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So what is my thinking that Captain Jack Harkness is fated to either to remain Human or become a Cosmic Horror?

Jack is a fact of the universe. Depending on the ultimate fate of the universe it will depend on how exactly long he'll live. If it ends with the Big Crunch, Jack could go to that period and have himself reborn with the rest of the universe. If the universe continues to expand forever, the universe will settle into an even temperature and all atomic motion will stop. Here Jack's options would be to hang out where all atomic motion has stopped, and hope that there's a form of life that likes being Absolute Zero, or he'll loop though time indefinately.

Probably occasionally dropping himself into a black hole for a nap, on occasion. Apparently they eventually evaporate or something on a long enough time scale.

So, Jack will be really, really old at some point. Old enough to make the Face of Boe look like a spry youngster. Since humans were only designed for a 40 year lifespan, I'm not sure what state a human would be for their 40 billionth birthday party.

Which comes to Jack's ultimate fate again: Human or Cosmic Horror. I do think that "Cosmic Horror" was the term I was looking for. I think it's "Eldritch Abomination." But that doesn't mean he won't still like humans, because you can definitely be a benevolent Eldrich Abomination. "Abomination" is just a very strong way of saying that you don't really seem to be operating according to natural laws as the observer knows it - like seeing regularly tessellating pentagons.

What I'm trying to say that one of his fate's is to become something that something that his origin species that doesn't get, and that he'll no longer understand his origin species. It could be a physical thing, where Jack has some strange geometry to him that makes Human's brains hurt. Or the inability for each other to understand what drives the other. But when Jack is a Starfish Alien to humanity, it will mean that Jack will be a Starfish Alien to every living thing.

Or Jack will stay Human.

Either way, contemplating a sentient being that is older than the current observable universe makes my brain hurt. I can't really say which fate is better, because of Jack's own philosophy. Quoting Jack from "To the Last Man":
Being here I've seen things I never dremnt I'd see. Loved people I never would have known if I just stayed where I was. And I wouldn't change that for the world
.Either way, I'd like to believe he'd manage to be happy.
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I was looking at one of my "Cardiff is really in Lovecraft Country" pictures, and I realized something about Jack. His eventual fate is either to stay Human or become a Cosmic Horror.
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Oh, and if I read another fic where Captain Jack Harkness does not understand/speak a little Welsh, I shall cry. Since, he was, you know, living in Wales when an large percentage of people spoke Welsh AND some percentage spoke only Welsh. Especially since there was a large draw from the monolingual Welsh areas into Cardiff, as well as from everywhere else.

Of course, this doesn't mean that Jack speaks flawless Southern Welsh. I'm not sure what his accent would sound like, and what would he screw up since I don't know what his native language is and how much his speaking of Modern American English daily for the last few months would effect it.

I'm also not sure when /z/ and the rest of the borrowed phonemes crept into Welsh except for /sh/ and it's mutated /dz/ because it was both borrowed and developed out of /si/. It's a bit confusing because siop was borrowed really, really early.

Ianto and Gwen know a little bit of Welsh too. Heavy emphasis on a bit because they had to pass an A-level in Welsh, and they might have forgotten everything except a few words if they never used it regularly afterwards.

Okay, semi-regular rant about Welsh and Torchwood over. Carry on.
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Something for aviator fans, Jack fans, and especially [ profile] laurab1. [ profile] little_details's has a post comparing a Sopwith Camel with a Spitfire and a youtube video of the two planes side by side.

It's fascinating to see how fast aviation technology jumped from the WWI to WWII. The Sopwith Camel is panting with exertion trying to keep up with the Spitfire that is about to stall out of the sky.
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I was organizing my bookmarks, and came across the article in the Advocate by Thomas Beatie about his pregency. While what little I've talked about it in my neck-of-the-woods, most people think it's unnatural, the child will have screwed up gender roles, ect.

But their not in denial that it's happening.

I also happen to read quite a lot of Mpreg. Almost entirely Jack Mpreg. One of the common tropes is that Jack can't be seen outside the HUB because people wouldn't be able to understand what's happening.

