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While playing with the BBC "Learn Welsh" pages, I noticed that gwddf ( neck ) actually fits the onset patten I discovered. But since "ddf" is in the coda, it means that the pattern is more likely to really be there because coda constraints are more strict then onsets.

Modern Welsh: A Comprehensive Grammar (Routledge grammars), which I'm using in my research project, gets rave reviews. As does the rest of his publications.

This grammar, a very awesome Welsh-English dictionary, and Welsh Phonology have been very helpful in my project. Especially noting that in h-less dialects, there are no voiceless r's or l's. Which would point that there isn't actually an underlying voiceless r phoneme, but merely a surface form one.

And since I rarely get to discover phonetic/phonological principles myself, this is really neat. I would normally post this on my welsh linguistics twitter, but my glee just couldn't fit into 140 characters.
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AHA. I just need to print out the documentation, and keep myself caffeinated for the next six hours and I'll be somewhere close to passing Undergraduate's Very First Conference Presentation.

Motherfucker. I forgot my citations. Okay, citing, printing, and keeping myself caffeinated. Though I was so spectacular after this I have nothing because I did it while procrastinating on my presentation. Yay?
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Watching CNN coverage most of the day, when I was not at historical linguistics. I skipped syntax to go to a viewing party in the dorm lounge, as watching Obama get sworn in > syntax. I probably should have gone somewhere else as there were only six other people in the center-wide lounge. I cheered a little when noon rolled around, enjoyed "Air and Simple Gifts", disliked "Praise Song for the Dead", and raptly watched the speech. I'm also wondering what the significance of the big bible the Biden's had. I think it's the family Bible, but I'm not sure. Someone tried to tell me it was the Bible Lincon was sworn in on, but I and another woman shut him down.

I found nothing really objectionable with Rick Warren's speech, but since it takes blunt brimstone and fire talk to get me up in arms, this is not surprising. The Benediction was 1000% times better, except with the small problem the reverend had at the beginning with less than clear diction.

We talked about the speech in historical linguistics a bit, and the swearing in, and got geeky over Robert's limited set of prepositions ( to to is on the line of awkward and normal and one day "to" could be the only preposition ) and Obama's habit of not lengthening the final word in his sentences/phrases/paragraphs which is also pretty unique.

We also talked about the importance of face-to-face communication to get the real snitch in the sority/fraternity of science, as yesterday my professor gave a really talk about a experiment found in "The History of Communication" in an biology conference, where afterwords he was taken aside by one of the group and told that the researcher who published the experiment stole the data from his grad student and then falsified the data.

That, and take into account the information written in the margins of library books by the readers before you.

I've been working on hiragana for the last few hours. I know the alphabet, but I'm not able to write a big chunk of the syllabary. Quiz is tomorrow, and I hope it's easy. I'm considering stuffing it in for the night as I'm nursing a headache, as well.

I also can't believe that rail cargo service is touted in commercials as the transportation of the future, when it's just the way everything used to get shipped on.

PS: Also, there is not a single peanut butter cookie to be found on campus. *shakes fist at Bush Administration*
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The day did not continue to get better.

Linguistic structures will not be canceled, because it's mostly filled with grad students. I still have to learn the entire hiragana system in two weeks. But since I had my copy sheets out before my GLU meeting, someone who took Japanese kindly pronounced a few characters and I was able to note down the pronunciation in IPA, which makes things easier. Especially since the professor wrote "r = D, like in pity" and I finally realized it was a flap he was talking about. I'm still freaked out about the class, but not as much as I was this afternoon.

So it's been a nerve wracking day. I have some tea, and I'll watch Rachel, then go to bed. Considering an hour ago, that list included "taking a xanax and curling up in my duvet" I'm doing better.
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I'm transferring the various information driblets from the notes I've been taking to the computer so I can organize things better. Like putting all the timeline data on one, single timeline, instead of three and a whole bunch of notes.

It would be less depressing if it didn't just take two hours to just get the timelines condensed into a single timeline. I haven't even started with my ten pages of notes from the first book "History of the Pelopenisan War" stuff, which are still in the order that they occurred in the book. *cries*

But since supper is going to start serving soon, I'm going to take something that's not related to Greece, politics, or linguistics and go bust down the door. My brain needs a break just as much as my stomach right now.
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I'm brained out for the day. I just finished reading: The Girl from Samos by Menader, The Oresteia by Aeschylus, and then Iphigeneia in Tauris. Iphigeneia is a sort of sequel of The Orestia, hence the re-reading of the trilogy again.

The Girl from Samos was just boring. Part of the problem is that there's great chunks play missing or damaged, so when the action gets going it grinds to a halt for exposition on what probably happened in the missing bits. And the plot is just not funny - the "humor" is pretty much all over-heard conversations or mistaken identies, and everyone is one step away from killing their families.

The Birds by Aristophines, was way better. Stupid humor, but it at least had humor.
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Three Things:

1. Heath Leger is dead. Not school, but news.

2. I've dropped two of my classes - syntax and phonetics. I couldn't understand the syntax teacher and phonetics was... well, they were probably glad to see the back of me as there is now chairs for everyone.

3. I've registered for "Feminism, Science, and Society." I have high hopes.
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My History of Theatre and Drama class scares me.

