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I have 10 coupons for $10 a paid account for those without one. Please PM me to get one.

Yesterday I actually managed to get to sleep at a reasonable time. For the last couple of days my bedtime has been anywhere between 4 AM to 8 AM. Last night it was a nice, reasonable 11 PM-ish.

I have a final in a little over an hour for physics. ICK. After physics I'm getting together with my Bible study group, as we couldn't meet yesterday do to finals conflicts.

So I'm going to get a smoothie for my throught and go over to where my test is to be. Did I mention ick? 'Cause really. ICK.
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12! 12 ladybugs banging against my light. That's not counting the corpses inside the light, which are many, nor the ones that I find all over my room.

Especially when I pull a blanket up to my face, and greeted by the Perfume of Dead Ladybug.
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I'm at loose ends. It's too early to sleep, but my mind is too muddled to read. I keep reading one word as another, such as hamster for harbormaster. I'm going to put on a movie and hope that it keeps me aware enough not to sleep.
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I did end up going out. Went to Vintage Phoneix and picked up Detective, Arkham Reborn, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, then headed over to the Irish Lion. I had good food, and read my comics, and had a good time. Unforuantly, the food did not like me.

So I was misrable for a little bit and watched Linkara review "Amazon's Attack" for the fifth time.

But! I was feeling better in time for the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I had some knowlage of the cues, though I did not bring any props. I got to toss around stuff anyway, and was covered by a 6-inch foot deep of toliet paper by the end of the movie. The prop part was actually pretty underwellming, as there was more pain involved than fun. Apparently there was a big target at the back of my head, and I was beaned with lots of stale toast.

There was also quite a bit of rice in my shoes too.

Would I go again? Probably not, unless it has acting in addition to the film presentation. Because it wasn't particularly all that entertaining. A lot of the interaction is beating a few dead horses. Like while the Brad/Janet riff was always funny, the no-neck one was very, very tired at the end. I attempted to add some varity by riffing on different things, usually the muscial numbers. I am not The Brains, so the only one worth mentioning is the one about Footlight Parade during the "Don't Dream It, Be It" number.

The TL;DR is that watching MST3K with a few friends is more enjoyable and cheaper and does not involve getting hit in the head with toast.
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The kiddies never came. They skipped my building completely, and no one said so until 4:20. I don't even have the solace of good candy. At least my room is clean?
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The kiddies never came. They skipped my building completely, and no one said so until 4:20. I don't even have the solace of good candy.
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The kiddies still haven't arrived for their candy.

I am considering going out tonight. My options of "doing what" mostly consists of choices of which bar to go to. Or I could stay in and watch movies and do laundry. Choices, choices, choices.
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[ profile] deza has raised all the money needed for her moving expenses! Thanks to everyone that was able to help out.

Now, I have to go run errands. It's raining, but at least it's still warmish out.
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First, the srs biz:

Real person. Real situation that came to a very ugly head tonight. Summary from her and how to help below:

I am a disabled military wife and mother of two elementary-aged kids. Due to a delay in processing transfer orders, my husband's move to his next base isn't lining up with the end of our lease. This means we are having to pay for our move out-of-pocket, with the military reimbursing it later. My husband is currently with his ship in another state, so all details of handling the move fall to me.

We had planned to borrow the money for this from my mother. She has always been slightly mentally disturbed; tonight, this hit new levels. In the past two days, she's attempted to kidnap my kids and threatened to kill my mobility dog. She deliberately chose the time when I would be sickest from my low-dose chemo treatments to do this. I severely doubt she plans to honor her promise to pay for the movers tomorrow.

The movers are going to cost roughly $1300. If you can help, please send money to my paypal account, marna.m(a) Please indicate if this is a gift or a loan; we will begin paying back loan amounts as soon as we can. Thank you.


Speaking of money woes, I've been having some of my own, recently. Luckily, it's the "can't get at money" kind, instead of the "no money" kind. It's been going on for about a month already, and I mentioned something about this earlier when I was locked out of my account and couldn't get into it because I needed to do it over the phone, and my phone wasn't charging.

