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Location:United States of America

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In real life, I play a sophomore at the University of Indiana in Bloomington. Currently working on undergraduate degree in Informatics, and a undergraduate degree in Linguistics. Yes, two, because the %*&^ing programs are from two different schools (The School of Informatics, and the Collage of Arts and Sciences ) so they can't be taken as a double major. You may think me mad, I prefer to think myself as... well, mad. Moving on!

Books and fanfiction are my constant companions. Complete science geek, but manages to be even more fangirlish over rocketry. Is stupid over the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. Unrepented slasher. Likes archiving things, centering on MST3K fanfiction. Occasionally trolls for hours on the internet looking for even a cameo. Likes making up science for the Whoverse. World builds at the drop of a hat, and is constantly adding little bits of dataum all the time

Also known as twincityhacker and lamplighter because she can't stick to one bloody name at the same time. But is considering dropping lamplighter because of the chain of nudie bars called Lamplighter, one of which exist in Worcester, Massachusetts. She completely made up the name lamplighter, so any similarities between her and all other entities also known as Lamplighter are completely coincidental. The "msp" of [profile] msp_hacker is the airport identifcation code of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, which are also known as the Twin Cities.

Fanfiction Listings
The MST3K Slash Page All things MST3K slash.
The MST3K Fanfiction Archive Dedicated to archiving MST3K fanfiction of all types and qualities.
MST3K Fanfiction Directory What was the listing of almost all the MST3K fanfictino on the 'net to where most of the fic used to be. Still good if you want to pull up the Way Back Machine.
Jeeves and Wooster Fiction Listing Mostly of works at [community profile] indeedsir, but pulls stuff from all over the internets.

The Movie Of Your Life Is A Black Comedy

In your life, things are so twisted that you just have to laugh.
You may end up insane, but you'll have fun on the way to the asylum.

Your best movie matches: Being John Malkovich, The Royal Tenenbaums, American Psycho

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, (un)expected naked jack, alternate history, americanisms, bad wolf, blueberry-pomegranate juice, bones, books, britishisms, broadway, buffy the vampire slayer, captain jack harkness, chronicles of narnia, cole porter, doctor who, doctor/martha/jack, doctor/rose/jack, dvds, easy to love, fanfiction, father ted, femslash, fencing, followspot, gay history, gel colors, hades, heroes, high school musical, historical alternate universes, history, house md, hugh laurie, jack/known universe, jack/tardis, jeeves & wooster, joan of arcadia, joel/mike, joeseph's amazing technicolor dreamcoat, john barrowman, kubla khan, language, license plates, light board, lighting, linguistics, martha jones, mid-atlantic, morphology, mst3k, mst3k fanfiction, mst3k slash, musicals, my hero, mystery science theater 3000, mythology, never programing c again, not getting the point, numb3rs, omni-dimensional space, outer space, packrat, pancakes, pg wodehouse, portal, postcards, props, radio theater, reading rp logs, robert b. parker, satellite of love, slash, spencer, statistics, swing music, tardis, the frogs, the magicians, the princess bride, the producers, the wiz, the wizard of oz, theater, theater of the mind, theater tech, them, torchwood, torchwood playsets, waffles, we'll never conquer space, wicked, wonderful wizard of oz, words, worldbuilding
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