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Not dead, just on tumblr.
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One of the tools I broke yesterday was my great-grandmothers. = ( But they can be fixed! And they are meant for using. It also explains why that set includes a scythe. At least, I'm pretty sure it a scythe. It's a very odd looking scythe, with the pole forming an S-shape.

Today I finished the clearing, but I'm being stymied by the soil. The soil where my house is clay. A very heavy clay, so it has terrible drainage and the top of the soil is baked to a rock-like consistency.

After lunch we headed to the hair salon and Mom and I both had our hair done. Mom had a trim up, and I went all crazy and got a new hair style. Since I've had more or less the sme style since middle school, varying in the length. It's more or less the same style, except with those new-fangled angled bangs.

And soon as we got home, I tested out how good my new style does in a ponytail as Dad and I headed out to the garden. We dug the trenches for the bed boards, and I drilled most of the holes and the screws. The first three screws, I broke two drill bits. The third drill bit, at the correct speed, worked good.

We alternated digging and adjusting the boards until all four of them could be attached. Then we poked around the yard looking for places to dump the soil.

It was then supper, and the sun set while we were eating.
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There was a little bit too much litter in the automatic literbox, so the rake kept raking. This was cleanly Wrong, so the kitties went to investigate.

Kizmet decided that the litterbox needed killing. So he was biting it and swating it, trying to kill it, and then Wisota got in on the action. The two cats then proceded to fight over how would get the honor of killing the litterbox.

The growling and general carrying on brought my mother over, where she simulationusly tried to both seperate the warring cats and stop the litterbox. Which brought me over. I ended up kiling the litterbox dead by pushing the power switch.

Then the humans spent a good ten minutes sorting out the cats.
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I am starting my garden. Or I was starting it, before I broke two (2!) gardening implements preparing the gardening area. I think the pitchfork could be fixed, as the handle separated from the fork cleanly, but I think the hoe is just broke. But I have done about 6 x 4, and the final size is 8 x 5.

So I'm waiting for Dad to come home from work, so he can help and generally supervise. In the mean time, I'll pack for my sojurn.
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I PAID OFF MY INDIANA UNIVERSITY DEBT! It's just the debt in my bursar account, and not my entire student loan amount. And a lot of it, I think, ended up in the student loan system. But now everything is in one place. Huzzah!

...And, uh, anyone know of good linguistics programs in Missouri?
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As there was a chunk of "Warning: Program Malfunctioning!" errors popping up, so I ended up backing up my laptop onto my external disk. So everything is safe... it's just completely disorganized.

I am also heading off to my grandparents in a week. So I have a little bit of time to get my medication, cancel doctor's appointments, and general getting my affairs in order and packing. I also get to take my mother's phone with an unlimited data plan for two months. Which means I'll have internets! YAY!

Birthday went well. For my birthday treat I played my birthday present ( Lego: Batman! ) in the middle of the day instead of after everyone else has gone to bed, or before anyone else has gotten up.
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I found a place that sells comics! It's a drug store, so they only sell about twenty or so titles, but the most important thing is that they sell Detective Comics. Which means I halved the amount of time it would take to get my Gotham City fix.
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I am within spiting distance with having a nicely formated ebook of [ profile] dr8kmessngr's "The Oncoming Storm." The only problem is that I can't get a complete Table of Contents to generate, and I can't figure the why of it.
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We did not resort to sandwiches.

The matzoh brei turned out fine. It could have, maybe, been in the egg mixture longer but it turned out fine anyway.

The only thing really difficult about it was finding a recipe, as it's a dish that every grandmother has their own recipe. I used a cold water one, that had 1/2 cup of milk and a 3 to 4 egg to matzoh ratio.
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I really don't like April's Fool Day.

So March 32 has been quite nice, and I'll be attempting to make matzoh brei for supper. Matzoh brei is like french toast, only you used matoh crackers instead of bread. We also have sandwich fixings, in case things go horribly wrong.
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The ax has fallen, and I am now unemployed again. The reason that the company gave was because of me leaving early - so the long and the short it was because my crazy is not under control.
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I am apparently still not fired. This is leaving me bewildered and paranoid and deeply impatient for the ax to drop already.
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Since I'm waiting paciently for something to finish downloading so I can reboot both Firefox and my laptop, have a meme! It means I can close another tab, too. The only interesting that happened today was unpolishing the floor and the oven spitting out error messages.

