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So, I've been thinking of making a John Barrowman Calender for 2010. I made a mock up of what sort of theme each month should have. I feel I have too much television represented, but it's kinda hard to get decent looking theatrical shots!

January - Pantomimes
February - Interviews from magazines and television
March - Just John
April - Bad Movie Month
May - Theatrical Productions
June - John and Animals!
July - Doctor Who/Torchwood
August - Music Tours
September - Other Television Roles
October - Theater Productions
November - The Audition Shows
December - John and Scott

Obviously, each month needs a picture on top. But do you put little pictures on the unused days? Is there a max amount of little picture days?

I have some pictures I already want to use. I am attempting to be Classy in not including any pictures of John naked or only in his underwear - I hope I make up for that by including John in a Wetsuit. Which means that I can't include anything from Method, because that was the only reason to watch that movie. = P
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Campus is closed for the rest of the day. No Language Structure for the rest of the week. = (

But I did finish registering for the Midwest BLGTACC, that's taking place here February 13-15. And since I get to go for free and not pay the $60 registration fee, it's even more awesome.

Speaking of money and awesome, I heard back from Amazon. I ordered something from their Marketplace at the beginning of December, and never heard back from the seller where my books went. Today, Amazon refunded my payment, so now I have $30 that I didn't have yesterday.

I'm still going to tromp half way across town to get my ticket for the film festival today. After I tromp over to Wright to get something to eat!
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I just bought my books for the spring, and it was a bit of an expensive proposition this semester. First run though, the price was $350, and I was able to drop it to $220. Mostly because of this stroke of luck:

Amazon UK: Introducing Phonology ( USED ) + Shipping = $47.82 USD
Amazon US: Introducing Phonology ( USED ) + Free Shipping = $82.50 USD

And then getting all the rest of the books used, which was about $5 - $15 dollars cheaper than the cover price.

I have no idea when the shipments for all of these will come in before or after I leave for Christmas break, but, they're ordered and I'll have them before classes start.

My final class list is: Language Structure (Japanese), Language Change and Historical Linguistics, Phonology, Phonetics, and Classical Mythology. I find it hilarious that I could have taken these same courses in 1909 even though I'm taking them in 2009. And I decided I am going to try for a minor in Classical Studies, with a concentration in Culture and Literature. Mostly because I need three more classes for my linguistics degree: Syntax, Field Methods I, and a 300 level course in Spanish. For a minor in classical studies, I would need three classes.
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I just got phising email from 'Lloyds TBS' and 'HBOS.' I wonder how I got on the list for phishers in the UK?
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Several things are coming today.

First, my sister is driving down from Wisconsin! Yay! She should be here soonish. She just walked in the door.

Second, by looking up my account balances on my banking accounts, I saw that my Captain Jack figure had shipped! Double Yay! But Jack still has no one to flirt with besides himself, as the depressed donkey will have none of it. )

Thirdly, it's Friday. So I also have a paycheck and a release from the non-airconditioned factory for two days. THANK GOD.
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You know, I was resigned when it was reported that John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd would be at Comic Con. But the entire freaking cast of MST3K will be there too. Trace Beaulieu, Paul Chaplin, Frank Conniff, Bill Corbett, Joel Hodgson, Jim Mallon, Kevin Murphy, Bridget Nelson, Mike Nelson, Mary Jo Pehl and J. Elvis Weinstein.

In other words, MY DREAM CON. The only three people are missing are Naoko Mori, Eve Myles, and Burn Gorman. The only thing that could make this better was there was a live session of people riffing "Shark Attack III: Megaladon."

The only thing that's preventing me on clicking that button is the $2500 pricetag for the entire trip. Which is both more than I want to spend, and money I was setting aside for my UK adventure. And adding the third that I'd go into complete fangirl meltdown and be useless before even the first day would be out.

...Give me more reasons why this would be a bad idea?
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I just ordered "Another Side" and "Anything Goes." I was waiting for them to come out here, but I noticed that they were having a "buy these together" on the site, and they were a great deal cheaper than ordering them from

Or, at least it was until shipping: $45.49 for US, $44.57 for UK (after converting from GBP to USD). A touch cheaper and here a bit quicker. Not quick enough for Spring Break, but good if I need to recover from the UK.

EDIT: Urgh. Recover from Spring Break. It's late enough for bed time, now, at least.
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I went to Borders since I thought my gift cards were expiring.

The good news is that they don't expire until January 25. The bad was that they finally sold all of their on sale Series One box set. I had in my hands The Invasion and Series Three, then put them back when I couldn't decide between the two.

Which was good, because I just checked it on Amazon and everything I looked at today is cheeper. Espeically series 3, where I'd spend $40 in giftcards to get $20 off the list price of Amazon.

In other words, I'm not gonna be buying any British TV from them. Maybe they'll have some William Gibson I haven't read...
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I have a panto flyer! Thanks [ profile] jadesfire2808!

and an explanation for Disney park identification )
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Somewhat amusing story about a shopping trip )

Speaking of Amazon:

The Torchwood DVD is priced at $60 USD, and slated for 22 January release date. Please consider waiting that two extra months, as the price for the UK release on 19 November is $83.88 USD, plus $6.26 USD shipping. Actually, depending on international shipping, it may just be cheaper period to order from the US. ( like 29.50 GBP, plus 3.92 GBP shipping ( plus VAT ) vs 41.99 GBP ) Uhm, exchange rate for the win?

...Yeah, totally did not just price everything out to figure out where it's cheaper to buy everything, as of today. Though if I have to do international shipping, it's gonna be cheaper to do UK than Canada. Because the base price of the audio books is $10 cheaper, let alone the international shipping rates from the UK is than Canada. ( $17.43 USD, plus $6.24 shipping vs $26.26 USD plus $8.98 shipping. There's the issues of taxes/customs but that's... going to be up there either way. )
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Looking at the new John Barrowman things. Expensive, expensive stuff with the exchange rate. "Anything Goes" is listed at $38.63. "Another Side" is $18.31. Torchwood Series One is $83.88, which sounds reasonable until I realized that Heroes was being sold for half that price.

And, of course, none of this includes shipping from the UK.

Edit: Actually, shipping from the UK is cheaper than shipping from Canada: it's only $6.26 for one CD/DVD vs $9.98 for the same thing from Canada. Which seems so very wrong.

So, I'm pretty much down to figuring out how to get "Anything Goes" in grubby paws and waiting for the Region 1 disks to come out for Torchwood. Though the box art for Region 2 is really, really pretty.

I just can't get myself past the part where I'm wincing clicking the "buy now" button. *sighs*


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