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I finally got a replacement for the laptop that blew up at school last fall. Since Acer stopped making a comparable model they sent a check. The new one was around the same price, I think. I never saw the check myself so I don't know for sure. Then we got the $200 service plan that covers it for three years, and since laptops don't last very long in my care, it's a pretty good deal.

I already have my list of programs to install: Firefox, GSpot, AV player, Winamp, Clamwin, Avast, Open Office, XVID, Photoshop/GIMP and flash player. I'm unhappy with both of the .pdf readers I was using, so I need to think about that.

And, it needs a name. Any suggestions? I'm thinking Holly.
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My laptop has died. I have to take it to a computer repair place to see if I can be fixed or not, as the on-campus tech support think it has more to do with the hardware. Luckily, I didn't have much on it that I can't recreate. I still have all the books so I can redo the bibligraphy, and all the notes I took only electronically are from only 40 pages of the same book. It'll be a bitch, but do-able.

Anyway, I have to get going now for a quick bite to eat and then head to the hospital for my testing.

I win!

Apr. 2nd, 2008 09:46 pm
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I have installed the optical drive. Once I realize the front cover of the case swung off as well as the side - though with completely diffrent ways of doing so - it worked out fine. Very snappy opening and closing too!

It only took... an hour? Most of that time was spent trying to get the old drive out of the computer.

So I can now play and burn DVDs on Leo. Happy, happy time. Especially with Teresa acting all wonky.
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I saw Bill Clinton stumping for Hillary Clinton today. Once he arrived - two and a half hours late - he gave a quite persuasive speech. The healthcare and the 'No Child Left Behind Act' admendments were in particular quite shiny. And recognizing that corn is a poor source of bio-fuel, and farming waste would be a better source ( like the corn stocks from the corn we already grow. )

Though I'm still probably voting for Obama, but now I just really, really, really want a Obama/Clinton ticket. I think they'd make a good political partnership as their ideologies are the same, but their methods of getting their ideologies accomplished are dissimilar and complementary.

I mean, when you vote the same way 95% of the time, it's pretty damm hard to see where those differences are. And when you co-sponsor the majority of each other's bills. Ect.

AND I just got my new DVD/CD burner, and I'm about to install it. Hopefully everything will go well - it's not like I can break the one that's in Leo already any more than it already is.
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OMG. It took me twelve hours to download Voyage of the Dammed. And two CDs and three DVDs. It wouldn't have been so bad if I just watched in on the computer, but I decided to watch it on television, and the DVD refused to play past 45:24.

I'm burning one final disk, but both files I have are skippy messes that only play in VLC, so I don't know how that's going to work out.

The preparation for viewing was so frustrating that it partly killed the mood, but at the end the tears I shed were sadness/frustration at the show instead of at the video files.

I also want Mr. Copper as a companion. Or at least some fic with him in it!
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There's one small, tiny error about the new laptop over break.

The reason that I bought it - for my programing class - I can't actually get it to actually work for that class. As the software/program/environment that we use in class (Cygwin) is not actually built for Vista.

Sometimes the program operates correctly, and sometimes it doesn't. I'm in the process of trying to get it to work right, but at the moment I'm writing code in Wordpad as neither of the computers I have access to in my room work reliably with the program. For when the programs need to process correctly I'm probably going to end up going to the library.

Of course, I have to head to the library anyhow as I can't get the VPN connection to process properly either. In other words, Teresa is a really shiny notebook at the moment. But she'll get there eventually.

Though the REALLY exciting thing today was I was soaked to the skin the moment I stepped out the door to get to class this morning. I got across Sunset Street and started laughing hysetically as I was already soaked and walking to class I dislike in the middle of a thundershower. Then I started on the show tunes, because, really it's bad enough that I'm walking to class in the rain, why should I be creepily silent as I do so?

I'm not sure if anyone else appreciated my singing, as I could only remember half the verses to "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" and "Night and Day." But again, singing > silence.
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Am still working on the USB External Drive Thing. It's marketed as "Easy To Install!" though I've been working on the damm thing for two hours, so they are lying like woah.

The idea that the external drive - a Western Digital My Book Essentials 150 GB model - is plug and play in Windows XP. And it doesn't "plug and play" on either of the two computers I have access to. But I do know that it has plugged and played before, as it backed up the files on Dad's ex-work computer that he's turned in to the company.

There is a long and somewhat scary round about fix on the support site where you enter into the disk management portion of My Computer and then is supposed automaticaly bring up the Initialize and Convert Disk Wizard. Guess what its not doing as well!

Actually, the drive shows up in no way, shape, or form on the computer. It's not recognizing that anything is plugged in at all, when even if I plug in the USB printer, it at least shows up as a O KB drive in the Disk Management space. I just think the drive thing is broken.

But there's a Servo emedded into the device! I though I heard it mocking me, but now I know for sure. = )
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Found out what was wrong with the TV tuner. Apparently Google Sketch Up does not play nice with the program that I use to access it.

That? Is so incredibly lame I couldn't figure that out before Heroes came on. Ah, well, back to frantical trying to finish work before the weekend.


Nov. 10th, 2006 06:36 pm
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Do you know how I was having trouble with Firefox 2.0?

I downloaded the British English version, and it got all better. I'd try re-installing the US English version, but I don't want to jinx it. So I'm sticking with the funny spelling until further notice.

Not that I don't spell funny anyway. However, it's funny as in badly.= )
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Well, it took six months, but I am finally on the computer that my sister gave me last July.

