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Hillariously, we had another tornado warning to-day, but the fun bit was that thwere was a funnel cloud spotted in Ireland.

I'm also freaking out as I'm graduating tomorrow. I've already cried onece, as on Wedsday I gave Mrs. Burns (My homeroom teacher and English teacher last year) The Collected Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Tender is the Night to her as she'll get far more enjoyment out them tha I will. She would have totally been part of the romantic movement if she had been born a century ealier.

Anyway, I gave her the books, and walked back to Zueely's room where I had been called in to recive some tokens from the Preforming Arts Club, which turned out to be a "Congradulations Class of 2006" glass bottled Coke, and a copy of The Places You'll Go by the wise Dr. Suess, as SJB (choir teacher and my psychology teacher) read it on our last day of classes.

Dammmit, I'm getting verkelpt again.

Today we also did our rehersal for graduation, which was only slightly less boring than... a very boring thing. We had to do the comming in twice as people were talking during the fifteen minutes while the class was proceding in. Then the vice-principal and the guidence office secretary realized that they couldn't go in two by two for the enire class as there was an odd number of people going to commencment (there's an even number of graduates, but Crystal is still in the hosptial from her cesearn - both mother and baby girl are doing fine.)

Also, while my class rank is out of 295, my graduating class is only 265 or 267 depending on who you ask. The class entered with at least 310.

After the enternity of graduatinon practice I went out to eat with Leslie, Rachel, and Jessica (the same folks as the bithday party I went with a few weeks ago) to Los Bravos and to another's friend pool party for a few hours. I've been home the rest of the day, and was planning on settling in with a movie, except for the weather excitment ealier.
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One of the axioms of the theatre is "The show must go on." It's something I live by.

So even though I disliked the group and dispised the skit that we put together, and couldn't belive half my group didn't notice that when "Romeo and Dick Cheney get married" that they were GAY.

But when we had some technical difficulties stoped the show, I still pushed it along. The music for the club scene didn't start, I started dancing anyway, even though the people who were supposed to dance just stood there looking befuddled. And since they still didn't start dancing with me, I supplied the tune of "Play that funky music white boy" since that's came out of my mouth.

Eventualy, they started to dance and the play continued. I also had to do a little fixing where they played a diffrent entrance song for me, so I came out anyway and did the can-can. Then they actually played my song cue and I did the can-can again.
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My chest cold has given me a very amusing voice at the momment. It went from radio static sounding, to sounding like a man trapped in a well. Which is funny, since I'm neither male nor in a well - of coure, this does not stop my voice drom droping from an alto to tenor, and having a vibrating tone to it.

Does anyone know when "The Producers" is comming to DVD? I missed it in the theaters, because it never came to Jasper and Dad and I were betting it would. I really want to see it, so I'm actually going to *gasp* RENT IT instead of waiting for it to come to cable.

EDIT: It comes out April 25. ARGH!

Also, my group for my English project refuse to listen to me when I say that you can't bring whipped cream on stage. Or water. Or any of the other foodstuffs that they're thinkng of for our Shakespeare play, since the teacher didn't say boo about it, but the teacher incharge of maintaining the theater is ready to kill.

But, I get to include viciuous satire in my scene of the sketch (Hamlet, who I'm playing, goes quail hunting with Juliet and the Vice-Presidnet. He kills both of us and then elopes with Romeo.)

Hopefully, I'm well enough to talk by next Friday to do this.

Now, I have to watch the MST3K version of Hamlet... for insperation, of course. = )
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I am now officaly a citizen of Indiana - I have now been to a high school basketball game.

And the highlight of the game wasn't when Jasper flattened Mr. Veron by forty points, when both team's cheerleaders called forth The Great Cat God, nor when the nublie spandex-dressed dance team preformed, but a jr. varsity player from Mr. Vernon who made four behind the head, half court baskets.
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For the first time in my entire high school saga, I've finaly, witnessed a fight. Of course, it wasn't so much of a fight as "guy punches other guy, throws him into wall, and starts kicking." Blood everywhere.

And before people start going "vulture!" I was on the oppiste end of the hallway (lengh-wise), and was one of the few people who actually tried to, help clean the guy up. The actual breaking up of the fight was done by the teacher (width-wise) across the hall.

Which is kinda stupid, since there were thrity or so people just friggin' standing there. Come on people, so you wanted to kick his ass seven ways to Sunday - if you actualy good honest folk like you like to shove down my throat, you would have done something too, besides stand there like lost sheep.
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We had another speaker in today, bu this one was not nearly as good as Sam Rhine.

Of course, I knew almost exactly what he was going to be like the second sentence he said, or at least the second sentance if he hadn't started with his name, which is Justin Lookadd. The dear man was from the Hertige Insitute.

Yes. That Hertige Insitute. Probably some satellite branch. Thier site is here.

Anyway, inbetween screwing with the country, they did some reasearch into teen drinking/drugs/pregency/what have you and found a commonality that all of these behaviors are based from bad realationships, where the girl had put 'too much into the relationships' and 'created a fantasy-world' and are left hollow shells because of this.

He also went on to say that the guy is only out to get sex, and he lies uses words that mislead the woman (He says he loves you, but he loves his dog the same amount, if not more) to get her to have sex.

His 'dating tips' include that girls shoud just shut up and stop boring men with the details of their lives becase men don't want to know and/or can't handle it. Also, women should never ask men on dates, because then they become the "men" of the relationship, and that's just wrong.

