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I have finished writing my last bit of code for Information Infostructure I! Huzzah!

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I got approval to pursue my linguistics degree today.

Lets see how I'll do on my goal on graduating with both my informatics degree and my linguistics degree in four years, shall we?
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I've been working for two hours on my homework when it suddenly dawned on me that I really should have taken Phonology first, before I took Morphology. Then again, I would have taken the class if it fit into my schedule this semester, but it didn't so I'm not. But it would have made the homework bits easier.

I did learn today that the -ic suffix may become extinct in the English language in a few decades as it will be completely replaced by the -al suffix. Though now I'm purposefully using -ic ending, especialy in cases where it's common to use both endings such as in the word syntactical. Story of my life, really. = )

The Information Infostructures I class, which I found out yesterday was a really fancy name for Introduction to Programing. So, I'm going to be writing code and compiling in C on paper because they deiced not to hold a class on programing inside a computer lab! Oh, what a wacky group Informatics is - like not telling us that there was a book to be assigned until two weeks before classes started.
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Other things I've been doing besides being sick in my room:

On Wedsday, I ushered a Rupert Randolf and the Family Band concert. I now know both what a lap steel is, and what it sounds like! Though I did not get up on stage and dance to "Shake Your Hips," preferring to dance in my empty asile of seats instead. It's also fairly easy to mash up the Charleston, club dancing, and snatches of Lindy hop to this band's music as well. The tango and cha-cha, however, are right out.

On Thurday, I had a ticket for the Ben Fold's concert, with Korn Mo as the opening act. Is "Freebird" a popular song? Because it got requested quite a few times. Though I only knew a single song that got played the entire night - well, two, because "We Are the Champions" got played as well - was Ben Fold's "Annie Waits." But I had a nice time, and snarked a bit with the floor fellow on the massive amount of security they had at the auditorium.

Today, I went to the Informatics Game Day. I played two games of Halo 2, and played quite a bit of Guitar Hero II. I was terrible at Halo 2, for obvious reasons... Okay, the reasons aren't obvious over the internet, but in RL I'm pretty uncoordinated, so I could hardly walk in Halo 2, let alone aim and shoot people. I was actually pretty decent with Guitar Hero II after a while, but for some reason it really made my arms ache. *shrugs* I mostly watched people after a bit. Also ate large quantities of pizza, something like five or six slices.

...WTF? Firefox does not recognize the word "okay." OK, is fine. Silly Firefox. = )

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Firstly, check Hell for snowballs. Most if not all of the close races in Indiana went to Democrats. Though I'm pleased.

Dr. D said that there was a women in computing lunchen sometime soon in Infomatics class today, and said that it was alright to be late because of it. Some idiot asked why there wasn't a "Men in Computing" group. Thankfuly for myself, Dr. D provided the verbal smackdown and described said while enrollment in the computer sciences is down, if you took the number of women in the room divided by the number of men the number is near zero. I know I saw a few other heads counting females with me when I said that - and it's really closer to 1/6 or 1/7 as there where ten women in class today.

And on House...

Insert amusing statement here )
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Today has been intresting.

Firsty, I'm on my period. Thankfuly, this just means a hygenic nightmare of blood instead of cramps and foul temper. For various reasons, this woke me up at 7ish. After five hours of sleep.

After point the first was sorted out and laundry was started and I woke up really, I decied it was time for breakfast and toddled over to the nearest open dinning hall. I got my pancakes rather quickly, as they were both already done and a bit cold. I decied to get some hot water for some tea, and knocked it onto the floor. I tried to catch it like a fool, and scalded my hand a bit. Then someone at one of the food stalls told me to run my hand under the water dispencer and got me a towel, even though I insisted I was fine. Then the floor manager took me to the dinning hall office where I told them I was fine too. Then I had to tell the dinning hall manager that I was fine, really, I don't need burn oitment or medical attention. Someone offered to get me another cup, but I declined saying I'd just make some in my room instead. Everyone had a good laugh at that, though I am acutally far less likely to hurt myself making tea in my room for the fact I don't heat the water as hot as either Cream & Crimson or any other coffee place does. Then, as I was making my way to my room I realized I didn't have my key.

