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There's an article in Newsweek by Ramin Setoodeh asking the question "What if G.I. Joe was Gay?" It's an suggestion on how to make the movie better, because he thought the movie blew chunks. The idea of making him gay is to give the character angst in the time of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and to explain why the two leads had no chemistry. But!

But before I fled, I wanted to check in on an elderly woman who had come to see the movie alone. She looked shellshocked in the lobby, but it turned out that she was only crying tears of joy. Apparently, she couldn't wait for the sequel.

I started to back away, but it was so late that I didn't think it would hurt if I sprang my idea on her. What if, in the next movie, G.I. Joe were gay? Would she still buy a ticket? Her face lit up. "Absolutely!" she said. "Just because you're gay doesn't mean you're not powerful."

Of course, my second favorite part was
This week, there was a storm of protest online when Robert Downey Jr. suggested his onscreen Sherlock Holmes—scheduled to hit theater screens on Christmas—might have had a gay fling with Watson (Jude Law).

Because people have only been speculating about that for the past century. The sentences following that is how one media critic went into gay panic mode, and some lulz at that critics expense.

It's still miles away from "The League of Extraordinary Vaginas" but I still think it's cool.


Jul. 13th, 2009 11:49 am
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Going along, doing other things, I suddenly get foam in the mouth rage again over Torchwood. I was watching [ profile] thingswithwings's vid "Though the Glass." which can be found here.

And even though Jack and Ianto are both on the same side of the glass, it's still there.
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I'm reading some of the prompts for the [ profile] lgbtfest prompts, and one of the prompts made me giggle a bit.

.806. Torchwood: Jack Harkness. Jack hanging out in any gay scene of the past century and a half [writer's choice], as he waits to find the Doctor again, and maybe meeting someone romantically. Historical accuracy is always awesome.

It's not the prompt itself, but because of Between the Acts, there was included a story of a man from Cardiff, and I keep thinking that he and Jack would get along excellently. It would also be very much in tune with Jack's ( infamous? ) long line of literary lovers. Though all the parts were from an oral history project, so there are some technicallites for his inclusion on the list.

I'm also reading The Intermediate Sex by Edward Carpenter. This is probably my favorite quote in the book, from the appendix:

"The truth is that we can no more explain the inverted sex-feeling than we can the normal impulse; all attempts at explanation of these things, and of Love, are defective." .
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Two days ago, Mark R. Probst and a group of other's noticed something odd was happening on Amazon.

Now it's hit the mainstream media, with The Los Angeles Times posting about the shenanigans.

Oh, and have a Google Bomb: Because there are two weak spots in any cooperation: their PR and their monies. As I have done my little part in destroying both today, especially since I was eying a lovely little Welsh grammar.

And Powell's Books may be having a GLBTQ Book sale. The idea came from Twitter #amazonfail trend, which proves that there's always someone looking to fulfill a demand to make a quick buck. I'm finding all sorts of book vendors online from this. = )
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Today I heard that Amazon was removing the rankings from GLBTQ books. Individuals have written to the company asking about it, and their reply was "In consideration of our entire customer base, we exclude "adult" material from appearing in some searches and best seller lists. Since these lists are generated using sales ranks, adult materials must also be excluded from that feature." AKA "We take down rankings on books that people complain about."

For an example:

John Barrowman's autobiography Anything Goes, Paperback Edition has a ranking

But the hardcover edition Doesn't.

To follow the saga:
The Complaint and Reply
Books that have had rankings removed
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I just got an email from the campus GLBT office about the one of the coolest study abroad opportunity. A summer session called "Gay Paris."

full information behind cut )

I just find it's really neat, and refreshing, that someone's thought to put together a summer session that bundles GLBT studies with something else besides politics. And gives me another reason to work on my transcription other than doing well in class: chase up on one of the ideas in my socio-linguistic texts on a feature that was shared by heterosexual men in a language community vs. the women and gay men who did not share this language feature. Because your language reflects on what social grouping you belong to, I could chart a large grouping of people and see how one census group ( homosexuals ) are either mixed into other social groups or mostly in their own.

I would guess mixed because Bloomington is Really, Really Gay. Bloomington has the fifth highest homosexual to heterosexual ratio in the US, behind San Fransisco, Santa Fe, Portland ( Maine version), and Miami.

Which is one of the reasons why when General Pace has to meet with the Diversity and Affirmative Action Committee when he visits in April since he accepted a position at the Kelly Business School giving a series of lectures. = D

And when I opened the window to write this entry, I was totally going to write about how much I liked DC's "The New Frontier." I shall post about it - and my local comic shop - another time because I just remembered I need my strong/weak classes in English still to type.
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I found my card - it was in the lost and found book at Reed - registered and made my game plan for tomorrow's activities. It's a mixture of the practical ( Being out in the workplace! ) and pure indulgence ( TWO sessions on Pre-Stonewall GLBT history! ) and I have back-ups in case sessions get full.

Also, I got some nice swag: a shirt ad a totebag. I put my stuff for tomorrow in my Kermit totebag instead, for ease of finding my bag amongst the rest... today actually. *eep*

So I'm going to bed, and thank my lucky stars that I have breakfast in my room because the cafeterias won't open until half-way though the first workshop, and the first two workshops are back to back.
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Today was my last day at Essltate. I may miss the people, but I will not miss the bruises, paper cuts, and peeling cuticles.

At our first break, Cherrie was flipping though her People magazine and commented that Thomas and Nancy Beatle had their baby girl. The most of the room ( all seven of us, as the rest were outside smoking ) thought it was unnatural, once the whole situation was explained. Because, really, "a man gave birth to a baby girl" would give a few WTF comments if just for the "how would that even work?" angle. ( I still think it's sweet, and said so. ) Not only that, but the idea of the existence of transsexuals was also unnatural and abhorrent.

This is, obviously, not the first time I've heard this shit.

Remember the diversity talk on my floor this spring? Several of the girls when off on a homophobic tangent, how gays and lesbians act against gender roles. Specifically, how effeminate gay men were far less threatening than lesbians. I pointed out, hi, lesbian sitting right next to you, and she backpeddled and said something along the lines of "Oh, but you're not obvious about it."

Which brings me to "The Making of Me." I've still not watched it, despite my interest in both John Barrowman in pretty much anything and GLBT studies. Partly because on the science part it's not telling me anything new, partly because I've not heard a single positive review of it. And partly because of the invisible lesbian problem, which is a bit silly because it's a gay man comparing himself to others, and while straight men and straight women have at least one gender or orientation overlap, lesbain women don't have an orientation overlap. ( In orientation, I mean "attracted to men" or "attracted to women." Plus invisible bisexuals, which only has the justification "trying to explain being gay is hard enough!"

I think I'll just curl up with a book tomorrow.


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