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One of the tools I broke yesterday was my great-grandmothers. = ( But they can be fixed! And they are meant for using. It also explains why that set includes a scythe. At least, I'm pretty sure it a scythe. It's a very odd looking scythe, with the pole forming an S-shape.

Today I finished the clearing, but I'm being stymied by the soil. The soil where my house is clay. A very heavy clay, so it has terrible drainage and the top of the soil is baked to a rock-like consistency.

After lunch we headed to the hair salon and Mom and I both had our hair done. Mom had a trim up, and I went all crazy and got a new hair style. Since I've had more or less the sme style since middle school, varying in the length. It's more or less the same style, except with those new-fangled angled bangs.

And soon as we got home, I tested out how good my new style does in a ponytail as Dad and I headed out to the garden. We dug the trenches for the bed boards, and I drilled most of the holes and the screws. The first three screws, I broke two drill bits. The third drill bit, at the correct speed, worked good.

We alternated digging and adjusting the boards until all four of them could be attached. Then we poked around the yard looking for places to dump the soil.

It was then supper, and the sun set while we were eating.


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