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I have internet! Because I couldn't sleep I decided to log on to the computer and check my internet connection. For the last couple of days, I've not been able to connect to the internet, and after calling the IT hotline twice it was guessed that there was someone getting my IP address.

So loging in at 4:30 AM totally netted me my own IP address! It is very sad how happy I am not having to go to a computer lab to check email. Yesterday I thought to cut out the number of times I ventured out, since it was snowy/slushy, and went to the computer lab in Wright.

When I came back to my room? I looked in the mirror and saw that my lips were a lovely shade of blue. I knew the place was frigid, but I didn't think it was THAT cold.
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I believe the monitor on my desktop has borked. At the very least, the power supply is dead. I was talking to Mom on my cell phone, when the montior turned off and would not turn on again. I'm going to poke at it tomorrow and see if it's completely dead or not.

If it is, I'm not particularly worried. I don't have anything on my hardrive I need for school, and I backed up my files recently enough so that I still have access to 99 percent of my files. The only thing I'm even slightly put out over is that I have find another copy of a film that I was going to watch.

Now, say, if my laptop borks, then I'll be pissed.
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I defeated Microsoft, and managed to work around the XP SP 3 problem in a few short minutes. But it ended up taking two hours anyway because the computer needed a bunch of updates since it hasn't been run since May. And after each update, the computer had to restart.

Also, today I got a whole bunch of books at the library. I also got kicked out of the library as I didn't realize the stacks were closing so early because of tomorrow's holiday. I found all but one of the books I was looking for, though, so no great loss.
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I've arrived in Bloomington. I only forgot my laundry basket and all of my coats, but I can deal until I go home for Thanksgiving.

What I'm not dealing with is that Windows Service Pack 3 is incompatible with my desktop. I think I can fix it, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow to start fooling around with it.
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My CD/DVD drive is officially Broked. When I heard it make the Terrible Noise, I had a feeling it was. When I did a recovery on the computer, I ran a test just on the drive, and it wouldn't even recognize there was anything in there. = (

Positive side, I've now backed up everything! And have a spiffy little external harddrive to boot.

Anyone have any recommendations on a CD/DVD reader/writer?
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I've backed up everything. Now to try to get the CD/DVD player to work... *crosses fingers*
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My disc drive is non-functional. It was recommended that I reformat my computer.

My computer is 116 GB out of 177 GB filled. I think it's time to get an external hard drive. = (


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