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If someone manages to link up Jack from De-Lovely and "Lead Tenor" from The Producers so that they're the same person, I'd love them forever.

So what that Jack in De-Lovely was in 1932 and the Producers was in 1952? ( Summer of 1952, as Funny Boy closed on June 2. Or so says the musical's program. ) Has John Barrowman aged a lot in twenty years? No! Jack could totally be both parts.

I would say "and Jack from Doctor Who" but I already know [ profile] unfeathered is working on that for [ profile] tardis_bigbang. And, godspeed and *hugs* for that.
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Today was the last two shows of The Producers at the Audiotorum. I got to do stage guard, so I sat in the front row (though way far to the right side) for the show, and it was quite awesome. Especialy since I could see all the way into the wing and see them prepping sets and doing quick fixes like the old lady on roller skates geting a cervical collar.

I also noticed that two of the alley dances were seemtresses, and that one makes a later apprence as someone going backstage during the Good Luck song. (It's the same costume, so I'm guessing.)

And I did late seating. It sucked, because for a moment I thought that there were someone sitting in the seats that I had the ticket for, and then the woman of the couple I was escorting asked if the two empty seats in the middle wasn't theirs. -_-O the evening ushering went far better than the afternoon ushering, though. I didn't seat anyone in the wrong seats, though my patter sucked far more at night - especialy for the cast memeber, because I coudn't very well ask if it was his first time seeing "The Producers," huh? = )

But, pre-ushering we untied a 15 person knot. And played some pretty cut throught games of "special fact muscial chairs."

though best moment was clearly singing "Happy Birthday" to one of the cast memebers during "Betrayed". *nods*
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For some reason, the IU audiotorium decied that it would treat those in the usher corps to a free viewing of The Producers.

And since I got dropped from ushering today, I went. And had the best set in the audiotoruim, just above the C door in the upper orchestra so I was dead center and eye level with the cast.

And dear God, I thought that the movies were intesting, but this took the cake. Maybe because I was watching it with a few hundred of my closest friends. Though I could tell where things were changed from the brodway show to the road show, as the modern swedish office was tossed. I'm always disapointed that the bit about Calgulia being killed by his mother was thrown out (perhaps since my mind always throws it back in after I watch the newer versions?) But, it was lovely, with the singing and dancing, and all the little sight gags (hello, brodway hookers!) and that one of the theatres in the background was St. James.

Though, honestly, one of my favorite parts was INTERMISSION! part of "Betrayed!" as the guy lodly proclaimed as he was presuing the playbill that the trumpeter was an IU alum. Everyone burst out at that. With a close second of "'Till Him" with tons of awwws. Or "Goodbye!" where Roger swept Carmen into his arms and Max slapped Leo on the butt. = )

I think I died of laughter, as I' way too tired from just sitting and watching a musical for a few hours.
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I was looking for some Producers fanfiction using "Bialystock" and "fanfiction" and one of the summeries in google included "Fred Applegate (Max Bialystock)".

My brain immeditaly went "OMG! Mr. Applegate is playing Bialystock! The Devil is playing Max Bialystock!"
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I've finally seen the remake of the Producers, and while the orginal is still better... THEY SING, DAMMIT! If I could just intercut the old one with the singing, and a little less dancing ("I want to be a Producer" and "That Face" went on for ages) I also laughed so hard my face hurts.

All in all, still worth buying. Especialy for the deleted scenes. And seeing Brodrick trip and catch himself with a dance step.

And 90% of the special effects was pure theatre magic, which warms my tech heart. (Again, "I want to be a Producer" All the spots! And athe lighting cues - specially during "Betrayed!" *sighs* I want to do tech for The Producers one day, and since they have a PG-13 script of it out there, it's not immpossible.

Edit: And the other major let down was the lack of Estelle Wimwood - the woman that they had playing that charecter was a severe letdown. Dad would argue that Brodrick was also not playing the role to it's potential, but he sings in the film so, I can forgive not quite owning the role.

Edit 2: WTF? Why are the spots in "Leo & Max" diffrent intensities? I mean, if you're making a movie, you might as well get two shiney new followspot bulbs!

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Last night I had the oddest dream. At first it was like I was have a radio drama of a fanfic of the Producers in my head, but then it was in full color. For some reason, Max and Leo where in this store, and Max was talking to this dame, and then this guy comes in, and apparently wants to kill them for some reason. I'm thinking mob or somthing, since it was definately not Franz. Anyway, so he shoots Max, and hits him but not fataly, and Max hears the guy shoot Leo, and the dame goes off with the guy. So Max is mourning Leo's death, and out pops Leo from behind one of the shelves of medicine. Apparently - or at least the "how they do that?" portion of the dream - Leo saw the guy looking for him in the shoplifting mirrors, and positioned himself in such away where he looked like he was about a foot away from where he really was. And they both live. YAY!

I blame that the Producers is comming out tomorrow, since it was Lane and Brodirck as Max and Leo. I don't know who was playing the dame, but the guy just screamed Russian mob - slightly fat, and going grey with a mustache.

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