I lurked outside one of the doors of my building, until I realized I could go to the front desk and just ask to get a spare into the building - as I didn't have my key there was no way I could have locked myself out of my room as I can't shut the door while its locked.

That brillance achieved, it was time for class. So I ate my breakfast and was late. By this time, I really didn't care.

I cared even less when I realized when I got back from class - singing showtunes all the way - and was standing outside my building agin, I had forgotten my key again, even though I distictly remembered locking my door before I left. Some was waiting to be let in, so I just had to wait a minute or two before I went up to my room. Luckily, I had left the key in the lock and I hadn't lost the key.

By this time, I was fully convinced that if I left the room again I was going to be hit by a car or something, so I was debatig whether or not I should go to class. I fiddled with my math, and looked up the classes for spring term, and changed the voicemail message from the last resident to me so the damm call service people will get the hint that the previous resident does not live here. I went to class - and made sure I had my key with me when I went.

It turns out that my entire informatics class was a bit fuzzy as well, as everyone was exausted for one reason or another or pulling all nighters or other insanity, so it was all very amusing like how Joe kept a hissing cochroach for seven years, never named it, and had no idea what it ate. In other words, informatics was the crack as the usual.

Then I went back to my room - again singing showtunes - as I had both a headache and things in the dryer - I put them in before I went to informatics. And stuff. Almost skipped lingustics as I wasn't quite sure I had broken my streak yet. Luckily, I did turn up at lingustics as half the class didn't turn up. Though the class consists of all of five people, but hilariously the people who did show up almost didn't either.

Oh, discussion session. How werid it is. Especialy since I seem to come from the School of Awkward English where wheeled is a word (I wheeled the cart into the room.) No one was really on their game today though, as there was much fun with whether or not people say "spilled" or "spillt", and the teacher forgetting how to spell "buy" (English isn't her native language.) and horrible communication to what anyone was acutally saying (spilled, spelled, WTF?)

Skipped fencing, as I nearly dropped asleep in lingustics and came home for a nap. Found myself in the library instead, and went up stairs on a Jeeves & Wooster hunt. For some utterly insane reason, there were about twenty shelves empty space and fifty carts of books, with the PG Wodehouse books on the carts. But I found them. After forty minutes and much dragging around carts to find the numbers I was looking for. Though I was very pleased to know while they don't have all th books, they have most of the series in this library with one version of it or another - the only one I know that they dont' have is My Man Jeeves, as that one is parked in the Lily Library because it's both old and was owned by Ian Fleeming. Why it was important to say in the card catolouge that it was owned by Ian Fleeming I have no idea.

So, I now have the book The Interminble Jeeves, and I'm going to curl up with it ang do to sleep.

I still think I'm going to get hit by a car, though.
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I went to this "Future Potential of IT" thing today. It was apparently a confrence. I can't remember a thing they really said, and I don't know whether or not it was because they kept spouting either things I already knew about the IT field and that they covered at least 3 times in the lecture. Or the speakers kept saying sloganized speach which I tend to filter out whether or not it's advertising. Because sloganized speack doesn't really tell you anything new, and I'm not sure if it's even supposed to be communication. It's just word noise, so I filter it out.

Besides word-noise, the confrence made me more skittish about the IT field. Not enough to make me change my major to something else, no matter how much that woman tries to hard sell a Spanish major, but vauge feeling of apprehension and/or oncoming doom.
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My new favorite Infomatics homework problem:

8. Let X stand for the sentence "4+4 is the cube of 2," Y stand for the sentence "Diet Dr. pepper tastes better than Coke Zero", and Z stand for NOT(Y THEREFORE (X OR Y)) In one CSA Y is true (for your professor); in another CSA Y is F (an unamed student in the 1:00pm section). Find both the values of the truth values of Z in eac of the CSAs. What does this tell you about CSAs?

And yes, that "unnamed student" is myself. He asked what my most hated soda was, and I answered that diet dr. pepper was, as diet sucks and dr. pepper sucks and their even more sucky together. Of course, that was the soda that he was drinking today and is probably is favortie soda. Like I said, I'm the consumerist anti-christ my class who's one glimmer of hope is that I don't care for Hillary Duff. = )

I wish number 8 was the problem I was on.


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