Well, I transfered the money in, and thought that was it. Until I tried to use my debit card the other day and it was denied. What I think is happening is that the bank think my card has been stolen because I'm using it to make relativity small purchases around Bloomington. And, for some reason, even though I've been buying things in Bloomington for the last few years, it reads as stolen card activity. And my cell's borked, of course, and cooperating even less this time than last time.

So I'm heading to the bank tomorrow after class and hoping they can sort out the card stuff in person. It would be just my luck if they couldn't.

Ran the gambit on chat in KoL explaining that it's a good thing that the branches of government has gained power, as the "powers" that they have taken from individuals are one's that those individuals shouldn't have had in the first place. Like, the ability to destroy the ability of humans to own other humans, and the ability to enforce labor laws so you can't pay people pittance or working people to death that is created some kind of virtual slavery. And that unrestrained Captialsim isn't all that better than Soviet communism.

Okay, this is all IMHO, but the impressive part is arguing coherent when tipsy. Well, I had pretty much just chugged my first alcholic beverage in two months, so I was slightly more than tipsy.
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I have to get up earlier on Saturdays. Over breakfast ( pancakes! ) I was able to watch some English Premier football and hear the commentators yacking over the rankings after the game finished.

We'll leave aside the fact I thought it was Australian football because I had no idea who the teams were. ( Wolverhampton vs Aston Villa )

I had more thinky thoughts, but I haven't really been able to wake up properly today, so no thinky thoughts to be had. Other than the eternal question "what shall I have for Supper?"
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I've been listening to various news and blogs today. Recently, I was listening to Linkara's "Atop the Fourth Wall" review, and noticed that the fly banging against the light had suddenly got a lot louder. And then I looked and noticed the light was covered with bugs!

I'm not the best housekeeper in the world, but surely I've been keeping things clean enough that I shouldn't be drowning in flies.

I took a closer look, and it's just ladybugs. So it's not me, it's just that my dorm has lots of little drafts.


I also still hate phonetics. I can't think of a project to do! My idea was due on Monday, and I did turn in some ideas, but none of them were right for the class.
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I signed up to hand out candy to the kiddies who are going to be trick-or-treating in my building on Halloween. They usually have it in the dorms across the street, since it's twice as big. The only hesitation I might have had was if it conflicted with the silent film screening in the auditorium, but it's in the middle of the day, so that's not a problem.

Plus, the group that is putting this production on is even supplying the candy. I wonder if I can keep any of the candy that is left over?
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It is 52 degrees out. I am wearing a scarf draped over my head then looped around my neck. What makes this noteworthy is that I am inside my dorm. I wish there was an option between frigid and blazing.

I just finished watching Twilight. I've peaked into the fandom, and it seems to be mostly AU stuff. Which is sad, because it could be completely awesome.
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Today I managed to unfuck up my library account. Last spring I returned over twenty books at once. Five of them stayed on my account, even though I was sure that they got taken back to the library.

Though, a niggling feeling remained that I might have packed them away into storage. Sunday, I unpacked everything, but there were no library books. So this afternoon, I wrote down the call numbers of all the books on my account and went hunting. I found four of them, but since the only information on the fifth book was "The History of the Peloponnese War", and there's four volumes of the book, with multiple copies of each, I aborted the mission and headed down to the circulation desk to complain.

The woman at the circulation desk was stunned that I had five books that managed to go back onto the stacks without being discharged from my account. She looked up my account, and gave me the library's barcode for the last one. I went up to the 9th floor, and the first book I pulled out matched.

She apologized, and the supervisor came over and he also apologized. I got a lot of apologies.

I now have NO books on my library account. I am, however, already thinking about the books I need for various projects, so that state is very, very ephemeral.
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I keep forgetting that I have five classes on Monday and Wednesday. I guess it's too horrible for my mind to cope, so it carefully shunts off that piece of information.

