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Tonight ( or more properly, last night ) I saw Die Zauberflöte with two other girls from my floor. The community sprung for the tickets, and I'd never seen opera, so I went.

As you can probably tell from the title, the opera was in German. The prose bits were in English, but there were so little of them it might as well have been ALL German. There was supertitles, but since we were in the nose bleed section, you had the choice and look straight ahead at the titles or down at the stage.

But, other than language issues, it was a great play. They tilted it way towards the crack end of the spectrum, so there were puppets and the occasional Mozart popping up to introduce the acts. The set design was fucking gorgeous, and one of the most clever sets I've ever seen. Three solid walls, divided up into squares that looked like someone opened up a dingbat text. But the squares hid where the doors opened, and little cubbyholes could be revealed, and that the entire back wall could open in the middle and slide sidewards, and the two side walls swung on pivots near the proscenium arch so they could create a solid wall in front of the stage. And then the digbat text squares also hid that they could be flipped over to reveal the outdoor architecture.

Oh, and they had smoke effects. So the only two minsus was I couldn't understand what they were saying, and it had smoke effects. Pluses was EVERYTHING ELSE, so I had a good time.

I still think it should have been translated into English. I think the hilarious bird puppets made up for this. Barely, but it did make up for it.
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Ushered at the auditorium again tonight. It was the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, and I can safely say I am not paying money to sit on such an entertainment again. It wasn't terrible, or exceeding boring, but just... was? I mean, I liked the hapiscord, and the people preforming were obviously great time doing so, and being at the premier of a new movement - yeah, three were Bach Brandenburg Conceartos from 1751, and one from 2006 - but the only piece that I really connected was the last one which was Brandenburg Concerto No.2 in F major, BWV 1047. And I was bound and determined to pay close attention to that piece as the first movement is on the Voyager Golden Record Okay, and the third movement from the new piece, Autumn in Brandenburg, was funny. But that's pretty much it.

Though the entire presentation made me realize I can never think of Bach without thinking of the Ouran High School Host Club as well. *sigh*

Not to mention that this show preformance had to be the most strait-laced thing I've seen in a while. Not only was the musicians ridgedly proper, the majority of the guests were as well.
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Dad and I just went to see the ACT production of "The Music Man." It was good, but I keep noticing the lighting. They made some very intresting chocies for the lighting, like going with a blue spot with te lights full up. But the weridest one was a dace segment that was light with blacklights. (The actors wore white gloves and had "Marian, Lady Librarian" written on the books with a dacing couple dressed in white.) And durring the chase scene, there was a lot of flashing light.

But the really werid part was when Diane was singing a song, and part of my brain went "Going with a upperbody spot was a good choice, here."

And, well, giggling at the romance because I know about half the actors up on the stage, and know whos really hooked up with who, and the fact that the Steven was old enough to be Diane's father.

But the best part of the show, really, was how the audience cracked up every time someone mentioned Gary, Indiana. And Shopopi, of course.
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I went to the fandom tech workshop today, and it was rather nifty. For instance, I actually know how to run a soundboard now, and I want to try running it for the high school play in the spring. Plus, there was lots of lighting stuff like: how to hang and focus lights, how to do lighting plots, and how to patch.

The most amusing thing though the whole day was in the sheets of theater terminology, there was Matlida. Since knowing who's haunting the theater is a very important thing to know. = )

The city board is letting Dorrean direct again - she wasn't allowed to before because she's the facility maneger at the theater, and they thought it was going to be a conflict of interest, but evedently it's not anymore.

And does anyone know any fandoms that are based in theaters? So far I have the Muppets, the Producers, All About Eve/Applause, the Phantom of the Opera, and Nosies Off.
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I just got back from seeing RENT.

*continues to weep buckets*

*pops some asprin*

I also saw Nunsense this weekend, it was kinda weird, but it was funny. And I won a little religous medal thing.

*has flashback to chuch scene*

*weeps even more*
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Practice ran until 7:00 to-day and we were not able to finish the show. In fact, we have not gone through the whole play.

And the director stormed out. I think she quit.

I now wish for either a strong drink or a very sharp sword, since practice was the highlight of my day.

Oh, wait. House is on today. *banks rest of sanity in fake!reality*
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I officaly no longer care when it comes to the school musical. No one in the cast knows thier lines, knows their songs, or knows their dances.

And I don't care because none of it is my responsiblity. I can't do anything to help, so I'm just chilling and doing my job. No use stressing over things I have no way of changing.

Yes, the show is next frelling week. The director is threating to quit. She's embarresed to have her name atached to this monstosity.

Of course, if the crew wouldn't kill me, I would quit too since I could actually do something with those two hours, like catch up on my media arts assignments... and figure out if I should do the video project alone and just bribe people in my class to be in it or I should do group work. And I don't want to impose on the only two people that I know in the class since it's mostly indepentent work.

Edit - So what do people think of the new portal feature? While it does seem nifty to have a one stop shop, it just seems superfluous.

Oh, and "The Legend of Zorro" is fairly good, and well worth the absolutely nothing I paid for it.
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Strike was yesteryday...

