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Papa is doing much better. Today I saw him get up unaided, and walk the hall with his walker. Tomorrow he's going to get his staples out, and that's being organized by the rehab center, so all Mama has to do is go to the hospital to supervise.

I get to NOT get in the car with Mama tomorrow. I swear, half the stress is the OMG WE'RE GOING TO DIE feeling when driving with her. And there's free valet parking for those who have handicap stickers, and strapping young lads and lasses to pull out her walker from the trunk.

Today we watched "Idiot's Delight" which was a surprisingly funny film with Clark Gable, Norma Shearer and a whole bunch of other people I have no clue about. It's about the love story of two fast-talkers in the entertainment business that meet, fall in love, part, and then reunited a decade later in an alpine chapeau quite literally on the eve of WWII. For a move that starts on the last day of WWI and ends on the first day of WWII, it's a surprisingly funny. It also has the advantage of having the play that the film is based on adapted by the playwright himself.

It also had two different endings. The first one shown was the "international version" where they philosophize a bit more on the war and sing a hymm to take their mind off the bombing, and the "domestic version" were the two eat a bit more of the denial!cakes and talk about trying to take their act to Piccadilly Circus.

I also bought "Twilight." I'm not starting it until I finish "Neuromancer." I haven't read the story in a while, so while I remember the big reveal, I don't recall that much else other than I adore Case and Molly.
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There's an article in Newsweek by Ramin Setoodeh asking the question "What if G.I. Joe was Gay?" It's an suggestion on how to make the movie better, because he thought the movie blew chunks. The idea of making him gay is to give the character angst in the time of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and to explain why the two leads had no chemistry. But!

But before I fled, I wanted to check in on an elderly woman who had come to see the movie alone. She looked shellshocked in the lobby, but it turned out that she was only crying tears of joy. Apparently, she couldn't wait for the sequel.

I started to back away, but it was so late that I didn't think it would hurt if I sprang my idea on her. What if, in the next movie, G.I. Joe were gay? Would she still buy a ticket? Her face lit up. "Absolutely!" she said. "Just because you're gay doesn't mean you're not powerful."

Of course, my second favorite part was
This week, there was a storm of protest online when Robert Downey Jr. suggested his onscreen Sherlock Holmes—scheduled to hit theater screens on Christmas—might have had a gay fling with Watson (Jude Law).

Because people have only been speculating about that for the past century. The sentences following that is how one media critic went into gay panic mode, and some lulz at that critics expense.

It's still miles away from "The League of Extraordinary Vaginas" but I still think it's cool.
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First day of Pride:

Ready Okay! - The feature presentation, was an American film about a family. Most of the action is centered around the young boy who wants to be a cheerleader, his mother Andrea, and a group of wacky family members, neighbors, and Catholic priests and nuns. Ends happily!

More and spoliery information about the film )

Krudas - a short from Cuba about a couple who does hip hop to educate, mostly on the topics of women, race, the environment, and vegetarianism. Most of their intersection message about the intersections of exploitation makes sense, though I don't think carnivoreism is the first step down the road that leads to all kinds of exploitation.

Cut - a short animated film about a woman who gets a buzzcut, gets fired, and finds love. I didn't care for it, but mostly because I didn't like the style of animation. Especially of the main character, as she looked like she walked out of a cubist painting.

Unca Trans - A short set in an agrarian future of Canada, where a man gives a telling of his involvement in various activist organizations throughout his life. Though when I say man, it's a stop animated doll where many shots contains the hand and arm of the poser in the shot. This was my least favorite film of the night, though I can't put my finger on exactly what it was. I'm a little bitch, please about the speed of which the land claims of native americans went, as the whole thing was said to be wrapped up 2015, or eighteen years after the short was made, and the agrarian society of 2045 with global warming and adding at least another billion to the planet's population and all.

Kali Ma - A Indian-American mother takes revenge teenager that was bullying her son. Partly hilarious, and partly "OMG, this is horrible!" until you remind yourself that the teenager had just beaten her son and left him dazed on the bathroom floor, and it's hilarious again. On the way home I batted around the film and whether it had any race/gender issues, but since it was a standard mama lioness story, the thing that could be said was all the different -phobes and -ists that the teenager had in addition to just being a jackass.

Love Bite - A three minute Australian short. After school, two boys smoke weed and one has an confession to make.

The films were the only thing of note. I didn't see anyone I knew, so it was a solo fun night out. Spilled coke all over myself and the floor, so now my coat smells of vanilla flavoring. Though I did check out the books on display, with two standing out. One is a rec for my sister called "Working Sex" by Annie Oakly about the sex industry ( if your still looking for books, that is) and a book for myself called "The Lavender Scare" by David K. Johnson. "The Lavender Scare" combines two of my favorite historical topics: McCarthyism and pre-Stonewall GLBT history.