In the Whoverse, the population at large seems to have denial down to the art form. After the umpteenth time the Cybermen invade, you just get the feeling that it simply is a lot of self-deceiving and repetition of hallucinogens in the water supply for the last thirty years.

But I'm pretty sure that they can understand Jack's pregent. They'll think he's a transsexual, but they'd comprehend it.
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I'm merrily clicking along thinking of reincarnation, Buddhism, and the Whoverse, and I'm comparing charecters to various aspects, and I wander to the idea of the bodhisattva.

I get as far as Bo- and then I'm *facepalming*.

Bodhisattvas are beings that put off the end of their reincarnation cycles - constant rebirth is suffering, after all - in order to help others on the way to enlightenment. Of course, the being is supposed to chose do this out of compassion, but I cannot believe that Bad Wolf changed Jack without his consent, even if he doesn't remember it.

Okay, right now it's odd to describe Jack helping people realize there's a greater world. ( Hello, Retcon! ) But at the same time, he's awakening his team to the greater universe. He's not protylizing in the streets, he's aiding those who have already taken steps to realize that they are not alone.

And it takes baby steps to love the entire universe, after all. But he gets there.

This seemingly does not deal with the completely expected Christianity symbolism. Since Buddhism attempts to solve one spiritual problem, Christianity a completely diffrent spiritual problem, I see no problem using both in this context. Especially when the knowledge of one informs the knowledge of another, like the Fransician monk who supplements his theology with Tibetan Buddhism that gave I lecture I went to.
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Cut for talk of menstrual cycle stuff )

And now to re-read some Poetics, and things about Spanish theatre so I can organize thoughts about... Aristotle and the Golden Age of Spanish theatre, exemplified by plays by Lope de Vega.

And that there should really be "Jack in the Middle Ages" fic. Especially after seeing John in a promotional photo for the Robin Hood panto. He does look rather fetching in green. = )
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Earthquake, Martha & Jack drabble.

shakes )
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I've come to the conclusion that if the Doctor ever did show up in Torchwood Three, the worst would happen would be the team asking if he was another one of Jack's sociopath ex-boyfriends.
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And completely randomly, now I want TimeAgent!Jack watching "Phantom of the Opera." Preferably the 1929 Foreign market one, 'cause I love how it suddenly turns into Technicolor for the masked ball, then returns to monochrome.
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There are some things I will never tire of: Jack hitting on a plant and the plant flirting back is one of them.
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I think I finally get the "fixed-point" thing.

Time is movement. Hands going around a clock, the Earth going around the Sun, atoms vibrating.

Jack is wrong because he isn't moving. He's a constant: everywhere, infinite. You can't tell the Earth is moving because everything else is going a the same speed you are. So Jack's immeasurable and unseen in one of the Doctor's senses but existing quite there with the rest.

It's a bit like meeting Rimmer from Red Dwarf. You can see him, hear him, but you go to touch him your hand goes right though his chest. Plus, he's dead. We'd consider that weird, and wrong, and creepy, because Rimmer is there but at the same time he is not.
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Is it just me, or am I the only one thinking that Jack had a crush on the Brigadier?


Okay, Jack is studying Mid-Earth history, specifically pre-contact species relations between Earth and the rest of the universe. I think the Brig is mentioned a bit.

And, of course, since Jack's all-time favorite period is WWII Britain, and, really, from the 51st century the jump from the 1940s to the 60s and 70s is not a terribly huge jump. And he's interested in the culture and then there's this really awesome guy who isn't exactly a bad person for Time Agent Jack to emulate.

Then, over a century on, Jack meets Brigadier Alister Lethbridge-Stewart. He's not quite the guy he remembers from his studies, but the pictures? Doesn't do the man justice at all.

It's more of a hero-worshipy crush, and Jack's sorta grown of it, but sometimes it just surges back up and... well.

It's not the reason why Jack's decent to UNIT - that's because he's not stupid and both groups are defending the Earth - but it is why one of UNIT's Emergency Contact numbers is a number that is occasionally picked up in the Isop Galaxy.
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Scrolling along, I happened to notice one of those "Rose was pregent when she got sucked into the Alt!Verse." fics.