And I'm sorta glad I didn't go to the party, because the party I would have ended up at, everyone except for two people got trashed.
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First, I must say that I got flowers for doing tech again.  They where laying on my lightboard.  And when Ryan, Catilyn, Heather, and I took our bows we all lurked in the wings, took our bows, and rushed back into the wings.  And I took two signs off of the set and a few pages out of my script book

But now that Bye, Bye, Birdie is over, I can post the tally of everything that broke.
  • 2 lights blew durring the preformances.  The one last night was especialy sucky because they were recording that particualar performance.
  • 1 light shattered, but I already told about that
  • 1 microphone.
  • 1 body pack only picks up static.  Whether this is just interfernce from the pit or actual damage is unknown, and if it's the later ACT has to pay for it.
  • 1 wagon.  There was originaly supposed to be people rideing on the wagon, but after something happened to the wheel durring another preformace, it could only hold empty luggage.
  • 1 headset.  Heather was able to continue to use the headset for the rest of the preformance with the addition of some painters tape.
  • 3 ripped costumes.
  • 1 broken ankle.  Jasmine, who plays Kim, broke her ankle sliding into second durring a softball game a month or two ago.  She had surgery to fix it so she would be able to do this musical.

Heather, continues to insist that all of this mischief was influenced by Matilda.  Or at least caused by Zuelly running the bows three weeks ahead of show, which she says is very bad luck.

I skiped out on the party tonight since I wasn't feeling well after the preformance, damm those cherrio rice krispe treats!  Then Mom had computer issues.  So I didn't go.  But we still have strike tomorrow.
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Wicked is preforming on Jay Leno! Wicked is preforming on Jay Leno!

Wicked Preformed "One Short Day" on Jay Leno.

And the Daily Show just had a a segment were they tried to show the Chatty Cathy network that outed Valire Plame. And they used "The Telephone Hour" to show this. *thud*
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HA! I knew it! The Galaxy Song is NOT in Spamalot.

Maybe I should back up.

It all started yesterday when we where talking how Chelsea needs to sing louder, and how she needs to practice her songs everyday so she can be louder. Ealier I had complained of having "Telephone Talk" stuck in my head, (which I still do, I was humming the song when I was trying to find my cd case), and complained of having either one of Chelsea's songs or Chelsea's favorite song, "Find Your Grail" from Spamalot.

Then Colin starts humming "The Galaxy Song" again. I said that it wasn't from Spamalot. He said that "The Galaxy Song" and "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" where on Spamalot. He then acuses me of testing him, and he says he's been watching Monty Python since it was Monty Python. (The second was said in a heavier British accent. He then goes on to explain how he would go down to the pb, the Black Bull since that was the only one with a color tv, and watch some show, then go home and turn on BBC 2 and watch Monty Python and another show.

We get a little bored in the tech booth before show stars.

But on more serious matters, one of the lights broke on stage and part of it, a piece of glass as long as an inch came down and almost hit Logan, maybe landing a foot away from her. The same Logan that irritated me the second semester of art, actually. But they continued with the scene, and even ran the scene again while the backstage was getting Doreen, Lady and Mistriss of the Theater, to see what they should do.

Her answer: Get them off the stage! The rest of it could come down at any moment. So the cast exited the stage, walking under the broken light fixture of course. So they replaced the light and the reherseal went on.

And what was the predominate theory about the the broken light fixture? It was Matildia, and that they shouldn't have started practcing bows three weeks before show. Gotta love theater superstision.
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Audry is in the chorus for this production.

But the weridest thing is that everyone is happy to see me. There's been quite a few, "Twincityhacker's back!", and it's really, really odd.
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So I've been back just over a day, still working on the bloody post recounting it, and already I'm stressing over theater.

I'm running lightboard this time, because running sound durring a musical is just a little too ambitous for me. Since I'm almost totaly tone deaf, I can't tell when someone is creeping out of the acceptable sound range. I mostly just turn mikes on and off and do sound effects.

The biggest chalange for me is going to be the the "Telephone Talk" song, where there's somthing like 30 light changes. In this case, I would have benifted from going to one practice a week, since the light bouces from person to person as they sing thier lines. I don't know the pattern or even who the charecters are or it's a little difficult at the moment. It should be ready before the week is out. 'Cause show is this weekend and everything.
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Yay! Zuelly was doing things the community theater way, and just called to see if I could do tech. Which I had to turn down because I have to have to help my sister move, but I can come to rehersal and come help with whatever when I come back. Probably backstage, because there's never enough people doing things backstage.

But I'm not looking forward to helping my sister move. It's not the heavy lifting part: it's driving from Indiana to Wisconsin to Massachutts then home. Which is six, seven days in the car.

I guess the happy thing is that when I come back, I won't have to go anywhere for a whole three weeks until its back to Massachutts for my grandfather's birthday. We're flying then, thank god.
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I'm almost postive it would be a painful experience, but I still want Shuggoth on the Roof to be staged.
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Zuelly, the theater arts teacher, is directing the Summer musical Bye, Bye, Birdie.

I'm worried how the backstage dynamics are going to change. See, Zuelly has a backstage manager, Ryan, and Ryan doesn't tell anyone anything. I hate being kept in the prepetual darkness. And Ryan has an apprentice, who doesn't tell anyone anything either.

Bascicaly, it's high school where no one tells anyone anything, and it's chock full of hatered and jelousy. I don't want that to happen to the community theater group, since it's prettu much my social activity of the season.
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Whoo! We had a huge amount of people at the production tonight! There was about 430 in the house! Whay! And some of the teachers from the highschool came! They really energized the crowd, aka laughed at just about everything!

I'd stop with the exclemation points, but I just can't stop snaping man! Today was just rocked. WIPs got added too, I did stuff, and the aformentioned stuff about Grease.


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