom had a trim up, and I went all crazy and got a new hair style. Since I've had more or less the sme style since middle school, varying in the length. It's more or less the same style, except with those new-fangled angled bangs.

And soon as we got home, I tested out how good my new style does in a ponytail as Dad and I headed out to the garden. We dug the trenches for the bed boards, and I drilled most of the holes and the screws. The first three screws, I broke two drill bits. The third drill bit, at the correct speed, worked good.

We alternated digging and adjusting the boards until all four of them could be attached. Then we poked around the yard looking for places to dump the soil.

It was then supper, and the sun set while we were eating.
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As there was a chunk of "Warning: Program Malfunctioning!" errors popping up, so I ended up backing up my laptop onto my external disk. So everything is safe... it's just completely disorganized.

I am also heading off to my grandparents in a week. So I have a little bit of time to get my medication, cancel doctor's appointments, and general getting my affairs in order and packing. I also get to take my mother's phone with an unlimited data plan for two months. Which means I'll have internets! YAY!

Birthday went well. For my birthday treat I played my birthday present ( Lego: Batman! ) in the middle of the day instead of after everyone else has gone to bed, or before anyone else has gotten up.
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We did not resort to sandwiches.

The matzoh brei turned out fine. It could have, maybe, been in the egg mixture longer but it turned out fine anyway.

The only thing really difficult about it was finding a recipe, as it's a dish that every grandmother has their own recipe. I used a cold water one, that had 1/2 cup of milk and a 3 to 4 egg to matzoh ratio.
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I really don't like April's Fool Day.

So March 32 has been quite nice, and I'll be attempting to make matzoh brei for supper. Matzoh brei is like french toast, only you used matoh crackers instead of bread. We also have sandwich fixings, in case things go horribly wrong.
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I have the windows open! = D

I'm going to planting a garden this spring/summer, and I'm trying to think of what to grow. So far the list consists of two types of tomatoes and banana peppers. But I want to plant four things, but I'm stumped.
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In an attempt to make everything fit in my room, I moved furniture today and brought up another bookcase. So, I think everything has a home now except my battalion of Eeyores.

One spot of unintentional hilarity was that I moved all the books on the floor into the new bookcase. I had to put it into the closet because there simply was not enough wall space. Which is not funny, until I had put everything on my bookshelf, looked at the books, and noticed all my gay books are on the new bookcase.

The end result? All of my gay books are closeted.
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The other day, Kizmet and Wisota managed to smoke out and trap a mouse. It was late at night, and I was watching television, and I heard a high-pitch squeaking sound. At first I thought it was bats, but I looked over the half-wall that divides the staircase to the celler from the living room, and noticed that Kizmet had something pinned against the wall.

And as that thing was not a florecent color mousie, I decided to invetigate. It turned out to be an actual mouse! So I dragged Kizmet, then Wisota, into my parents bedroom. The mouse had scurried behind plastic box, so I scooped it up with a tupperware container and set it outside.

The cats are indeed mousers. They just don't know what to do with the mouse after they catch it. = ) If I had ignored the squeaks, though, I think they would have played with it to death. Much like how Kizmet plays the crickets he catches into many different pieces.
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Exploiting my remaining health insurance, I went to the dentist and had a cleaning and found out that I had a few cavities, and had those filled in. Was okay, and now I'm waiting for my mouth to have feeling again and very carefully eating one saltine at a time.

Bought the fabric to make the blankets.

And the case I got for my Kindle came. I think I left the wireless on, so I can't try out my new, snazzy cover, but it looks like it will do the job.
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Home from Bloomington. Feeling like I've been gutted with a rusty spoon, but home. There was a little bit of snow in Indiana, but the rest of the trip was snow free. There wasn't even a lot of accumulation of snow on the ground until we got to the other side of St. Louis.
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Almost everything is packed and cleaned and sorted for tomorrow. With the exceptions of my laptop, my meds, and some drinks I'm waiting for the condensation to stop forming on them.

In the morning, I need to pick up my meds and pack the car. Tomorrow is the first day I could get a refill on my prozac, so I called in an order to the pharmacy to pick up tomorrow morning.

But that's it. All done. More or less ready to go.
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I'm getting closer to having everything done. I think the only thing left unpacked is my shoes and my laptop, though there are some small boxes. I have no idea what it seems like have so much more stuff. Nothing is in the car yet, either, it's in a pile in the dining room.