While there's nothing wrong with Rose/Doctor, I was suddenly reminded of someones ([ profile] bibliotech and [ profile] nostalgia_lj) saying that the one true pairing of Doctor Who is TARDIS/Doctor, and that him going off with anyone else is just a bit on the side.

Then my mind drifts to my favorite bit on the side, TARDIS/Jack. And how, if you squint hard, you could interpret the baby!tardis on Jack's desk as a subtextual version of the above fic plot.

Though, I'm pretty sure the TARDIS didn't knock Jack up. BUT MAYBE SHE DID. And the TARDIS might have picked up some of the Doctor's bad habits over the years and ran from her responsibility when she saw her baby's mummy.
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I has a Captain Jack!

But Jack is a little confused a the moment - aliens, yes. But what sort of creature is this?

Thoughts would be appreciated on building a Torchwood. I do, however, have staff. I just need to get a little bit more materials.
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Cannon Statement:
Jack is a Fact of the universe.

Jack's probability of existence is 1. This only becomes interesting when you realize that everyone else's probability of existence is lower. ( Ex. Toshiko Sato has a probability of 63% )

Not only can people be erased from existence with a paradox, there is - or now there is, since the fabric of time has grown more unstable since the Fall of the Time Lords and their obsessive matenence of a strict version of events - a small flickering in and out of existence based on events that happen do to even minor time travel interference in the time stream.

Examples in Cannon:
Timey-Wimy Sally Sparrow. Harriet Jones' political career. Tim Latimer missing that bomb, and resulting family because he lived. The Great and Bountiful Fourth Human Empire, though I'm not sure this one is a casualty of the Time War or not.

So even if you made a Paradox Machine and killed Jack Harkness before he became Jack Harkness, he still would exist. And then he would probably kill you twice - before and after he destroyed the Paradox Machine.
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My grandmother just sent me a Danny Kayne film - The Inspector General. Which is apparently an adaptation from hell that would have people all up in arms if made now.

But, it's Danny Kaye, it's one of the ( fannon ) actors that Jack borrowed from. Or at least watched every single film that he ever made, and probably every stage show, like Carry Grant.

Though, really, Danny Kaye reminds me a bit of John Barrowman as well. = )
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Torchwood Drabble. Jack. G. No Spoilers.

Sometimes, Jack likes the rain. )
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I would write something elegant on the topic of the recent deletions, but I'm sure that most of those reading this already know about this, or would be better served if they followed [ profile] liz_marcs posts orginal rumor post and follow up post.

So, instead I'll just say this: Wow, the weather in Cardiff is moderate! Since it's slipped into summer here, I started thinking about whether or not Jack would go running about in his great coat in the summer.

And then my brain broke a little picturing him outside the Hub without it on.

So I looked up the temperatures, and they didn't seemed to be more moderate. Though, since most of my experince with weather is dealing with landlocked areas and the Midwest, it's not very hard to seem more mild compared to Wisconsin!

Anyway, I think I hacked out an idea that Jack wears just the lighter brown coat that was under his greatcoat in "Everything Changes" in the summer months. Or at least that's what I'm going with because Jack needs a coat to be pictured in or the plot-train just jumps the tracks.
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Jack is shown to have died five times in cannon, and there is a sixth implied. He's shot twice by his team mates, electrocuted twice by Lisa, was drained of life force by Abbadon, and either died or came close to it when he stayed with John in the car.

What's remarkable is that all of the cannon deaths are either the result of a fuck-up by his team or someone on the team shooting him. When it's an outside threat that didn't come about from Torchwood he's not only fine but the one least likely to be captured or injured.

The only anomaly is the near-suicide with John.

With this in mind, some of Jack's seemingly instant forgiveness makes more sense. If you think that the person that you work with is going to betray you, it's a lot more easier to forgive them when they finally do so. Of course, where this leaves Owen's firing in End of Days, I don't know.


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