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Oct. 21st, 2017 05:39 am
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I finished reading The Big Meow

I appear to be sleeping in very small chunks at too long intervals so detailed commentary I have not, but that was good. Adventure, excitement, romance, saving the world, and cats that are wizards and cats that are gods. Excellent adventure and really big fightings.

If you like cat wizards then this is the sort of thing you might like.
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So, it used to be that we hadn’t upgraded to Windows 10 because our IT department hadn’t cleared it as “secure” enough (it’s not that it wasn’t secure, it just hadn’t gone through the security affirmation process). Now apparently it is, since they upgraded me to 10. I’ve never really had 10; I decided not to upgrade my personal laptop, though for a while the laptop I used for travel had it. 

I know this is just me getting older, but I am weirdly suspicious not of Windows 10 as a system but of the Windows 10 aesthetic. Everything is too smooth and square. Things that should be rounded are pointy and things that should be pointy are rounded. Everything is well-animated and in soothing pastel greys. 

I come from an era where computers weren’t even MEANT to be soothing, where it was just accepted that they would challenge you visually as well as implicitly. And I’m not saying we should go back to a Windows 3.0 aesthetic or anything, I don’t want computers to be difficult, I’m just saying. It’s…

It’s quiet. Too quiet. 

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Okay I am caught up on Discovery, pls link me to your posts that I have previously skipped to avoid Teh Spoilarz.

the quorn show )

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Oct. 19th, 2017 11:19 pm
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today was boring again because still unwell.
didnt go dancing, went shopping locally with employee.
have small food now and things that should be easy to eat.
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So, I think someone high up in management at my institution got hacked last year or something, since in the past year we have developed some serious paranoia regarding data security. Not to say that data security isn’t important or that I dislike the changes, I think they are for the most part sensible, but we went from like, zero to Steranko-System-in-Leverage in the course of a month or two. 

The latest development is a mysterious edict that we all have to leave our computers at work but logged out tonight so that they can “encrypt” our computers somehow – I assume it’s some kind of software they’re going to install, but there’s been a dearth of information over what exactly this Encryption Of Computers entails. Furthermore, I was told that my computer is incompatible with encryption (loose lips sink ships, laptop!) so it will have to be wiped completely and upgraded. Which I’m fine with, all my work is on a network drive anyway and I just had to remember to move a few files. 

But my laptop apparently heard them and knows it’s being wiped. Yesterday the flash stopped working and today my Outlook has decided to neither send nor receive any email. Additionally, a retail clothing website just broke Firefox so hard it no longer allows me to log into anything. 

What I’m saying is that this laptop is going down swinging, and I kind of admire its fighting spirit, but goddamn, could it not have waited until the end of the workday so I wouldn’t have to use Microsoft Webmail to do the last two hours of business today. 

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Oct. 18th, 2017 12:59 am
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I've been looking at a page on wild foods, and I am a bit worried about their standards.

It keeps saying things like 'edible' and then you scroll down and it mentions don't eat too much because of the cyanide.

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Oct. 17th, 2017 11:32 pm
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today cleaner day was achieved successfully
but last night I'd had like two hours sleep
so i just did that and some sleep this afternoon.

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Oct. 16th, 2017 08:18 am
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Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday!

Ways To Give:

Ashley linked to a fundraiser set up by a California credit union, Redwood Credit Union, to help communities impacted by the California wildfires. You can read more and give at their donation page.

[personal profile] kuwdora is a long-time fandom vidder who recently enrolled in a career coaching program with tv/film editor Zack Arnold, and she is now working to pay off the last installment of the program and transition from a vidding hobby to a professional editing career in Hollywood. You can read more here, give to her gofundme here, and buy art from her etsy here.

[tumblr.com profile] catlinyemaker linked to a fundraiser for [twitter.com profile] neolithicsheep, a disabled Navy vet and sustainable agriculture educator who is raising funds to get a border collie to help them with their Sovay sheep. You can read more about the fundraiser and retweet in a twitter thread here, and purchase various shirts and other branded goods at their Teespring here.

[personal profile] xturtle linked to their friend Marcia, who is raising funds to help cover vet bills for her sick bunny; she is running out of unemployment benefits and looking for work; in the meantime Caspian needs testing to determine what the lump in his stomach is and get his teeth fixed. You can read more and help out here.

