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I feel bad about saying this, but I spent the majority of someone's presentation time correcting her grammar.

But I think my bitching is fair game because thesentences in question were illustrating a point in Madirin grammar, and if I have no idea what's going on in the sentence I can't compare it to the Madirin.

The best is example on the paper was "Unfortunately, he was stolen one thousand dollars by a thief." The particular type of passive, indirect passive, she was trying to illustrate sounds semi-ridiculous when you put it into English in the first place, but I was still staring a bit quizzically at it until she clarified. The closest thing is "Unfortunately, he had one thousand dollars stolen by a thief."

And I'm not just saying I had to sit though two presentations on Causatives and Passives in 90 minute period.
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The more and more I learn about sociolinguistics and historical linguistics, the more and more I am convinced that there is no fucking way that Modern English would still be spoken in the 51st century. Especially when you're looking at reams and reams of data on how the speech of a city can change over fifty years.

At the very least, it would sound as different as Middle English sounds to us. I don't think it would quite reach the Proto-Indo-European level of different because witting would act as some sort of a drag, but who knows?

P.S. My Futuristic/Alien Language now has a typological system AND an orthography! I choice VSO, because it's not the most common ( SOV ) or the one English has ( SVO ). VSO word order is, coincidently, is shared by Welsh, Arabic, and Hawaiian. It shows up in around 20% of the worlds languages. And I chose a syllabray, as apparently alphabets have only been invented independently a handful of times.
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I'm done with my project about English verbs. I just have to print it and make it into pretty packets and not freak out in the next *glances at clock* two and a half hours.

Though if the author of one of the books I was citing ( APA! ) wasn't long dead ( Joseph Bosworth ) I would kill him myself for writing his page numbers in roman numerals. And while looking up to find out when he died that there's a digital version of the book I could have used instead of the very elderly brick.

Of course, the very elderly brick has the actual part I needed, the grammar sections, while the digital one does not for some reason.
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Goddammit. Every time I turn to the MSNBC homepage, there's a big, bold, red breaking news banner with some massive shooting on it. Later last night... or early this morning... there was a two-community wide shooting spree in Alabama, and this time it's a German school shooting.

...I'm up finishing my presentation that's due in about ten hours. I'm attempting to make my ideas sound not stupid and, well, not stupid. This would have been more helpful if I could have found information about Modern English verb classes and not having to cobble things together from Old English and Anglo-Saxon and bits of Modern German.

Also, it dropped 40 degrees in the last six hours. I made a last minute caffeine run in shorts and a t-shirt around 11:30 and I'll be wearing considerably more clothes. At least it won't freeze the downpour we just had?
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On my recent brain breaks, I've been tagging posts at [ profile] scans_daily. Sometimes it's just basic information, like which characters are in the panels, but the majority of the time it's tagging the "scary bat god" posts.

What I'm classifying as "scary bat god" is posts that deal with Batman as being part Bruce and part psychological/spiritual aspect that's a part of Bruce or something Other. I haven't gotten very far, but it's things like Ahtman in "Trinity" and the Batman as really fucking scary imaginary friend of Bruce's in #24 "Gotham Knights."

It's interesting. And it even has a tiny bit of linguistics, because of the names of Athman, Kellel, and Dianna in "Trinty." Which make perfect sense phonologically.

Example: Batman -> Athman

b -> p -> [bilabial fricative (which is similar to f, but not quite) -> h -> [glottal stop] ( or null )
a -> schwa
t -> [aspirated t] because it's the stressed phoneme in the stressed syllable ( like in "attack" )
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I tend to mark the quotitive with LOL Cat. This is an unfortunate habit, as this summery of the Prayer Book Rebellion shows:

ENGLISH: We're in ur churches, speaking ur r English!
CORNISH: We no can has Cornish?
ENGLISH: No can has Cornish. U can has English!
CORNISH: Nao we no can understand Ceiling Cat!
ENGLISH: Yr in yr churches, understanding yr Latin?
CORNISH: ...Cornish will be at yr house, breaking yr windows. Thnxbai!
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I've created a twitter account just for notes about language and linguistics. So I can spam it with notes and just how cool is the name "Brad y Llyfrau Geleision" aka "The Treachery of the Blue Books" for a government report, and only spam LJ once a day with my fabulous insights.

lingusticality: yes, I just realized I spelled the "linguistic" part wrong. Oh well!
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We were talking about Indo-European, and one of the topics that came up was proto-Indo-European, and thoughts on how language was born. It's a binary question: whether language came into being only once, and the languages that we speak today are the many-great-grand-daughters of it, or whether language came into being from two or more groups, and two moderon day languages could not be related to each other at all.

And then the elephant walks into the room: Random Female says, "Or God could have confounded the original language."

The professor talked his way out of it extraordinarily well. For one thing, all three theories have about the same amount of provability. Without a time machine, at least. And since the Creationist answer is just a combination of the two, other's can understand the substrate of any other of your linguistic ideas ( Namely, it doesn't really matter how the fuck languages evolved before Proto-Indo-European and it's contemporaries came about. )

Since with 99% of linguistics it doesn't matter if the Earth revolves around the Sun or the other way around, things that conflict with Creationism doesn't come up often. I'm pretty sure that quite a few people taking courses with me are Creationists.

It's just weird to hear that the world didn't exist before 6,000 years go in a science class. And that my response is, "Er, okay... moving on to this other subject..."
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Just had my very first class of the semester. YAY! But I have to get to phonetics early as otherwise you I'll have to drag in seat from another classroom. Which I did today. I put it in the very last millimeter of space in the room, so it's probably good that I was the last one in the door. It's also over the room limit and hotter than blazes.

But the professor seems fun. But it's linguistics, so it's hard not to be interesting.
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I got approval to pursue my linguistics degree today.

Lets see how I'll do on my goal on graduating with both my informatics degree and my linguistics degree in four years, shall we?
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Today's Interesting Fact:

Ever wonder why go and went are so dissimilar? It's because the came from two different words. Go came from a Middle English word gon, while went is the past tense form of the word wend which came from the Middle English word wenden - which also means to go or proceed.

I *heart* linguistics.


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