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I PAID OFF MY INDIANA UNIVERSITY DEBT! It's just the debt in my bursar account, and not my entire student loan amount. And a lot of it, I think, ended up in the student loan system. But now everything is in one place. Huzzah!

...And, uh, anyone know of good linguistics programs in Missouri?
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HA! I caught up on all the work I thought I had time to do tomorrow. And I only needed two dictionaries, a slang dictionary, and an online dictionary to do it! I used the online dictionary to look up the Spanish word for "Welsh" because I'm not shelling out for a hardback copy of a Spanish dictionary unless I absolutely have to.

I also used the online dictionary to make sure I had an accent in the right place for another word, but that is neither here nor there.

The abcTajpu extension came to my rescue also because I had to type in my response. I &heart; abcTajpu.
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Many of my classes have attendance requirements. Where if you're not there after 2 or 3 days in the entire semester you start dropping letter grades. They also want you to stay in bed if you have the plague, especially if you have any sort of flu.

So things work out to where if you're sick for more than a week, you're screwed. And since it's my understanding it takes more than a week to get over the flu, I foresee many, many students getting fucked over this winter.
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I have survived the first day, and printed out some articles, syllabi, and other first day things. I also already have homework, which I'm positive is a cruel and unusual punishment under the Geneva Conventions.

Spanish was not as bad as I thought. Which means I almost followed what the professor was saying, and was able to say something semi-intelligent, if it wasn't the most coherent sentence I've ever said.

The only other opinion I have is that Greek Literature in Translation sounds really interesting. The course description says that the special topics in the class will be
the role of women in Greek society, literary constructions of feminine and masculine identities, ancient Greek pederasty and homosexuality, and the concept of eros as a social, psychological and emotional force in Greek life."
And we'll be reading the Greek texts and modern text, applying feminist and queer theory to both literary pools. <3

So far, I have four final projects. The phonetics and literature ones are fairly straightforward. The ethics one had not been clarified at all, and the Spanish one is a project that you do little things each week, then it's compiled into one big project at the end of the semester. Also, I have to make a 100 word dictionary. So far, I have one word: carsi. It means cheesy, as in "Tom Servo makes fun of the cheesy movie." 99 more words to go!

I should do most of my homework tonight, so I can go out and do non-school things Tuesday afternoon, like go downtown to buy my computational and informational ethics book and buy comics. Or eat.

Oh, and I have a project for ethics where I have to give up a technology. Except email is the Official Communication of Indiana University so no giving up computers. I don't use my cell phone, and I don't use the television machine. I think I may end up withholding from livejournal for my project. But that's in the future.
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I keep forgetting that I have five classes on Monday and Wednesday. I guess it's too horrible for my mind to cope, so it carefully shunts off that piece of information.

Also, I need to pick up two additional books for Spanish. The first is a textbook I thought I had purchased, but ended up not getting it. The second is an audiobook of "The House on Mango Street" in, obviously, Spanish.

I received my items from summer storage, except my refrigerator has vanished and a different one has taken it's place. I'm not that fussed, because the one I stored didn't work anyway. There wasn't as much stuff as I thought in those three boxes besides clothes, bedding, books and coats. I think the only additional items was a coffee maker, dishes, coat hangers, a bullition board, towels, and some manila envelopes.

The delivery came around 3 PM. When I got everything unboxed I had ran out of ambition of putting things were they go very quickly, so everything is organized just enough to make the place liveable, but no further.
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I just finished buying the majority of books needed for next semester. Bookstore total was $500, and I managed to whittle it down to a little under $300. $132 for Spanish, $55 for Physics, and $100 for Greek Literature in Translation.

That last one sounds like it should be... interesting. I won't be able to tell what's pure duplication and what's a different perspective on what I have. I fear that the Eurpides is the former than the latter, but I have hopes for the Aristophanes one. The booklist for that class is:
  • Three Plays by Aristophanes: Staging Women

  • Daphnis and Chloe

  • Four Plays: Medea, Hippolytus, Heracles, Bacchae

  • Plato on Love

  • Shorter Socratic Writings

  • Odyssey of Homer

  • Greek Lyric Poetry

  • The History of Sexuality, Vol. 2: The Use of Pleasure

  • Maurice
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    "The first five people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal."