Anon linked to a fundriaser for [tumblr.com profile] ohcrakerjacks, a victim of black toxic mold. She and her parents are raising funds to replace walls, insulation, flooring, and furniture. You can read more and check out commissions here and give to her ko-fi here, which will support supply purchases for the cross-stitch embroidery she sells.

Buy Stuff, Help Out:

[tumblr.com profile] suriel's husband is about to have two surgeries, each costing several thousand dollars, and they are raising money to cover expenses. They have sales in all their online shops: Fandom buttons and more, caramels and toffees, and their band shop. You can read and reblog here.

Anon linked to [tumblr.com profile] vaspider, who is running a sale on their Etsy shop ($10% off $30 or more) to help with living expenses and home repairs after a job loss and other unexpected life events this year. You can check out the Etsy shop here; it includes a lot of nerdy/geeky Judaica as well as secular clothes, accessories, and cosplay.

News To Know:

[personal profile] brainwane linked to a writeup that [personal profile] kaberett posted about desensitizing themselves to board games; Board Game Desensitization Process is a template for people who may have a difficult relationship to card/board games but want to participate in the increasingly popular social events focused around them.

And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can post items for my attention at the Radio Free Monday submissions form. If you're not sure how to proceed, here is a little more about what I do and how you can help (or ask for help!). If you're new to fundraising, you may want to check out my guide to fundraising here.

Cat Wizards

Oct. 15th, 2017 09:08 pm
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Today I finished reading 'On Her Majesty's Wizardly Service', also known as 'To Visit The Queen', by Diane Duane. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_Visit_the_Queen

It is about cats who are wizards, in the same universe as her Young Wizards books.

It's also a little difficult to summarise, because once you've got the hang of 'regular cats who live in New York, some of them with owners' and 'they do magic' then in the first book you get 'they turn into big cats when they visit an alternate universe full of dinosaur descendent intelligences' and bring that bit along to book two, and *then* it goes all steampunk, with nukes. And alternate timelines. And cats cradle is a game cats play with hyperstrings that make Gates happen? To other places and times and universes, sometimes on accident. And those instant transit gateways are located in regular transit centres, partly because the nature of gates and magic just likes it that way, so the main cats work in Grand Central as gate technicians and they get called to London to work on the gates there. Also there are prophecy ravens. And the Lone Power, Eldest, Fairest and Fallen.

Plus the fate of the cat mummies of egypt is a big plot point.

And they have to stop Queen Victoria from being assassinated.

And retrieve a book. Not a magic book, those are considerably safer.

And there's a whole lot of interpersonal stuff, but with nine life cats, so its simplest to think of them as aliens we live with but cant communicate with yet, so they're familiar and shaped by their interactions with humans and yet here presented as just a non human civilisation that runs intertwined with ours.

So, cat wizards, but... a bit complicated.

I suspect that the difficulty of summarising is why only the two books happened in paperback. I mean I'm sure there's people who'd like reading about cat society, and magic, and worldgates, and dinosaurs, and steampunk Victorian politics, its just difficult to sum up the story in a way that would get the book to its readers.

Also, possibly, difficult to get readers who want all those things at once.

But I do like them, so I'm very much looking forwards to book three, now in convenient ebook form available to buy through the authors website
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Because I am me, I systematized my home search as much as I could – I have a spreadsheet in google that has not just my list of Best, Acceptable, and Totally Unacceptable buildings in it but also my mortgage calculator from the bank and various other financial stuff. I also went into the top few real estate websites (primarily Zillow and Estately) and set several different searches to be sent to my non-fandom inbox, where they were then filtered into a Housing folder (different from my other Housing folder, which has all my documents/communications with my realtor). 

Now I’m looking at my Housing folder which constantly has new emails in it and wishing there was just an “I BOUGHT A HOME, YOUR SERVICES ARE NOW IN VAIN” button I could press to notify all of those sites that no, really, I seriously do not anymore need your Real Estate Tips And Tricks newsletter anymore. 

Fortunately changing my address everywhere won’t be the nightmare my mum always complains it is, because I also have a spreadsheet of every website I’ve ever built a login for, and I just go through the spreadsheet (also it’s an excellent opportunity to delete my account from sites I never use). 