Your result for The Steampunk Style Test...

The Citizen

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Try our other Steampunk test here.

Take The Steampunk Style Test at HelloQuizzy

Oh, yay, the download finished!


Mar. 27th, 2010 12:00 am
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I am not at work. Again. I couldn't breathe. I feel better now, but I feel so stupid, like I could have prevented it or managed my attack better. Or something! I was feeling better when I was in the break room, but when I even thought about going back to work it felt like one of the cats where jumping up and down on my chest.
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I do not bring up politics in the breakroom. But today, one of my co-workers did. Specifically, about the healthcare bill that just passed. First, her statements were about how it would be paid for. I said a tax on indoor tanning - which is hilarious and true, and I thought it would be the end of it.

Then she brings up that the government would pay for abortions. AHGH! NO! I explained why that is not true, what the Hyde Amendment is, ect. This does not reflect whether or not abortion services should be healthcare or not, as I think it should. I just hate it when people are factually wrong.

In this particular case, I am pretty sure that I didn't get though. Which is a shame, because we were arguing about reality, which should be a fairly neutral point.
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My "local" comic book shop, the one that became my LCS when the actually local and conveniently located one closed, is also closing. Their sister store is 50 minutes away. There's two that are a bit closer, but still 40+ minutes in directions I never venture.
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I forgot to mention one thing about the trip home: I can use my Kindle in the car without getting sick to my stomach or getting a headache after twenty minutes! I LOVE MY KINDLE.
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This past vacation to Disney World was languid. I cannot sing the praises of the Disney Vacation Club's Old Key West resort enough. Mom and I were able to sleep in separate rooms! This made such a difference to my quality and amount of sleep it was ridiculous, and made a very peaceful nap time. I needed a nap every day, but I only one really bad episode the entire trip, and used a very small amount of my xanax.

The parks were fairly crowded. The crowds this trip a different vibe from normal, as it was considerably lighter on the families and heavier on college spring breakers and school trips. And for some unfathomable reason, I noticed WAY more Canadians. The time of year also meant that Muslium families were out in force, since the humidity was low, and the temperature was on the razor edge of "warm" and "chilly." My last crowd observation is that I saw far, far more child-sized wheelchairs than adult ones.

The only people I had a specific problem with was the spring breakers, as some of them were being complete jackasses and waiting for a show to begin with them is far more noisy and stressful. I wasn't able to see Fantasmic because this fact, plus I was having a bad day already, I would have had a massive episode.

But, all of the above was helped by the incrediabally slow pace we set. We've been to WDW before, so there was no pressure to do EVERYTHING EVER, which cut out a ton of stress. As the lines for the E-Ticket attractions were often an hour plus, with some of the really popular attractions having a two-hour plus wait at times. We managed the Magic Kingdom by going to extended hours, and it's remarkable how short lines are at 2:30 AM. = )

The biggest ride highlight was that we had an completely awesome tour guide on Jungle Cruise. The majority of my enjoyment of the Jungle Cruse is listening to the twist each guide puts on the jokes and puns, as some parts of the trek I've heard over fifty times. There was some new stuff too, with some "Legends of the Hidden Temple" references and one of the jokes had been changed as to catch out people who have been on the ride a lot before. But this guy had the best Embittered Graduate shtick, as after he pointed out that one of his favorite plants he rattled off a long list of termonology about the fern - and pointed out that, one day you too can aspire to get a degree in biology and do tours on Disney's Jungle Cruise.

The best show was not Finding Nemo, this time, but seeing the giant cock-up at Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. And getting people's opinions that the show was just great anyway. What happened was that a large part of the middle of the show is a copper-looking globe rotates in the middle of the lake, and the contentients are really video screens. The video screens quit working after 20 seconds, so there was large swaths of time where the only thing that was happening was that there was music playing and four small fountains changed color in the lake. As I hold the opinion that the the globe is tacky, and hard to see in quite a few locations around the lake, it was nice to see that the show could actually survive without it.
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I am home. I just caught up on the skip?=400. I still have the majority of the fic to read, and all of the fic to comment on still, but I am home.

EDIT: And done the immediately to be done modly stuff.


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