My room is almost clean as well, but I just have those tiny bits of things all over that are almost impossible to clean up. I've found Manhunter Vol. 3, which I've been missing for the past month. It was mixed in with my Discover magazines.

Speaking of comics, next weekend I'm going on a hunt for what I've missed over the past few months, and see if any more Ignition City got released. And anything that has Kate Spencer in it.

And I finally, finally found an Uhura action figure. She looks like every penny I bought her for, all 4,300 of them. Oddly enough, she comes with a phaser, which doubles nicely as a compact laser deluxe if one of my Jacks holds it.
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I've made Progress: My clothes are almost entirely packed! And everything else has moved to the stage where I have everything I need, except that it's just all over the place. Yay?

I have also scheduled my stuff in summer storage to be dropped off on Sunday between 10 - 12 AM. I could have waited even longer, but I need some books in there for classes on Monday.

I can't believe classes start on Monday.

Also, Manpower called for a two day assignment starting Monday. After having nothing being available since late June. I am very, very lucky I was not counting on money I earned this summer to pay for food or rent or medication.
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I was going to Do Stuff today, but was sucked into the vortex of timesink called TV Tropes. Woke up this early, checked the Flist, then made the mistake of clicking the link from a post, and suddenly it's seven hours later.

I have [ profile] beccaelizabeth's script open on my laptop, I have suitcases open, books partially packed, and so on. AAHHHHHH!
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The first time I tried filling my prescription today, I stopped off at an Irish Pub because I was craving chips. And they even had chips on the menu! Unfortunately, we had different ideas of what chips were, so I ended up with a basket of very thinly cut potatoes. Either way, my craving was fulfilled because they DID have malt vinegar. And, uh, blue cheese dressing, which went with the chips pretty good too.

The second time I tried filling my prescription, across from the pharmacy was a young man advertising a tea party. What interested me, however, was that he was dressed up in a fairly accurate reproduction of revolutionary era clothing. He wasn't wearing a wig, but he gets full marks for the rest of his costume.

He still gets a negative fifty billion for being a teabagger, but he wears that negative fifty billion with style.
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The tidying up process has continued to the point where my bed is again clear, and I didn't just throw everything that was on it on the floor. I've also started handing a few more things on my walls, still trying to find my "style." Other than Chaos, Controlled Chaos, and Pragmatism.

I also believe I have all of [ profile] tanarian's fic saved to my hard drive, which is good because she's private locking everything tomorrow. = /

At the very least, I have "A Song of Home" and "The Memory of Trees" which is some of my favorite fics ever, and would go into the Teal Binder of Awesome Fic if I ever find out where it went. Maybe I should just make a new one, because it would need a second volume to fit in all the great stories I've read in the last four years.
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First I thought I should just take all those empty clothes hangers out of my closet. Which morphed into cleaning my closet, which turned into cleaning my room. So now instead of everything in boxes all over, all the boxes are empty and everything is simply all over.

I did make some progress of getting rid of things, but mostly everything is going back into their boxes. Only slightly more organized, so I only have one box of newspaper clippings, all my programs are collected together, the blank notebooks are sorted from the ones that have writing in them, ect.

I even have a pile to sort latter to get some notes I'll need for the school year, when I get the ambition. Right now, though, my only ambition is to take a nap.

EDIT: I also need to go though a couple of users journals and save their fic to my hard drive, as quite a few people are leaving fandom and taking their toys with them.
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I've done something productive! I've, uh, organized my CD folders and ordered my Spanish book.

I've also look covetously at the Torchwood novels and Manhunter collected volumes, which is not productive in any way except wanting to get a job again.
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The neat thing about living in a state/county where fireworks are legal: being able to watch about a very, very expensive fireworks display from your back porch.

The bad thing about living in a state/county where fireworks are legal: fireworks started about 3 PM at the latest and will probably be going until 3 AM.

I spent about an hour watching about 20 different groups set off fireworks, and due to how our neighborhood is arranged, about four of those groups set off their fireworks right next to our lawn - our lot is about two and a half times deep than it is wide.

And it's a good thing that it rained a lot this morning, because normally our lawn is turning to tinder this time of the summer, and one or two of the rockets belly floped into our yard.

Also, both Kismet and Wisota are cowering underneath my bed. Wisota went under when the fireworks started, but Kismet toughed it out until it got dark and the fireworks started to go off in earnest.

I'm cowering a bit too. But from the light - the flashes are aggravating my headache.
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Very angry at kitties at the moment: all those small holes in the screens means there a bunch of mosquitoes in the house. Well, at least they aren't chiggers.


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