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I just watched Voyage of the Dammed. Willingly. I just watched the parts with Midshipman Alonso Frame and Wilf, so maybe it doesn't count? I wanted to see what charecter he had, and Wilf is never not awesome.
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I've somehow have come to the conclusion that a post-Golden Age Athens AU with the Whoverse would be awesome. The setting would be good a close fit for New Who sensibilities, and Classic Who has serials set in settings close to this time period. And some of those serials even survived intact!

I have an idea who The Doctor would be, as well as Barbra, Susan, Ian, Vicki, and the Torchwood cast. However, I have no clue who would be what with everyone between half-way though One's term and the present.
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Deep Thots on the Whoverse

After reading a few rants on the Jouney's End post-ep/fixit fics rolling around I have come to a few conclusions.

Firstly, wiping people's minds is always sketchy. The more time you whip from the mind, the more sketchy it gets. It's why I can live with the occasional use of Retcon by Torchwood but think the SOP of a fired Torchwood employee is still monstrous. A small amount of recent time will not automatically change someone's character - but a few months is more than enough time to change your personality.

Secondly, the Doctor is set up in New Who to be the moral center of the universe.

Therefore, the Doctor's act of wiping Dona's mind is especially abhorrent. It's not just the act within it's self, but it's also the vast hypocrisy of it. It's like finding out the Puritan mayor who has handed scarlet letters to almost everyone in town has a mistress. So when the local muck-raker ( Sarah-Jane ), or even the local brothel owner ( Jack ) calls the Doctor's bullshit, I really quite enjoy it. It's still the truth no matter who says it.

It's also why I really, really want to see some One fic with Susan, Barbra, Ian, and, uh, Jack. I'm not sure whether period Cardiff or present Cardiff would be more fun done in the style of One's adventures.
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Apparently I'm still flipping out over "Journey's End." I'm sorry if I've been out of bounds on anyones' journal.
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Journey's End )
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I'm clearing out the pantry. This time I'm doing a slightly better job where I'm putting the boxed dinners ( Hamburger Helper, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, ect. ) at eye level and the raw ingredients at hand level and all the junk food below that, and everything else that doesn't have a specific space on the bottom shelf. And I have the vegetables, fruits, soups, pastas, cereals, and drink mixes ( minus tea ) on another set of shelves.

The most frustrating thing is trying to find places for the multiple items. Macaroni and Cheese, I get why would have more than one. But I pulled out three jars of molasses, half empty. And we probably have enough jelly and jam and fruit butter to last until the apocalypse.

I should probably go back to cleaning. I only came over to the computer to see if "Journey's End" was available. *refreshes*

EDIT: It is! Score!
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This weekend is fangirl heaven. In addition to all my favorite whoverse charecters that aren't dead on yesterday's awesome Doctor Who, "Ice Blues" from the Donald Scratley Mysteries is going to air today and tomorrow.

Scifi one day and detective stories the next. The only way this would be better would be if someone made James Gunn's "The Magicians" into a movie.
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Doctor Who, "The Stolen Earth" = WIN. Though I'll be extremely upset if anyone dies - and that includes the Companions' Companions, Rusty!

There was no trailer at the end, but there is going to be a "if you want to spoil yourself" trailer coming out tomorrow at 1:00 PM GMT on the internet. Five bucks says it will be on Youtube by 1:15 GMT.
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"Turn Left" was awesome. But the preview just blew me away!

Spoliers for Turn Left's trailer )
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Planet of the Odd: I liked it. Quite a bit.

Not to mention it was the first episode this season I didn't have to fast forward bits. Which is nice. Something tells me I'm going to be greatly amused about whatever this week's wank will be about. Besides the icky, icky skin ripping.
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Sometimes the random things we've written are the best to read. So comment here, and I'll give you a month and year.(You might want to mention when you started your LJ.) You choose a few lines from something you wrote that month and post them in your journal, along with an offer to choose dates for anyone who comments.

