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This is the first time my floor has ever had quiet hours, in the last fifteen minutes.

I can't honestly tell the difference between tonight and any other night.
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I'm guessing that when you say - like I just did to Tasha - "Oh, I'm hungry! That means I can put off working on my paper more." one is seriously far down on the list of excuses for procrastinating.

But then in my grand tradition of ethics papers, I've summed up a five page paper into two paragraphs and can't really see where the hell I'm going to attempt to pad it out and still keep it on topic, as I do have longer bits written, but as one's on while humans have the inailenble right of self-determinism, it doesn't always work out well, and the varying definitions of suicide, and whether accidentally killing yourself is still suicide. I'm explaining everything that matters in the debate is the intent of the person who would die, so this might work.

But I'm still getting lunch/dinner first.

And I still have to go Christmas shopping and study. Ick.
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Other things I've been doing besides being sick in my room:

On Wedsday, I ushered a Rupert Randolf and the Family Band concert. I now know both what a lap steel is, and what it sounds like! Though I did not get up on stage and dance to "Shake Your Hips," preferring to dance in my empty asile of seats instead. It's also fairly easy to mash up the Charleston, club dancing, and snatches of Lindy hop to this band's music as well. The tango and cha-cha, however, are right out.

On Thurday, I had a ticket for the Ben Fold's concert, with Korn Mo as the opening act. Is "Freebird" a popular song? Because it got requested quite a few times. Though I only knew a single song that got played the entire night - well, two, because "We Are the Champions" got played as well - was Ben Fold's "Annie Waits." But I had a nice time, and snarked a bit with the floor fellow on the massive amount of security they had at the auditorium.

Today, I went to the Informatics Game Day. I played two games of Halo 2, and played quite a bit of Guitar Hero II. I was terrible at Halo 2, for obvious reasons... Okay, the reasons aren't obvious over the internet, but in RL I'm pretty uncoordinated, so I could hardly walk in Halo 2, let alone aim and shoot people. I was actually pretty decent with Guitar Hero II after a while, but for some reason it really made my arms ache. *shrugs* I mostly watched people after a bit. Also ate large quantities of pizza, something like five or six slices.

...WTF? Firefox does not recognize the word "okay." OK, is fine. Silly Firefox. = )

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There's nine people in this years Secret Santa for [ profile] mst3kslash! This may not sound like a lot, but last year there were only three.

Needless to say, I've just done the names bit. Though I'm waiting to email out the assignments tomorrow. The overwhelming clamoring for the Joel/Mike is extremely large not-surprise. The biggest non-surprise, though, was that I still drew myself.

Though I actually went out for supper today. All the way up a block to Jimmy Jones, as I needed to eat but for the second time I just sort of stared at the RPS menu and my apatite died. So I have a sandwich and salt and vinegar chips. And baklava from the 10th Street market as it's right next to Jimmy Jones.
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Today has been intresting.

Firsty, I'm on my period. Thankfuly, this just means a hygenic nightmare of blood instead of cramps and foul temper. For various reasons, this woke me up at 7ish. After five hours of sleep.

After point the first was sorted out and laundry was started and I woke up really, I decied it was time for breakfast and toddled over to the nearest open dinning hall. I got my pancakes rather quickly, as they were both already done and a bit cold. I decied to get some hot water for some tea, and knocked it onto the floor. I tried to catch it like a fool, and scalded my hand a bit. Then someone at one of the food stalls told me to run my hand under the water dispencer and got me a towel, even though I insisted I was fine. Then the floor manager took me to the dinning hall office where I told them I was fine too. Then I had to tell the dinning hall manager that I was fine, really, I don't need burn oitment or medical attention. Someone offered to get me another cup, but I declined saying I'd just make some in my room instead. Everyone had a good laugh at that, though I am acutally far less likely to hurt myself making tea in my room for the fact I don't heat the water as hot as either Cream & Crimson or any other coffee place does. Then, as I was making my way to my room I realized I didn't have my key.

I lurked outside one of the doors of my building, until I realized I could go to the front desk and just ask to get a spare into the building - as I didn't have my key there was no way I could have locked myself out of my room as I can't shut the door while its locked.

That brillance achieved, it was time for class. So I ate my breakfast and was late. By this time, I really didn't care.

I cared even less when I realized when I got back from class - singing showtunes all the way - and was standing outside my building agin, I had forgotten my key again, even though I distictly remembered locking my door before I left. Some was waiting to be let in, so I just had to wait a minute or two before I went up to my room. Luckily, I had left the key in the lock and I hadn't lost the key.