    It may be a week or two before I get to all of them, as I have three more exams this week. Plus a take home final for historical linguistics, except for the part that he hasn't actually given out the questions but did give out 100 pages of reading material.
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    I have a paper written. Now I just have to add all the lovely data that jumps it up from two pages to four pages. Actually, I have no idea how many pages it needs, so I'm running to the food court, then swinging around to my room, then back to the library.

    Oh, and to bring some books back with me as all my books are due on April 28th. And I have roughly... 40 lbs of books. They are both numerous AND heavy!
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    Though, since my debit card number got stolen, it's probably going to be more of "look at consonant clustering in Welsh" day. Far less social, but much less likely to end in a hangover.

    Also, my debit card number got stolen recently, and I don't want to make any plans because my actual to-do was on Wednesday, to go see The Drowsy Chaperone. Only I was sick and missed it.

    I also have no midterms next week, which is so awesome you cannot believe. Originally the test was last Thursday, but was pushed back to last Tuesday because NO ONE was prepared. Today I had a mythology midterm. Which was more or less easy except for the art slides were I had to guess which one was Hector and which one was Achilles based on their shield design.
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    I am home from hanging out at Mickey's Vacation Home with my mother and sister. Had a good time, only got a tiny bit sunburnt, we were able to do everything we wanted to do. There wasn't any new attractions from last time, but it was very awesome that I was not popping pills after every roller coaster.

    There is also Good News/Bad News about school. I finally found out what I'm getting in Language Structure: an A-. Which brings my known grades to an A, A-, and B! Unfortunately, when I went to grab lunch I found I was ( again! ) school ID-less. This will be my second ID card this semester. I have breakfast, but I'll be out to get a replacement after Phonics.

    I caught up on my flist, and reached skip=400 while doing so. Took a little bit of time, yes. = ) Which means I have seen the LED sheep vid, the Sun rumors about Ten's Final Bow, and the reintroduction of Police Call Boxes, but I haven't quite gotten to the HUB II reports.

    I am:
    Stanislav Lem
    This pessimistic Pole has spent a whole career telling ironic stories of futility and frustration. Yet he is also a master of wordplay so witty that it sparkles even when translated into English.

    Which science fiction writer are you?

    PS: Combining all of the above, I managed to ( almost ) pronounce the name of the city where one of the cashiers in Epcot was from. I got almost everything correct ( even remembering that f in Welsh orthography is /v/ ) but put the stress in the wrong place so the -en came out as a schwa instead of some flavor of /a/.
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    I'm done with my project about English verbs. I just have to print it and make it into pretty packets and not freak out in the next *glances at clock* two and a half hours.

    Though if the author of one of the books I was citing ( APA! ) wasn't long dead ( Joseph Bosworth ) I would kill him myself for writing his page numbers in roman numerals. And while looking up to find out when he died that there's a digital version of the book I could have used instead of the very elderly brick.

    Of course, the very elderly brick has the actual part I needed, the grammar sections, while the digital one does not for some reason.
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    I have a phonetics test and a write up of my investigation of English ( by way of Old and Middle English ) today. *flails*
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    I sorted some adminstrative things with the school today, and went to the library to look for things for my presentation, and ate. My life is thrilling, so:

    [Poll #1356347]

    Because there is so much I could do, and after several hours of plowing though Old/Middle/Modern English grammars I'm planning to do tomorrow, I'm afraid I'll just decide to nap instead. = )
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    I'm taking a class called Information Infostructure II. This would be a fancy name for learning how to program PERL. Now, while I love my department to pieces, when it comes to organization they are stunning in their lack thereof.

    So goeth with all learning instatutions, I understand.

    Anyway, for this class I think I need this book: Learning Pearl, Third Edition.

    I think I'm just going to order it, and hope the professor doesn't randomly assign a diffrent book.

    Yeah, and the bookstore just got outsource to Barnes and Noble last week. = (


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