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Help_Haiti Banners are DONE! )
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Nuke 2009: It's the Only Way to be Sure

Before ringing in the New Year, we have to chuck out the Old. What do you want to stay in 2009?

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I've been trying to make an Eve Myles banner for a while, but I just can't find a picture/composition I really like.

So I caved in and used a Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper picture. That I'm stupidly proud of. The building that Gwen is standing in front of is an actual building in Cardiff, though the coloring is straight from Lovecraft country.

The fixed picture! )

What do you think, sirs?
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I made a new banner! And for the first time in a long time, it has no references to either John Barrowman OR Cole Porter. I might even think about changing my layout next week. I've been hesitant to change it because this one took a bunch of tweaking to get everything to turn out right and display compliant. The pretty is under this cut. )
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Requested by [ profile] frajdrako for the Fandom Free-for-AlL. She asked for a sestina, and, well, this is a sestina. Foreword!

A Cardiff Poem
a torchwood poem! )
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I haven't been posting lately. That's because it's been in the ninties all week, and since it's hotter inside the factory than outside my brain has hung out the "Fucked Off, Come Back Later" sign long before I get to go home. So the only really interesting thing, was that I created a new Life Rule on Friday. Namely, when a male tells me or another woman in my presence to smile, I get to smack them.

I made a new banner. Actually, I made it a few days ago, but had a problem saving it as a .png file after finishing it in Photoshop.

It's a new dawn... )

I think I might tweek it a little more. I think I need to figure out how to seperate his hair from the background without losing the entire black/white/purple/green title effect.

I did accomplish a lot of other things today. I went to the used book store and swapped a bunch of books that I either didn't like or had no plans on reading ever again. I still have more in the car, as the proprietor would only accept one bag of books at a time, and I had far more than one grocery sack of bags.

In return I got $41.46 in credit and four books: Volume Two of "Ouran High School Hostclub," "The World for Forest is Forest" by Ursual Le Gruin, "Command Decision" by Elizabeth Moon, and the Harliquen romance "The Wicked Earl" by Margaret McPhee, which I thought was the second to final prompt in [ profile] horizonsings. I couldn't remember the title, but the pictures on the front are identical except the cover on "The Wicked Earl" has cropped the painting closer so the house is right on the edge of the pciture and on the left side, it's cropped starting at the woman's bun.

But, since "The Wicked Earl" has more positive reviews than "Marrying Captain Jack" I don't really feel that put off.

Then it was the recycling center, then the Washington Library for passport applications. And I got a card for that library as well and checked out three books. One on Islam, one on Druidisim, and a doorstop that has all the lyrics to all the songs by Cole Porter.

I walked over to the Farmer's Market, but when I got to the edge of the square I saw that the majority of the sellers were packing up, so I walked back to the library where I parked the car. And got a slice of Strawberry-Rubarb pie, which was delcious, at Corwin's.

It doesn't sound like much, but as soon as I got home my brain started refusing to turn over and I feel asleep looking for the WIPs I'm following that were updated today. Twice.
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The Original:

The United Kingdom:


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