By this time, I was fully convinced that if I left the room again I was going to be hit by a car or something, so I was debatig whether or not I should go to class. I fiddled with my math, and looked up the classes for spring term, and changed the voicemail message from the last resident to me so the damm call service people will get the hint that the previous resident does not live here. I went to class - and made sure I had my key with me when I went.

It turns out that my entire informatics class was a bit fuzzy as well, as everyone was exausted for one reason or another or pulling all nighters or other insanity, so it was all very amusing like how Joe kept a hissing cochroach for seven years, never named it, and had no idea what it ate. In other words, informatics was the crack as the usual.

Then I went back to my room - again singing showtunes - as I had both a headache and things in the dryer - I put them in before I went to informatics. And stuff. Almost skipped lingustics as I wasn't quite sure I had broken my streak yet. Luckily, I did turn up at lingustics as half the class didn't turn up. Though the class consists of all of five people, but hilariously the people who did show up almost didn't either.

Oh, discussion session. How werid it is. Especialy since I seem to come from the School of Awkward English where wheeled is a word (I wheeled the cart into the room.) No one was really on their game today though, as there was much fun with whether or not people say "spilled" or "spillt", and the teacher forgetting how to spell "buy" (English isn't her native language.) and horrible communication to what anyone was acutally saying (spilled, spelled, WTF?)

Skipped fencing, as I nearly dropped asleep in lingustics and came home for a nap. Found myself in the library instead, and went up stairs on a Jeeves & Wooster hunt. For some utterly insane reason, there were about twenty shelves empty space and fifty carts of books, with the PG Wodehouse books on the carts. But I found them. After forty minutes and much dragging around carts to find the numbers I was looking for. Though I was very pleased to know while they don't have all th books, they have most of the series in this library with one version of it or another - the only one I know that they dont' have is My Man Jeeves, as that one is parked in the Lily Library because it's both old and was owned by Ian Fleeming. Why it was important to say in the card catolouge that it was owned by Ian Fleeming I have no idea.

So, I now have the book The Interminble Jeeves, and I'm going to curl up with it ang do to sleep.

I still think I'm going to get hit by a car, though.
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Spent the early afternoon walking around campus, and just generally scoping out the terrain and adding to my list of WTF spots. Like the Memorial Pilliar that was built to commemerate the Memorial Fund that built a whole lot of Memorial buildings, like the Student Union and the stadium. That's... pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

On my stroll I also check out the paths that run through Dunn's Wood, and the art on display in the Union. Though I did have to do a bit of a think when I decied that I wanted to read my book on the green. And couldn't think of whats the nearest translation of a green, until I thought of Dunn's Meadow. (Yes, there's lots of Dunn's XXXXXX, because the unversity was built on land donated from the Dunns. You should see Dunn's Cemetrary.)

And... that's all I've really done today. Except running into a Coffee Crisp at the Union Bookstore and buying ceral.
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My new favorite Infomatics homework problem:

8. Let X stand for the sentence "4+4 is the cube of 2," Y stand for the sentence "Diet Dr. pepper tastes better than Coke Zero", and Z stand for NOT(Y THEREFORE (X OR Y)) In one CSA Y is true (for your professor); in another CSA Y is F (an unamed student in the 1:00pm section). Find both the values of the truth values of Z in eac of the CSAs. What does this tell you about CSAs?

And yes, that "unnamed student" is myself. He asked what my most hated soda was, and I answered that diet dr. pepper was, as diet sucks and dr. pepper sucks and their even more sucky together. Of course, that was the soda that he was drinking today and is probably is favortie soda. Like I said, I'm the consumerist anti-christ my class who's one glimmer of hope is that I don't care for Hillary Duff. = )

I wish number 8 was the problem I was on.
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We had a community cook out today. We had burgers and hot dogs and brats and boca bugers. I had fun, even though I went in early because I wasn't feeling well. I heard that the rest of the party went smashing. Some one literaly, actually, since my room was actually overlooking the party. = ) But it didn't interfer with my napping, so it was cool.

Since people wanted to spread the rage: HP Digital Cameras now have a 'sliming feature' since the camera adds 10 pounds or whatnot. All it really does is make the person/picture a little less wide. I haven't really think of it has rage worthy, but I'm not really feeling the anger here.

And todays word of the day:

adjudicate -
1. To hear and settle (a case) by judicial procedure.
2. To study and settle (a dispute or conflict): The principal adjudicated our quarrel.

