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It's not Snomageddon, but coming out of work I had to scrape out the inside of the car. Also, I need a new scraper, since the only way it works well is to hold it vertical, and even then it's a little sketchy.
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Oh dear. It's started to snow here in Bloomington. I would normally Not Care, but Mom is coming to pick me up for the drive home. And I'd really like not to drive home in Wintergeddon.

Because we once drove somewhere during a Wintergeddon - it was snowing so hard we were down to a crawl on the interstate. I will always remember the red car that blew past us, and then we passed latter because the red car had ended up in a ditch.
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I just called Mama. Shrewsbury and Worcester both had a really awful ice storm last night. There's tons and tons of trees down, and she reported that she could see flares where the power lines a street away snapped. A few branches fell on their house, but there wasn't any damage. So their power is off, and they say it will probably be Monday until the electricity comes back.

But they're armed with candles and caffeine, since one of the neighbors out to survey the mess and got her a few cups of extra large coffees. Papa was considering going out, but didn't want to mess with opening the garage door manually.

Also hugely glad that Gramie, my other grandmother, is at an assisted living center. Both for her health and the continued sanity of my aunt Noel.
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Reason #3493879 how the US is different than the UK: "What do you mean, you don't have 80F/40C temperature swings?"

Also, it's 36 degrees here. AND STILL NIGHT. At least I can try out my Chelsea FC scarf out...
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One of my favorite things in the US - though it happens a lot in Canada and Australia too - is the unabashed stealing of place names.

I was driving home from work, and the announcer rattled off the names of a few towns in Illinois that had severe thunderstorm warnings. A few of the towns: Lebanon, Swansea, and Bayview.

And most of the counties listed were farther into Illinois so it wasn't adding to the flood waters. There hasn't been any rain here for a few weeks, but a town half way between Villa Ridge and St. Louis had their levy break and the town flooded in a few minutes.
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Power keeps flickering on and off. Funnel cloud sightings in the area. And the storm hasn't even hit our little 'burg yet!

Weather in the Midwest is too exciting. Cardiff is looking nice, with it's very stable, if very damp, weather.

Did I mention there's a train track nearby? Mom is freaking out because she keeps thinking train noise is tornado noise. Not neccsiarily the most insane view as we are under a tornado watch, but very disquieting.

EDIT: Tornado warning cancled. We barely got any rain!
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Gisela, one of our neighbors when we lived in Wisconsin, sent my mother some photos of what the weather was like on the 28th. In Bloomington, it hailed. In Altoona, two inches of snow.

I loved Wisconsin, and I want to move back there. I am not, however, missing the weather.
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...Was that just an aftershock? (11:15 AM or so?) I'm not sure, mostly because I was waking up again and my brain isn't particularly reliable when I'm drowsy. Plus, you know, dorm.

Still not freaked! Still happy. And kinda stupid for not realizing that I should probably go to the Indiana University Geological Department. Since it's, you know, less than a half mile away.
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There was an earthquake last night this morning! It was a 5.2. It happened around 4:30 AM.

I was wondering why I woke up around that time. I heard nosies, and it sounded like there was wind whipping around my room. But oddly, it sounded like it was whipping around the room next to me as well.

I just chalked it up to my computer making funny noises plus some wind gusts and went back to sleep. = )

One of my life's ambitions have is to witness a (minor) earthquake. So if I sound pretty damm cheerful, I am.
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A wind turbine in Denmark self-destructs. At least when one of these goes up there's only a dangerzone of a mile radius until all the debris comes down.
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It's pouring out. The best way I can describe it would be the time I was in the begingings of a tropical storm: horizontal rain, high winds, and lots of both.
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Signs that it's Way Too Fucking Cold: You are borrowing fashion tips from John Barrowman.

( Okay, it's not the Hideous Gold Thing but a puffy vest over hooded sweatshirt. Which is pretty fashion neutral, but the point still stands as I lack the charisma to carry off the majority of his wardrobe without looking like a used car salesman. )
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Dear Weather,

Make up your mind. Are you going to storm or not? Because it's been dark and windy since eleven, yet there hasn't been any rain.

No Love,
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Ways you can tell that it's my birthday: it suddenly goes from lovely spring weather in the sixties to... ooh, mid thirites? Though, it least it didn't snow - which was actually a disticit possiblity as it was raining all yesterday.
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There's one small, tiny error about the new laptop over break.

The reason that I bought it - for my programing class - I can't actually get it to actually work for that class. As the software/program/environment that we use in class (Cygwin) is not actually built for Vista.

Sometimes the program operates correctly, and sometimes it doesn't. I'm in the process of trying to get it to work right, but at the moment I'm writing code in Wordpad as neither of the computers I have access to in my room work reliably with the program. For when the programs need to process correctly I'm probably going to end up going to the library.

Of course, I have to head to the library anyhow as I can't get the VPN connection to process properly either. In other words, Teresa is a really shiny notebook at the moment. But she'll get there eventually.

Though the REALLY exciting thing today was I was soaked to the skin the moment I stepped out the door to get to class this morning. I got across Sunset Street and started laughing hysetically as I was already soaked and walking to class I dislike in the middle of a thundershower. Then I started on the show tunes, because, really it's bad enough that I'm walking to class in the rain, why should I be creepily silent as I do so?

I'm not sure if anyone else appreciated my singing, as I could only remember half the verses to "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" and "Night and Day." But again, singing > silence.
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I finaly just figured out why I'm roasting in my own skin: the heat is on, and it's 70 out. Actually the heat is on like it's 40, and it's 70 out.

I also can't really talk because with the heat on full blast - I really don't want to know how hot it is in my room - and the air conditioning running full blast, my thought is a mess and I can hardly swallow.

Though, I finaly did find one of the stories I've been looking for the last two weeks. I'm still looking for the other.
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I thought I hated the rain before, but now I realize that was just a tantilzing taste for my now deeping hatred of the weather phenomenon.

And I still have to go out one more time today for council meeting. *headdesk*
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Just about to go out the door to go to class: IT STARTS HAILING. Though it's almost stopped now. At least it wasn't RAIN OF TOADS.
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Where Aunt Linda works, it was 115 degrees in the building were she worked. Managment "graciously" let them leave early. How did it get so hot? Apparently the air conditior broke, so not only did it not longer supply cold air, but it started blowing hot air. Hence why it was warmer than Phoneix in Massachutts.

And according to the International version of the BBC, it is hot enough in the UK to melt asphalt. And there was a rail line shut down, as the heat warped the tracks.

I forgot to mention: The Spaces in Between by [ profile] commanderteddog. IT'S MAGIC VOICE FIC. Which is a big deal, as it's only the second to even acknolage that she really exists. (The first was [ profile] nightcat_hekasu's Finding Your Voice, of course. Before that it was just roles in MiSTing series.
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Tractor pull canceled on account of storms. *sigh*

So, Dad and I headed to go see Superman Returns. It's still a good film if you're wondering. Even though the power failed, but at least it wasn't...

A tiny spolier )

Though if the fireworks is going to be cancled, I haven't decied whether it's the Boston fireworks or the New York City ones.

Nor have I picked which language I'm going to be taking in the fall, even though I'm registering for classes tomorrow. I've got another 24 hours, right? = ) No, I've decied it's either Japanese, Korean, or Russian. (It has to be a non-Western European language for a class, so even though I'm still going to be taking Spanish probably, it doesn't count for this.)

Edit: I still don't know. AHHH!


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