EDIT: Changed some wordings to make this post less logic fail. Mostly "vegetarianism is the gateway drug of exploitation" should be "carnivoreism is the first step down the road that leads to all kinds of exploitation."
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The Alphabet meme, commenting on five characters with names begining with a letter. My letter from [ profile] fajrdrako was H.

The Five H's of Life )

Also, [ profile] beccaelizabeth asked for some recs for SciFi and Fantasy films that pasted the Bechdel rule: 1. There must be two female charecters, 2. They have a conversation, 3. They talk about something other than a man.

Ten SciFi/Fantasy Films )

Ten Films from all other Categories except SciFi and Fantasy ) I really need to find a copy of blue Hawaii
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Meme rules:
1. Pick 15 of your favourite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Fill in the film title once it's guessed.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions. Totally cheating, you dirty cheaters.

fifteen films )

I was going to put "On the Edge" on there, but as there wasn't any quotes from the film on IMDB, I figured it was maybe a bit too obscure.
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Eagle vs Shark - a bleak, but funny film. And WAY BETTER than what the tittle makes it out to be.
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Dude, no fair. Dad keeps flipping though channels, and in "Mickey Blue Eyes" they keep using the Jeeves and Wooster theme music.

I mean, I can put a disk on, but it's not the same as it playing on television, you know?
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Yesterday was pretty cool and there were quite a few luckey brakes, such as even though I was late to math, I got there just in time to recive the inclass quiz - and I could actually complete the quiz, would may be seen as even more fortunate.

Not much else happened - besides class - for the rest of the day until fencing, where I am going to the touney. I ordered my knickers too, and they ended up being cheeper than I thought. And I was making my way back from fencing, and I decied on a whim to go buy a ticket to see the Phantom of the Opera silent movie that was playing at the audiotorium. I thought I was going to go in late when this guy just randomly hands me a ticket for the balcony since I'm a student. Though I'm so glad I went, as there is no way that seeing the Phantom on a television can compare to seeing the film on a screen - especialy with live organist accompaniment.

Though the most exiciting thing about the film was the scene in color. Dear god, I see things in color all the time with sound to boot, but having the film in tinted black and white, and then suddenly color was amazing. Though I was a bit confused as The Phantom of the Opera is billed as a horror film, and it was more of a comedy/tragedy thing. Or at least, the 2006 audience found 1925 drama as hysterical. = )

Though, fast film fact: In the British verion of the film, one of the pieces that the Phantom plays on the organ is Bach's Fuge in D Minor. It's the first recorded time that music was paired with a mad organist.
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So, I went to the Libary of the Borg to attempt to find House, Season one. I couldn't find it, but instead found another show that Hugh Laurie was in: Jeeves & Wooster! They have the complete first series, so I have the first three episdoes with me, and will swap them for the other two and Silent Running soon.

Unforunatly, I have discovered that Some Like It Hot is most definately lost. They're probably going to be ordering a new copy, though, as if it's in their "Classics" collection they like to keep a copy on hand, even though those movies aren't checked out as often. I'm going to, but I've got a facsination with silent films and they seem to have half the Sherlock Holmes movies ever made.


Aug. 20th, 2006 07:29 pm
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Snakes on a Plane. I went in with my $3.50 to see Samuel L. Jackson and lots of snakes. I ended up with all of that plus a fairly good movie. Except for the occasinal incidnece of gore that I could do without, but hey, I'm just not a fan of cinenamatic gore.

spoliers )

But the most surpising thing about the film was that it had a fairly good score.

Though the tittle sequence with the guy on the bike just riding and ridding, I thought that I had acciedently walked into a remake of "Manos": The Hands of Fate, and thought that it would be dark soon, and then there would be no escape. Then I mentaly slapped myself and saw with releif that the credits was over.

And, I did look up what was playing at the Drive-In, which is located localy in Rockford. (When I say "local" I mean it's located 40 min. away.) The doubble bill was Snakes on a Plane and Clerks 2. I'm not sure whether I wanted to see Clerks 2 or not so I just went to the Jasper 8 instead.
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And Lo! Twincityhacker ventured out of her Den of Doom to go see Monster House with Kat, as Kat had IMed her asking to come with. So verily I went and the movie was good.

Well, "good" meaning I snarked though the whole thing (quietly, as I am no Mike Nelson) and had her laughing thoughout the whole thing. 'Cause really, was I the only one thinking of "The Amazing Colassal Beast" when the house got all smashed up and was still chasing them? Especialy when it knocked over the telephone polls?
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Today was a good day.

After a awsome day at school for no particualar reason, I came home and watched Saved!. Which I could recomend just purely on the soundtrack, but is still a really good movie about... acceptence and sin. I guess. I'm not sure. It's just rather good.

And so is the movie I'm watching in psychology, Bicentienal Man. That film is about inhabiting a greyspace betwen two things you really aren't, and trying to carve out a space for yourself.

I needed a day like today.


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