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Red Green stumping for PBS is being converted to a slightly more reasonably size, and will be uploaded after that.

'Cause no one wants to deal with a 2 GB file, right? Right.
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I finaly got around to burning that ISO file of Delovely, and it's all mucked up. *wails*

Though I'll be going back to Bloomington on Friday, so I can just borrow the DVD from the library again. So I have no reason to be miserable over deleting the ISO file and tossing the disk. Really.
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I'm watching "America's Got Talent" and whenever she gives her opinion, I keep wanting to yell at the screen that she thought Harold Saxon was hot stuff too.
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Almost done with Father Ted - nine more episodes left!

But, this has nothing to do with Father Ted. This has to do with Red Green, or the guy who writes/plays him. Well, both.

For [ profile] commanderteddog: Anyway, I'm converting my tapes, and I have a partial copy of a PBS covering of Duck Tape Forever. The reason why I didn't chuck out the tape is that Steve Smith, in charecter of Red Green, is stumping for PBS. Would you like the clips, or do you already have them?

And in case I never have cause to bring this up again, Steve Smith looks exactly like my 8th grade science teacher and rocketing mentor. Beard, gray hair, EVERYTHING.
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Apparently, you can have multiple Doctors, The First Evil and it's Whovian relations, a pair of Jacks, a squadron of Care Bears and any amount of versions of charecters played by Adal O'Hanlan, but the minute you add multiple Mikes? Your brain goes all 'splodey and it's a real bitch to clean up.

Have to go, I think Crow just made Father Dougal cry.
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I first got Harry Potter and the Soccer's Stone when I was ten years old. It was "surprise reading material" for a trip to Walt Disney World. I read it twice when I was on the trip.

I might have, vaugely, looked about for an owl when I was eleven. Since, obviously, there must be Wizarding institutions in the U.S. Somewhere!

I'm not terribly looking forward to the end. I'm also not looking forward to the oncoming wank because of that end either.
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I have seen Torchwood: Cyberwoman. It was exceddingly awesome, and way better than the previous three episodes.

Right now it's a contest between tomorrow's Heroes and next week's Torchwood on which one I want to see right now.

House ranks third, if you're wondering.
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Stargate: SG-1 "200" is the most cracky hour of television I have ever seen. The amount of parodies and and self-refrences of stupidity on their part was absolutely insane. And the special they had on that? OMG. In one outake it showed Amanda Tapping ad-libbing a scence with Richard Dean Anderson, and they were trying to get off a glaciar and she's hacking away on this "ice sheet" and then she suddenly goes off on "I'm trapped on a glaciar with McGuyver! Can't you get us off, we have bukles and rope, and screwdrivesrs. Heck, we have a nucelar reactor over there! And you're saying you can' McGuyver you're way out of this!" Except longer and way better. Yes.

Uhm. I was going to watch Snakes on A Plane, but I'm going to end up watching stargate all night. And taping the special and 200, 'cause it's awesome.
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So, I came back from seeing "Superman Returns" a little while ago.

It was rather good. It was very good. It's one of the better movies I've seen actually.

The only other thing I'll say at the moment is that when I saw the publicity stills, I thought that the cape looked like a rubber sheet. It still looks like a giant, smooth flowing, rubber sheet. He also manages to look damm good while prancing about in that get up - but he's just Superman.

Edit: And not really a spoiler, but )
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In between watching a show that I actually wanted to watch, Dad kept flipping to "Sell This House." I myself don't care for this program for a few reasons.

The first and largest is the "buyers." Because they're idiots.

Some is justified: panneling is pretty ugly and no-one likes updating cabinets. Most of it is not. "It's so cluttered" they whine when I doubt their kitchen counter at home is any less so. And if I ever hear bitching about the color of a room it's too soon.

Another part of the show is where the "buyers" give brtually honest comments about the house. There is a diffrence between saying a room is small, and saying that homeowners have something to cut off their head and tie it up, because the ceiling fan is slightly lower and had a string dangling from it. Wait, that's not honest critsim, that's just stupid.
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Sherlock Holmes. Float On. About 300 words.

A Bit Too Heavy )
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Regarding House


And regarding school: it was my last day today. I just have to show up tomorrow and watch a moive, which the rumor mill points at Brokbake Moutain (I can't even say that with a straight face, but it is the rumor mill.) or a Mission Impossible.
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Bill Nye was on NUMB3RS last night, he was part of or head of the Engingering Department at CalSci. And they got to run an experiment, with FIRE, except it didn't actually catch on fire.

And he even got to do his "... is just cool!" saying. *warm fuzzies*

But what is even cooler, is that Bill Nye actually helped inspire the show NUMB3RS. Apparently, the producers/directors got the idea when they were attending a lecture he gave on trying to get Middle School kids hooked on math/science.