I’ve rarely lived anywhere for more than five years, and my phone number was deeply unstable for a while for similar reasons, but it’s a small wonder our generation prefers email to most other forms of communication – after all, my gmail addresses have been stable now for more than ten years. 

I believe I have now been Copperbadge On Social Media for longer than I have ever lived in any single residence. 

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I am very tired

Oct. 12th, 2017 10:05 pm
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I went to dancing! ... I needed extra sit downs. The teacher keeps on not having many breaks, which means you get lots of lesson, but also lots of tired. Also we kept practicing the bit with bending down and standing up, over and over, and I think my head prefers level. Also it was flags and changing hands, so I'm glad of my gloves, but I still don't like the flappy things. ... I sound grumpy. I ended in a better mood than I started, I just started all wound up of paperwork.

Then I went to Sainsburys and bought the shiniest version of Wonder Woman. I'm not 100% certain my equipment can play it, but it can definitely do one of the versions it says on the box, so I bought it anyway. I had to ask at Customer Services, which was a bit difficult but I win today.

Sainsburys has a new pattern of plates with red leaves and berries. https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/groceries/all-tableware-44/sainsburys-home-fireside-dinner-plate-132181261-p# I think I like it. If I still like it next week I will buy it to be holiday plates, because I've been wanting a second set. My other plates are one set of nice and one set of cheap from when I first moved out twenty years ago. And the bowls on those have been too small for twenty years. So new would be nice.

I shall wait and see what I think later.

I got my foods and my day was nicer. And now I am home and can go to sleep any time I choose.

... I think I choose as soon as I've eaten the apple pastry...
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The owners of the condo I offered on have accepted my offer at $180K, with the only condition that they will do no repairs or remodels before I take possession. 

*head between knees*


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Oct. 12th, 2017 08:18 am
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Boston Medical Center, I appreciate your desire to reach the general public with messages encouraging folks with breasts to show up for mammograms, esp. since this is October and that means Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

But could you PLEASE not do it with ads on Pandora where you have your mammogram machine (which sounds like a middle-aged white woman named Pam or Kimberly or something) sing breast-themed versions of Salt-N-Pepa music into someone's answering machine? I'm allowed to listen to Pandora at work, but I keep having to scramble to hit the mute button on my computer because it goes from nice shapeless calming ambient to LET'S TALK ABOUT BREAST HEALTH PLEASE, LET'S TALK ABOUT-



Oct. 11th, 2017 09:19 am
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My new chair has arrived! :-D
It is a very excellent new chair.
Usually I am wary of new things but I have already been sitting in this one for an hour and it is much more me shaped than previous chairs and excellently comfortable.

It has a five year guarantee, but only for the not moving bits. The moving bits guarantee is less years. But it has years of guarantee, so that's good.

It is also cream leather, and specifically warns you not to wear damp denim on it or color transfer happens. Other fabrics too if they're not colorfast enough but it kept mentioning denim. It felt like they must have had that discussion many, many times.

There's also a cleaning kit and a recommended supplier and a lot of instructions about what precise kind of cloth to use and avoiding microfibre. Also that you have to prove you've been using the care instructions or the cover fabric guarantee wont apply. :eyeroll:

Chairs are more complex than expected.

But delivery happened (phoned at 8, delivered by 0830, i thought the phone lady said 9 but noooo...)

And now I have a new and excellent recliner chair I like already.

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Oct. 10th, 2017 04:48 pm
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Paperwork Day has been achieved
and was very difficult

now it is blanket day for as long as possible.
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I used to be confused, as a child, about why you would buy a new calendar in September – a calendar that would contain September-December and then the entire next year. Because surely you had a calendar that went through the end of the year, no calendar ever ENDS in August. 

But as an adult now I get it, because I keep a private calendar in google docs and I just had to move the October, November, and December tabs into the 2018 calendar since I’m already bookin’ shit out for January and February. At this point, starting in November I’m traveling at least once a month, every month, from November to June, except in May. 

Clearly I better book a trip in May. :D  

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Oct. 10th, 2017 08:58 am
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So I learned a new wrapping technique from Gayle Bird Designs at Craftsy this weekend.

Turns out it's really fast, and looks awfully fancy into the bargain. )


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