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There was a little bit too much litter in the automatic literbox, so the rake kept raking. This was cleanly Wrong, so the kitties went to investigate.

Kizmet decided that the litterbox needed killing. So he was biting it and swating it, trying to kill it, and then Wisota got in on the action. The two cats then proceded to fight over how would get the honor of killing the litterbox.

The growling and general carrying on brought my mother over, where she simulationusly tried to both seperate the warring cats and stop the litterbox. Which brought me over. I ended up kiling the litterbox dead by pushing the power switch.

Then the humans spent a good ten minutes sorting out the cats.
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I think I'm coming down with a cold. I have drunk ( drank? ) roughly a gallon of tea, have my Chelsea scarf on, and have had a heating pad called Wisota on my chest on and off this afternoon. And I am on the first day of my period. Which is all very well, and boring, so I shall switch my narrative to last night.

Kismet proved that he was A Mighty Hunter, and caught his second mouse. He was playing with it like it was his laser pointer mousie. I think Kismet and Wisota had chased it upstairs much earlier in the day, has they tore out of the basement and were very Interested in the hassock. I pulled it over to make sure that there wasn't something under it. I guess the mouse climbed up?

But there was no Circle of Life shenanigans. I pulled off Kismet, and the mouse fled into the hall closet while I was getting out the tupperwere container. I cleared out some of the shoes, and almost caught it but it scurried somewhere else. So I emptied the entire closet, treed the mouse up onto the baseboard in the corner, and caught the blasted thing and brought it outside and released it.

We've had a live-trap in the basement for almost two weeks, but I guess the mouse did not care for peanut butter. The trap is staying down there just in case the mice ( as Mr. Mighty Hunter had cornered another a few weeks ago ) had friends. But we only found two mice nests in the carpet pile, so we live in hope.

Kismet was a little put out for a bit, because I stole his toy, but he's forgiven me and he's stretched out snoring next to me on the couch.
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The other day, Kizmet and Wisota managed to smoke out and trap a mouse. It was late at night, and I was watching television, and I heard a high-pitch squeaking sound. At first I thought it was bats, but I looked over the half-wall that divides the staircase to the celler from the living room, and noticed that Kizmet had something pinned against the wall.

And as that thing was not a florecent color mousie, I decided to invetigate. It turned out to be an actual mouse! So I dragged Kizmet, then Wisota, into my parents bedroom. The mouse had scurried behind plastic box, so I scooped it up with a tupperware container and set it outside.

The cats are indeed mousers. They just don't know what to do with the mouse after they catch it. = ) If I had ignored the squeaks, though, I think they would have played with it to death. Much like how Kizmet plays the crickets he catches into many different pieces.
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The neat thing about living in a state/county where fireworks are legal: being able to watch about a very, very expensive fireworks display from your back porch.

The bad thing about living in a state/county where fireworks are legal: fireworks started about 3 PM at the latest and will probably be going until 3 AM.

I spent about an hour watching about 20 different groups set off fireworks, and due to how our neighborhood is arranged, about four of those groups set off their fireworks right next to our lawn - our lot is about two and a half times deep than it is wide.

And it's a good thing that it rained a lot this morning, because normally our lawn is turning to tinder this time of the summer, and one or two of the rockets belly floped into our yard.

Also, both Kismet and Wisota are cowering underneath my bed. Wisota went under when the fireworks started, but Kismet toughed it out until it got dark and the fireworks started to go off in earnest.

I'm cowering a bit too. But from the light - the flashes are aggravating my headache.


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