Because I had to use this in a sentence today. Well, it was a quotation, but I still had to use the silly thing. Hilariously, on the page, the ad was for HP digital cameras.
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We had a meeting of the Computers and Computing Thematic Community, and it turned out I'm treasurer.

I went to swing dancing, and I'm not going to join. Yes, I still want to dance, but I'll just dance in my room instead. It's just not going to work out with all the other stuff I'm doing.

I did, however, pay my dues to get into the Fencing Club. No, I did not win the one bought I did today, though it was both my first formal fight AND there was no flinching and blocking of the target area. Yays anyway.

ALSO I went to the IU Democrats meeting and listened to Baron Hill speak. He is not a jackass, and his language was geared to taking back several important words from the Republicans. Most specificaly, "values." Is just conservitive enough on gay marraige to either piss off everyone or piss off no one - at least he's against the Consitutional admendment, though not against laws defining marrige between a man and a woman. Though Sodrel is the same way, and the Libretiarian cannidate will not win so it's the same whoever wins. The Indiana State Rep loses at language, but was acceptable enough.

Did I mention I went for usher training? So, free shows for Twincityhacker. Internet gods be willing, of course, as you have to sign up for the shows you want online.

Now, I'm GOING TO BED as the community council thing was an emegerncy meeting that just let out. O_O
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It's magnets. Well, not really magnets but a magentic field. Light and magnets are just diffrent part of the same kind of force, so if you got asoething to project both a light field anda magentic field, a light bee would work. I mean, a magetic feild is all that's really preventing everything plummiting to the Earth's core, no? Tiny magnets can defeat gravity. They make matter into blocks. So a magentic field! That would make solid holograms.

Yes, I'm playing with a concept from Red Dwarf. No, I don't care if it's science fiction, because it's fun to turn science fiction into science fact. Or at least do that one day.

I think I'm going to change my cognate from lingustics to chemistry. Because the thing is, what I want to do with lingustics I'm not sure if you can really do. I am, primarly, story driven. I want it to be easier to tell stories across languages, so some idoit with four years of Spanish doesn't take two years to transate you work. The mythical machine translation, but... is that what I really want to do? Is it really better to tell a story, when it's just as fun to break the story down to it's componet parts? To see what comes before and after the story? Why someone did this instead of that, why someone outed someone else cruelty, why someone always wears read, what something really is? It's a story still, just the tools to explain the whys are diffrent.

Infomatics is about solving problems using technology. It's about chasing that thing that ignites you're passion. It's praticality measured with joy. I'm not sure about where I'm going yet, I've gotten lost many times over the last few weeks, but this is where I want to be right now. And it's one of the best feelings ever.
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Fencing? Is really fun. Like really, really fun. Even though "real" fencing matches can be measured in seconds, and I kept fighting this one guy to a draw for a few mintues, it was awesome.

The real ones just seem so controlled. I don't know. Maybe I'm going to be better off with the other extra cirrcular that I've found so far: swing dancing.

So, swords or jazz? I forgot to go to the open dancing yesterday, as I have the part that explains the call out tacked face forward on my desk instead of the schedual, so I can't say how fun it is. But both clubs are rather expensive, as swing is $40 due for the year and fencing is $50, so I'm not sure if I really should do both.

[Poll #809976]
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Had "group bonding time" with the floormates then the people who live at my hall. There is, in fact, 35 girls on my floor and while the floor is supposed to be computers and computing community, it's more like they just took the people who signed up for that and people who signed up late for housing, as they're overbooked.

Anyway, after the floor meeting there was a ice cream social for the hall, then we moved into the lounge for a game night. I won a game of twister after one person quit and another got pushed over. Then I joined a group of people playing Taboo, and after a game of that we just passed a catchphrase player around in the circle for an hour and a half. I astounded them a couple of times with guessing the right answer to "He's a dancer" (Fred Astaire) and "he design's clothing (Georgio Armani) I'm good at trvia games. = ) And during the drawing I won a DVD of Mars Attacks.

And, a scary meme thing.

about the audince you write for. )

The short of it? I write for mostly the people I know though mst3k fandom and myself. Though not have to explain why I see the potential for fic in MST3K to other fanfic writers would be completely awesome.
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Edit: Pictures are now acually being shown, and at somewhat proper size. If you need them smaller, just say.

Oddly enough, two girls just dropped by and wre surpised how much the room was put together. I was surpised to know that the only one on my floor accepting vistiors.

The Pictures! )

And tomorrow? I'm going to find The Actual Dining Hall and vist the library, as my card (that pretty much controls everything) should work.


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