[ profile] karaokegal gave me June 2007:

Jun. 4th, 2007

Does anyone else create elaborate online identities, or is creating an identity that's out of Swansea - to vote in a UK contest - really weird?

Though, to be fair, Twincityhacker is still being run out of Wisconsin. Which I haven't lived there for four years. = )

While I was flipping though entires for that month, it was really rather dishearting to see how damm excited I was for the last part of S3 of Doctor Who ( Blink, Utopia, Sound of Drums ) and then my complete 180 on the subject when "Last of the Time Lords" aired. Adding to the general fleeing from fandom during the months of Martha-gate, it's probably not surprising how meh I am about Series 4. ( I haven't actually watched either episode from begining to end yet. I keep skipping around the episode looking for interesting parts. ) Then again, it took me forever to sit down and watch Series 2 - I wandered away in the middle of "School Reunion" - so maybe I just have to marathon series 4.
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Back home in Bloomington.

I wish to correct some statements I made yesterday. I misspoke when I said that the Chicago Museum of Art was an entrance to purgatory. It is, in fact, one of the processing centers for admission into Hell, which I forgot in my fluster at my flight being delayed three times. So, the Milwaukee Airport is the only entrances to Purgatory that I have en counted. ( As the entire state of Ohio is just a little bit too big, even for an entrance into eternity. )

Comparing Only Human to "The Fall of Numantia" by Miguel de Cervantes, "Fuente Oveja" by Lope de Vega, and "The Trickster of Seville and his Guest of Stone" by Tirso de Molina is deeply unfair to "Only Human." It's like comparing "Only Human" to "Don Quixote", "Saint Joan", and "A Midsummer's Night Dream."

I'm not taking back the parts where I say the only good bits are where Das and Jack are there. Because action/adventure and science fiction book should be a faster and more enjoyable read than Aristotle.

But I did get my books today that I ordered. Today, when I was not sleeping or at class, I was reading "Anything Goes." I am tempted to write a fan letter to Carol because the idea to footnote the aides was brilliant. And quite possibley one of my favorite parts of the book, other than the description of places that John and Scott have gone SCUBA diving, Marn, and Minge.
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Something to think about when those spoliers for Doctor Who/Torchwood/The Sarah-Jane Adventures get you down: 2013 will be Doctor Who's 50 anniversary. Sure, it's still five years away, but think of the utter glee that would be!

I personally like Ian Chesterfield or Susan narrating "13 Doctors," complete with the casts of Torchwood and Sarah-Jane Adventures. There has to be a way to have a functioning story with 70 odd characters, right?
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Earthquake, Martha & Jack drabble.

shakes )
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What do we know about in-universe politics in the Whoverse? Spoilers for Doctor Who, Sarah-Jane Adventures, and Torchwood to 2x06 - Reset.

For ease of labeling, New Who, SJA, and Torchwood is all "New Who."

If you have any other information, could you please tell me?

And, as I'm American, there may be details I'm not getting. Or really obvious things. I just recently learned what "Whitehall" is.

here's what I've put together )
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Watching politics and reading a Doctor Who book - in this case, the 9th Doctor The Deviant Strain - turned out to be an highly enjoyable evening. The weather didn't even turn out to be all that bad.

Okay, so there was eyerolling at the speeches, but other than that, it was good. Especially the "Huckabee is so conservative he doesn't believe in evolution, gravity, or photosynthesis!" line.
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I've come to the conclusion that if the Doctor ever did show up in Torchwood Three, the worst would happen would be the team asking if he was another one of Jack's sociopath ex-boyfriends.
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After hitting my head hours and hours ago my brain is still wonky. This is why you shouldn't hit your head on concrete block walls, kids!

Torchwood? Good, but felt much, much longer than 50 minutes. More thoughtful details after I stop feeling I'm going to fall asleep in my chair.

but I do have this one thought, spoilers for Sound of Drums and Wariors of the Kudlak of Sarah-Jane Adventures )


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