Oh, he also went on to say that the woman's movement made men into people who can't make descions. Since women don't need men like they did before, men have just become shiftless losers.

While it was one of the worst presentaions I've ever seen topic-wise, he was a very good speaker. The first group who saw him (which was a random mix of both sexes and all grades) loved him, and the group that I was in hated him.

Later, in psychology, we had a long talk about the speaker. And oddly enough, the teacher did end up agreeing with the fact that women don't need men anymore except for making babies, and this has caused men to be irresponsible.

I have no doubt, however, that my pre-calculas teacher was spitting nails.

To sum up: boys are liars and girls are crazy. Any questions?
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I showed up to do the preset for the dance, but they sent me home two minutes before the haybales came.

Then I went back at 7:30 to finish set up, which was allready done. Andpeople slowly dribbled in. And I mean, slowly. By 8:30, everyone who was comming was already there, which was a whole twenty (20) people.

Thank god the school decied that we couldn't use this dance for a fundrasier and picked up the tab.

But it was suprisingly fun, with lots of dance music and rythemic flailing. Highligths including Love Shack and Baby Got Back. I myself rocked out solo with kung-fu action and other insanity to "Ballroom Blitz." People thought I was drunk. (But drunk on LIFE, man.) And the unfolding tables rocked too, becale you lifted up on the bar, and it goes *floosh!*.

And apparently, I have really obserure music tastes. No Modest Mouse, no Killers, no Eletric Light Orcestra "Mr. Blue Sky." I finally found "Don't Fear the Reaper," and "It's All Been Done"/"One Week."

I also need the helpful thing and helped carry the dj equipment downstairs, and he offered me a mix cd.
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I am again sick from eating in the cafeteria. The only thing that the two days have in common was I ate something made from what they claim as "beef." Though I should have known better than to get a cheeseburger; a couple of days ago my firends got cheeseburgers and the patties were still slightly pink in the middle. Uh, ick?

So I went to the nurses, the second time in the three years I've been in the last several days and the last two years, to get something to settle my stomach so I wasn't hunched over in pain in Spainish. I promptly waited 20 minutes for the department to get out of a meeting for somthing the nurse was able to give me in 30 seconds.

This was from a diffrent nurse than the one that is the sponser of the Octogon Club, which didn't have a meeting today since we were waiting for some information that she was going to tell us. But didn't because she didn't show up, along with half the officers. So we stood in the hall, I asked for any club shirt designs, said that they're weren't going to be any club dues again this year, and the vice-pres (the only other officer there) adjoured the meeting.

Tomorrow is Senior Service Day, so I'm going out to the theater to pick up trash. Of course, we have to meet at school then find our own way to the site, then go back to school. Which is fine for everyone who, you know, HAVE CARS, but sucks for the people who have to ask for rides from other people in thier homeroom.
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Last day of summer. I have no desire to go to school tomorrow, which I guess is odd because I usualy love going back to school.

180 more days until the end of my public education.

Maybe that's why.

And if this is supposed to be "the best years of my life" does the rest of life suck that badly, or all those people nostagic for a time that didn't exist?
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Well, I'm back from the land of exploding sewers and scary drivers.

And I just got my course list for my last year of public education. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't get the bad teacher for British Lititure. I say bad, because I had him before for English 10, and it kinda sucked. We did't even finish Julius Ceaser, for crying out loud! We just watched the slash movie version. Plus we didn't learn anything in that class.

And my book rental fee this year came out to be $231.56. I understand the book rental fee, and the consumables fee, but why are they chargeing me $20 corperation fee per semester to take an art class?

After my art class with $56.25, the most expensive class is a $20.78 semester class called Composition. The cheepest class is Pre-Calculus with $7.80 for the entire year.

Yeah, I have my recipet in front of me. Indiana is one of the few states that charge book rental fees, so I'm a little irriated. Mostly about the corperation fees though.
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Why? Why did one girl from each class had to wressle in jello for the "pep" session?
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We had an intersting public speaker at school today.  And for once it was more intersting than just "getting out of a class" interseting, because they were talking about the media influece. 

The presenter was from the "New Mexico Media Literacy Project", and he chatted about various types of advertsing for an hour and a half.  Evedently, the project was started by an guy who worked in televsion news and though the quality of the news had gone down in the 50 years he worked in broadcasting.

So we went though a few ads step by step to see how they mislead to make their products seem better or than people need thier products or to build brand loyalty.   And how both political ads that they showed us lied, or at least extreme exagerations. Adn how marketing ads cant' lie, but can commit exgagerations, and poltical ads can out and out lie.

My favorite lines out of the whole show was that that the teen girl magizines front covers were anti-therpy, and that the little girl was being used to get millions of dollars   from each person who has a Visa card.  And that 5 companies (Disney, Viacom, Universal, AOL Time Warner, and Rudolph Murdock News Corperation) control all of youth culture, and 80% of adult culture in the US. 

And since I'm all media today, here's a story from the <i>NY Times</i>. I was going to copy  from AOL news, but though that the <i>NY Times</i> article was better. 

Space Capsule Crashes in Utah )
So right now NASA isn't have the greatest of luck with it's probes lately.  The ones that just stay in orbit are fine, it's just that the probes and rovers that have been going smoosh on Mars and now on Earth.


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