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Title: Invention Log #7823934
Word Count: 308
Rating: PG
Summery: Joel Robinson, "Death Note-Board" 24 July 1990
Notes: I ♥ my low-budget MST3K. MST3K with a budget frightens me.

Invention Log #7823934 )
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Title: Persistance of Future Memories
Fandom: MST3K
Characters: Dr. Laurence Erdnht, Professor Bobo
Prompt: Slate, Circle
Word Count: 1191
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Cannon. ish. The Persistance of Future Memories )
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Title: Mike, Joel, and a Bottle of Pertsovka
Fandom: MST3K
Characters: Mike Nelson, Joel Robinson
Prompt: Passing
Word Count: 826
Rating: PG - If the charecters can drink Bud on the show, I can rate this PG.
Summery: Mike, Joel, and a bottle of Pertsovka.
Author's Note: Might possibley be continued, as it was supposed to be my entry for the Celabration Challenge, but they refused to be more than awkward before I found my stopping point.
Table: Twincityhacker's Table of Beastly Plot Bunnies

Mike, Joel, and a Bottle of Pertsovka. )
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Title: Blue Skies Below
Fandom: MST3K
Characters: Joel Hodgson, Beeper
Prompt: Blue
Word Count: 287
Rating: G (It's lighter fare than the show itself!)
Summery: So where has Beeper been running off to?
Author's Notes: Just a reminder that I mean the fictional Joel Hodgson.
Table: Twincityhacker's Table of Plot Picks

I present light fluff to get though the State of the Union:

Blue Skies Below )
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Title: Structural Stability
Fandom: MST3K
Characters: Dr. Clayton Forrester, Frank
Prompt: Earth
Word Count: 413
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: An unlikely event has occured.
Table: Twincityhacker's Table of Prompt Peddling

Structural Stability )
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Title: Made in Oshawa
Fandom: MST3K
Characters: Tom Servo
Prompt: Life
Word Count: 294
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: In this life, Tom Servo was an entriely diffrent sort of robot.
Table: Twincityhacker's Table of Fic Enticements

Made in Oshawa )

Authors Note #2: Why Oshawa? )

The Table

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001.Beginnings 002.Middles 003.Ends 004.First 005.Last
006.Hours 007.Days 008.Weeks 009.Months 010.Years
011.Red 012.Grey 013.White 014.Black 015.Blue
016.Purple 017.Brown 018.Green 019.Pink 020.Colourless
021.Friends 022.Enemies 023.Lovers 024.Family 025.Strangers
026.Teammates 027.Parents 028.Children 029.Birth 030.Death
031.Sunrise 032.Sunset 033.Too Much 034.Not Enough 035.Sixth Sense
036.Smell 037.Sound 038.Touch 039.Taste 040.Sight
041.Shapes 042.Triangle 043.Square 044.Circle 045.Moon
046.King 047.Heart 048.Diamond 049.Queen 050.Joker
051.Water 052.Fire 053.Earth 054.Air 055.Spirit
056.Breakfast 057.Lunch 058.Dinner 059.Food 060.Drink
061.Winter 062.Spring 063.Summer 064.Fall 065.Passing
066.Rain 067.Snow 068.Lightning 069.Thunder 070.Storm
071.Broken 072.Fixed 073.Light 074.Dark 075.Shattered
076.Rebirth 077.Paralysis 078.Disease 079.Agony 080.Healing
081.Blind 082.Deaf 083.Lost 084.Found 085.Missing
086.Choices 087.Life 088.He 089.She 090.It
091.Birthday 092.Christmas 093.Thanksgiving 094.Solstice 095.New Year
096.Writer‘s Choice 097.Writer‘s Choice 098.Writer‘s Choice 099.Writer‘s Choice 100.Writer‘s Choice


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