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Cut for talk of menstrual cycle stuff )

And now to re-read some Poetics, and things about Spanish theatre so I can organize thoughts about... Aristotle and the Golden Age of Spanish theatre, exemplified by plays by Lope de Vega.

And that there should really be "Jack in the Middle Ages" fic. Especially after seeing John in a promotional photo for the Robin Hood panto. He does look rather fetching in green. = )
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We got done about an hour ago of my Theatre and Drama class' production of "Two Gentlemen of Verona." Oddly, the audience never showed up. I guess all 17 of them forgot?

Anyway, I again played a man's role. I was Outlaw One. I got to threaten Speed and Valentine with a knife - while being a southern gangbanger. As the professor told us to be loud and fast and funny. I think the band of outlaws succeeded, but the professor did not say if as a class we passed or failed.

The play is a bit odd, with a lot hinging on people writing, delivering, and rejecting letters. My favorite part had to be the Duke played it that he had some interest in bedding Valentino. ( And as we entered, Keyon did a bit of break dancing.
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Back home in Bloomington.

I wish to correct some statements I made yesterday. I misspoke when I said that the Chicago Museum of Art was an entrance to purgatory. It is, in fact, one of the processing centers for admission into Hell, which I forgot in my fluster at my flight being delayed three times. So, the Milwaukee Airport is the only entrances to Purgatory that I have en counted. ( As the entire state of Ohio is just a little bit too big, even for an entrance into eternity. )

Comparing Only Human to "The Fall of Numantia" by Miguel de Cervantes, "Fuente Oveja" by Lope de Vega, and "The Trickster of Seville and his Guest of Stone" by Tirso de Molina is deeply unfair to "Only Human." It's like comparing "Only Human" to "Don Quixote", "Saint Joan", and "A Midsummer's Night Dream."

I'm not taking back the parts where I say the only good bits are where Das and Jack are there. Because action/adventure and science fiction book should be a faster and more enjoyable read than Aristotle.

But I did get my books today that I ordered. Today, when I was not sleeping or at class, I was reading "Anything Goes." I am tempted to write a fan letter to Carol because the idea to footnote the aides was brilliant. And quite possibley one of my favorite parts of the book, other than the description of places that John and Scott have gone SCUBA diving, Marn, and Minge.
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The midterm in History of Theatre and Drama turned out better than I thought. Just before I started the essay, the professor told us to "show off" - and then there was asking on whether it was drama showing off or musical theatre showing off - and I decided to show off about Greek myth. I wasn't together enough to show off about Platonic and Aristotelian philosophy.

So, I rambled on and on about the background of the mythology of the Orestia. Specifically the parts relevant to Agamemnon, as that's what the exam was asking about. I don't understand why Apollo liked Agamemnon so much, when he raped his priestess while Cassandra was seeking sanctuary and destroyed his temple.
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This came up while we were studying the Poetics, but: I think that Star Wars follows Aristotle's rules for drama.

Since, obviously, it's the first thing I came up with when Aristotle said the best drama is when a family member is about to kill another family member, but doesn't do so when they realize that it's their family member.

The first thing that came to mind when it came to killing family members, was Star Wars. It's especially good example because the fate of the whole galaxy rests on recognition of family, and reversal of actions. Of course, the professor was going for something more like Richard III, but still.
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I'm brained out for the day. I just finished reading: The Girl from Samos by Menader, The Oresteia by Aeschylus, and then Iphigeneia in Tauris. Iphigeneia is a sort of sequel of The Orestia, hence the re-reading of the trilogy again.

The Girl from Samos was just boring. Part of the problem is that there's great chunks play missing or damaged, so when the action gets going it grinds to a halt for exposition on what probably happened in the missing bits. And the plot is just not funny - the "humor" is pretty much all over-heard conversations or mistaken identies, and everyone is one step away from killing their families.

The Birds by Aristophines, was way better. Stupid humor, but it at least had humor.
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I'm listening to "The Frogs." Because what else can you listen to when you're working on a presentation on Greek theatres? Oklahoma?

Next is "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat."
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My History of Theatre and Drama class scares me.

It's not the 50 billion pages we have to read, but we're going to preform a Shakespeare play in the way that the actors then would have learned it.

And I have to go buy more books for the class. I need a specific copy of Macbeth, and a different translation of Poetics.

He's also sent out an email asking on whether or not a great majority of the class really wants to take the class, as it's marked as a junior/senior level class for theatre and drama majors. With a vague pre-requite of Introduction to Theatre, Script Analysis and Acting I. This email was the first I heard of such things, but communication is not the university's strong point, of course.

The cavet to the email was that "serious interest in theatre and drama and the previously-acquired skills needed to understand the material" would be sufficient. I do like theatre, though not enough to specifically throw myself under the bus and go for a degree in theatre design major in it.

Also, I do have a very helter-skelter bits of experience as an actor, a scene designer, and as a lighting tech, and in one memorable occasion all in the same musical, but I'm unsure of whether that's enough.


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