Also, I need to pick up two additional books for Spanish. The first is a textbook I thought I had purchased, but ended up not getting it. The second is an audiobook of "The House on Mango Street" in, obviously, Spanish.

I received my items from summer storage, except my refrigerator has vanished and a different one has taken it's place. I'm not that fussed, because the one I stored didn't work anyway. There wasn't as much stuff as I thought in those three boxes besides clothes, bedding, books and coats. I think the only additional items was a coffee maker, dishes, coat hangers, a bullition board, towels, and some manila envelopes.

The delivery came around 3 PM. When I got everything unboxed I had ran out of ambition of putting things were they go very quickly, so everything is organized just enough to make the place liveable, but no further.
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When I arrived in Bloomington, and opened up my room I got a surprise. The rooms had been redone! The walls ( and I think ceiling ) have a fresh coat of paint. They laid down new carpet. And I got new furniture.

The furniture is a mixed blessing. The new bed is good, because it has all it's springs and the mattress is much, much lighter. The new dresser has one fewer drawer. The desk no longer has it's neat corkboard backing and is a little shorter, but it has a keyboard rollout.

Except I'm not using the keyboard rollout because my desktop is not completing it's campus registration. I'm not sure what's wrong, but I want to see if I can fix it when I'm a little more awake than I am now.

I wonder what I have in those three boxes I have in storage besides bedding, winter clothing, and books. My room already feels stuffed to the brim. Maybe when I get my risers and I'm able to put stuff under the bed it will feel more right.

Tomorrow I'm getting my stuff out of storage, going to the library to print out some pictures to color, and try to figure out what the hell is going on with one of the library books I returned last spring.
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I've made Progress: My clothes are almost entirely packed! And everything else has moved to the stage where I have everything I need, except that it's just all over the place. Yay?

I have also scheduled my stuff in summer storage to be dropped off on Sunday between 10 - 12 AM. I could have waited even longer, but I need some books in there for classes on Monday.

I can't believe classes start on Monday.

Also, Manpower called for a two day assignment starting Monday. After having nothing being available since late June. I am very, very lucky I was not counting on money I earned this summer to pay for food or rent or medication.
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Reason Six Billion I miss Bloomington: I want to go back to >Caveat Emptor, which is a second-hand book seller. Name or not, he has an excellent stock and the store is the perfect size. Big enough that he has a ton of books, but small enough that you can look at every section and not spend half a day in there.

Plus, since he does a swift trade in New Age/Occult books, I can unload a few books there and get a decent price for them. I have the problem where I have a book, a quick skim says it's good, but after I get home and examine it further, it's not exactly what I had it mind.

An example is "The Circle of Isis" which I thought was a book on Ancient Egyptian religion and how the author had updated* it. Turned out to be a group of Wiccians who honor the Egyptian pantheon. Ooops.

*When I say "updating" an ancient religion, I tend to stress the angles of substituting some other kind of sacrifice for human ones and trying to fill in gaps of the historical accounts with educated guesses. Or, for instance, if a religion blessed wagons and boats, they'd also preform the blessing on cars.
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I was hopeful that I had only two more weeks until I head back to school. Instead it's four more weeks, as I'm moving in on 29th of August.

Either way, I decided to make my daily schedule and my final exam schedule. And, uh, wow. My Monday/Wednesday/Fridays are gonna be really busy. I have five classes on those days, with a break of 80 minutes between my first and second classes, and 15 between the next four. Luckily, all of them except the last one are in the same building, so I don't have to criss-cross campus a ton.

BUT the latest class I have ends at 3:45, so there won't be any conflicts with any activities I want to do. I'm really, really happy I have no conflicts with GLU especially.

P.S. It is unfair that the only other Two serials on DVD are only available at Amazon. Though if anyone knows of places to purchase The Tomb of the Cybermen and Seeds of Death, I would be much grateful. I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday picking up some stuff for Spanish, and while there was tons and tons of Four serials, they only had the two Two serials I already have. I am Oppressed Dreadfully.


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