It's not the 50 billion pages we have to read, but we're going to preform a Shakespeare play in the way that the actors then would have learned it.

And I have to go buy more books for the class. I need a specific copy of Macbeth, and a different translation of Poetics.

He's also sent out an email asking on whether or not a great majority of the class really wants to take the class, as it's marked as a junior/senior level class for theatre and drama majors. With a vague pre-requite of Introduction to Theatre, Script Analysis and Acting I. This email was the first I heard of such things, but communication is not the university's strong point, of course.

The cavet to the email was that "serious interest in theatre and drama and the previously-acquired skills needed to understand the material" would be sufficient. I do like theatre, though not enough to specifically throw myself under the bus and go for a degree in theatre design major in it.

Also, I do have a very helter-skelter bits of experience as an actor, a scene designer, and as a lighting tech, and in one memorable occasion all in the same musical, but I'm unsure of whether that's enough.
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Just got kicked out of where I was before. This is only remarkable for the following:

I check the "schedual of reservations" that is posted outside of the computer area to make sure that no one has the room for a class. I then go in and write down where my next classes are as I already lost the little slip of paper that tells me where I'm going next.

I then go to LJ, poke about a bit, and realize that almost everyone in the room knows each other, and that they're all classics students.

Then the professor walks in, and says "Well, we can all see the importance that IU places on it's classics department."

Yes, the great and powerful room assigment gods just shoved a class into a computer lab for n good reason.

I was going to stay, just to see was a class in that deparment would be like, but I decided not to. = )
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Just had my very first class of the semester. YAY! But I have to get to phonetics early as otherwise you I'll have to drag in seat from another classroom. Which I did today. I put it in the very last millimeter of space in the room, so it's probably good that I was the last one in the door. It's also over the room limit and hotter than blazes.

But the professor seems fun. But it's linguistics, so it's hard not to be interesting.
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It would be really, really awesome for those times I have a group saying "let's met at the library in the lobby!" that the other members of the group, you know, show up at the designated time in the lobby of the library.

It would also be cool if I had the email of those group members that aren't here, but that piece of paper has vanished.

So, I have to decide on whether I write the group proposal or wait until Monday were we all will, presumably, have class together. A hopeless delusion, I'm sure. *sighs*
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If I'm hating my cognitive science class with the passion of a thousand fiery suns, see only the bad things that it does to linguistics ( ie, generative grammars and syntax without semantics ) I should probably switch my cognate to something else?

It's the one thing I could think of that combines informatics with linguistics, but I hate it. I hate the philosophy, I hate the reading, I hate the methodology.

So, uhm. Need a cognate. Again! Third time is the charm, right? I'm thinking either something in Public and Environmental Health, or Telecommunications.
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ESV: So, how was your day?
MSA: Well, I went to class with a completed paper, then forgot to turn it in...
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Well, programing is done. Or as done as it's gonna get today. Still have to do that paper that's due tomorrow, after all! *headdesk*

Not do, do. Just put in all the editor comments that was the sole thing that I managed to accomplish on Tuesday, and... I was going to say make sense but I end up arguing for radical behaviorism in a cog sci course.

Logic is not my friend, apparently.
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I wrote "...experimentation without theory is dumb, as theory without experimentation is blind."

Professor wrote back, "Consider word choice: dumb."

Clearly, putting in anything above literals in a science paper is considered Bad Form.

Of course, writing anything in a paper for me is Bad Form as I apparently cannot write scientific papers to save my life. And I completely disagree with the philosophical foundations of cognitive science, which isn't helping matters either. This is because most people who study cog sci think that Behaviorism is icky and wrong. Some reasons are valid, some are extraordinarily stupid.

One of the problems with behaviorism - actually, radical behaviorism, but anyway - is call the "one too many" problem. The idea is that if you sit someone down in front of a Rembrandt - the stimulus - they can have any number of responses, from "Beautiful." to "Dutch" to "Doesn't go with the wallpaper."

Then it hit me - I need to use the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle! Yeah, like cog sci isn't interdisciplinary enough!
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Oh god, I loath my programing class.

Case in point? "I shall explain what I want you to do with an If-then statement, but you can't actually use an if-then statement in the program. But you can use a list!"

...What the hell? Seriously.

At least my AI that leads the laboratory section knows how to program python.
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I got advised for Informatics, and I'm actually ahead of my coursework! This will most likely be balanced out when I get advised for Linguistics, where I am... I think I'm behind. And deeply worried about whether or not I have to take another Spanish class or not.

But that's a whole week away. Today's pressing issues are now just to finish up my homework and figure out whether or not I'm going sign-up for [ profile] tardis_bigbang. 'Cause I do have a thing that I've been working on for a bit - I just don't know if I can get 20,000 words out of it. Or, for that matter, I could write 20,000 words since my entire fic output has to be less than 20,000 over three years.
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NOOOO! I wrote down the wrong room for phonology, and I can't log in to the class thing to find out what the proper room is!n AND MY CLASS IS IN 15 MINUTES!

EDIT: I remembered the lo-tech way to find out the room - I asked secretary for the Linguistics department - and she was able to point me to the correct room.

And I only was three minutes late to class at the end of it.


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