Oh, and a random quote from Bill Nye (RL) from Wired Magazine

Science and comedy seem like strange bedfellows. How do you make serious science funny?
How can you not make it funny? Humor is everywhere, in that there's irony in just about anything a human does. There's all this PB&J: passion, beauty, and joy. But there's also the futility of the whole thing. We're just humans on this dying planet, and it doesn't much matter what we do. We're always setting up expectations, whether scientific or otherwise, and failing to meet them. That creates comedic tension. The more you find out about the world, the more opportunities there are to laugh at it.
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I finally ended up joining the boards at, after a only a day or two thinking about it. The reason why the boards exist is pretty intersting though.

See, G4 finally dumped the various pages dedicated to Portal at their site, after the show had been off the air several months. I could see this comming a mile away, but for some reason, this was a slight shock. I think it was the fact that the Portal fandom is so... centralized? Or at least the parts I've seen of the fandom. So when the central part of the fandom explodes, this is a problem.

So who steps in to save the day? Sir Dave himself. He puts up a link to the boards on his homepage, and Portal fans now have a shiney new home. = )

"Sir Dave" would be the seriers creator, writer, and really only flesh-and-blood actor David Meinstein.

Valuable part of the story? Centralizing your fandom, especisaly remaining centralized on the place that has already cancled your show, is a BAD IDEA.
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Today, after we finaly finished the first day stuff in Brit Lit, and were told what books we were doing this year (Beowulf, Hamlet, MacBeth, 1984, and the Hound of the Baskerviles) with some other random chapters of Canterburry Tales and poetry, and I had a good cry about doing Beowulf again, we we allowed to go down to the library.

I haddn't looked at the new books this year, but the first thing I did was snatch up the copy of Fray! I'm not really into comics, but it's shiney and it's a dranged crossover between scifi and fantasy, which is always a plus. I've never understood the whole "technology and magic cannot coexist" thing that many fantasy writers have.

And you could tell who the book geeks were, because we were busy exclaiming over the new stock, and the rest were standing away from the books and talking, and just took 30 seconds to pick up a book.
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Dad and I went to go see "War of the Worlds" this eveing, and while the 1953 version will always hold a place in my heart, this one was better. If not just for the fact that they did not use bell jars to create the Martian sheilds. The sheilds were only vaugely remcient of bell jars.

Spoliers for some details, because you know how the film ends already... )

I have the sudden urge to write a War of the Worlds crossover.
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Well, Joan of Arcadia has been cancled. But fandom moves on, and I'm getting into House, MD.

At least this one hasn't already been cancled. Watching tv series that have already been canceled is just setting youself up for a fall. Unless the show happens to be called MASH, then you just see fifteen minutes of each episiode instead of none.
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Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith opens tonight, and I'll see it in a month or so probably.

CSI Finale Spoliers! )

And before I forget again: does late, really late June work for a Wisconsin trip?
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As I go though life, I turn more towards the good, and the beautiful. Or at the very least I think of Dr. Clayton Forrester, the Square-Dancing Astro/Nuclearfissist.

I'm very excited to see the remake of the War of the Worlds this summer, and keep checking the television for new trailers. But as I was checking for pictures, and checking what the main chartecter name is going to be since I'm taking the wild leap that theyr'e giong to name the main charecter in this particular verison. (His name is "Ray Ferrier" this time, dammit.)

Then I came across this beauty: War of the Worlds. What makes this special is it looks to be a lower-budget indie film and is being realesed in about 30 days. The film is also a faithful interpetation of the book, which means that: it's set at the turn of the 19th centuery, none of the charecters have names, and the martians have walkers and are going to suck human blood for nourishment! The tralier.
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See science does weird things to my head. So does fandom. These two factors occasionaly manifest as working physics into fanfiction plots, and having Subreality as the ommniverse that all the diffrent multiverses/branes are wandering about in, and the massive changes in weather/slowly shifting buildings/general unmapiblity of the place is due from the branes occasionaly crashing into eachother. (Plus, these collisions could be "the spark of creatifvity" but that's just taking things a bit far.)

Did I mention you have to take into account that M-Theory is right?

Okay, so you have the portal's earth universe floating on it's brane, and for some reason it has quite a few universes pretty close to it, each floating on their own brane too. The hub isn't actually in ommnidimensional space, but it appreares to be since it is in contact with alternate branes. (So I apply cannon loosly in this case, but the term "ommni-dimensional space" just means that all the dimensions {length, width, hight, time, ect} are in the same spot, which is the bloody case anyway.)

The laws of physics between the various worlds are just plain incompatable. For instance, while its immpossible to convert matter or energy from nothing in our universe but on the second life brane its very possible. And while porting from a energy brane to a matter and energy brane once and a while is okay, extreme cases of it isn't good for your health (so again, everything in moderation).

What appears wrong with Dave in particular is is mass-body demands electricity or electrons. Perhaps, for some reason, all the porting to electronic universes make his mass not convert to energy properly. Or maybe the electromagetic force is so weak that gravity is able to stirp the electrons from his body thus neccesitating the additiion of more electrons from the tube of pain.

And if you just happen to have an hour or three, the program I watched it avalible for viewing here. I've only seen the last hour or so, because of technicaly difficulties of a sound nature (MST3K is very werid as a silent movie).


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