It's name? Someone apparenlty named it "Quakers." Thus, the box's name is Quakers, 'till Motherboard death and dismantling for parts.

The AV card doesn't work, and for some reason it has a rather small memory, but it does have a CD burner and My sister recomends getting a DVD burner for it.

But I can screw around with it a little bit to make it work better, even though running a graphics program is straight out since the monitor is older than the desktop, and we got the desktop in December 1995.

Hell, the monitor has been dropped down the stairs, and it still works fine. How many computers can you say that of (though the box we had at the time also made the trip down the stairs too).
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Today I not only have one, but two computers to complain about.

The first, the desktop, is not actualy the box this time. No, .wav files still don't work. But this morning I go to check my email, and the computer screen is a lovely shade of magenta. After a fiddled with the monitor for a little bit, I got the deep magenta cast to turn into a light green. But since I can't tolerate more than ten minutes on it until I start getting a headache, the monitor will probably need to be replaced again. Since the monitor was replaced last June, the problem is doublely irritaing.

The other computer problem is also on a desktop, but this is a entirely new problem. When Dad and I helped move my sister, she gifted us with her old desktop, which I was all exicted to have since it has a cd burner and other hardware goodies like a co-axial input. I finaly find our old monitor, not the one that we replaced in June, but the one that went with the computer that ran Windows 3.0. For a monitor thats nearly ten years old, it works pretty good.

And no, I can't replace the broken monitor with this one because the connecters are diffrent.

Anyway, first the computer pops up with a pri slave hdd error, which is fixable, then it takes a v. v. long time to get to the login window, when it gets to it at all, since yesterday it sat their booting for two hours, then it's password protected, and the password doesn't work.

This has pretty much sealed the boxs fate as a server, because since it's a lot more useful than the faux-tivo I was considering, and I'm even less inclined to switch that computer to the main desktop and turn the current desktop into a server.
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And now my computer refueses to play .wav files. When I try to play them, an error pops up that I don't have the ACM codec, even though I went out and installed it. Not to mention that the files worked fine until just a few days ago.
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My Dad figured out why the internet connection wasn't working. For some reason, the connection that we use to access the internet does not like to be shared between computers. When we hooked up my Mom's laptop, the conection stoped working on the desktop.

Of course, that was only found out after I had rebooted the computer. -_-0

But it turned out all right in the end, because I was able to install the anti-virus software, so I don't get blamed for everything that happens on it. And for some reason there's about 2.8 GB of free space on the C drive, where there used to be about 800 MB. The computer runs a bit faster now.
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Yesterday I was online on the desktop, and for some reason I couldn't leave the page I was on. I close the browser and re-open it, and the window informs me that either the computer is either not configured for internet accesss or not registered for internet access.

So I try repairing the connection with the QIC assistaint, and it informs me that it's just the mail servers and the news server aren't working and that the problem is proablably a temporary outage.

And I know it's not the internet connection, because it's the same connection I'm using on my Mom's labtop, and the conntection works just fine on this computer.

So, something is very wrong with the desktop. Which is why I have my shiney boot disk for repairs when I finish getting off all the files on desktop, so I can do a full reformating on all the drives.
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See, my mother decied that she doesn't want to work in daycare anymore. It's not the fact she doesn't like taking care of the kids anymore, it's the part where the daycare centers she works at are crazy. I suppose this crazyness is in part in peole thinking if they do the tiniest thing wrong, the kid is damaged for life.

Anyway, she want's to stop. If she finishes her degree, she belives that she can get a non-day care job. She was close to getting it before, but she had to stop because she had me. Now, I'm all for her finishing it, but the only way for her to finish her degree would be to take online courses.

My mother gets fustrated by computers rather easily, so you can just imagine where this is going.

So far, she's had two days of classes. She's already behind because the book she's supposed to be working out of didn't arrive when it was supposed to, three days ago. Add to the fact that the printer that she was using upstairs isn't compadible with he comptuer, so we had to spend an hour hooking the damm thing down in the basement.

But that's not even the really nasty part. The program she needs to use to access her class information, Microsoft Outlook Web Acess is EVIL! The first post she had to make was a little tough, but it went thourgh. Unfotunatly, the option we used to post it was the wrong one, and the teacher bitched at her to follow proper threading procedure.

Her next task was to answer a question after reading the book that hasn't come yet. Luckily, she could make up an answer without the book, since the question was asking about how she planned papers. So she clicks on the reply to folder icon that would let her post her response to the question. Instead of opening a box that would let her type her response, the window closes. And this icon is the only thing that she can press to let her post her response in the proper threading fashion.

Repeat this for FIVE HOURS. She had about 45 minutes for her to post her response, when I finaly went to bed, since I couldn't help her anymore. I did tell her that if she just had ten minutes until it was due to just post it the wrong way again.

I don't think she did. She did try again this morning, but I don't think it worked any better today than it did yesterday.
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At this point, I'm pretty ready just to shove the files I have onto a remailer, and download the stupid files again.

Because right now, it appears that somehow I managed to deleate a file on the flash drive I've been using, and had the computer explode at just the right moment to where the data is still on the disk, but all the ways of accessing the data are gone. Thus the drive went from 256 to 70.

And of course, the tech help place for the drive was zero help. And so where the other random helplaces on the net.

And thats not counting the ten times I had to restart because the computer was demandig I reformat the drive, and how all the files for one MST3K episode were all on the other comptuter, ready to be burned, and it turns out that one of the files was corrupted, so I got to start all over on that. And the file after that that had been split apart, only did the first five out of fifteen. And the next file took a half hour to split.

The fact that I just finished watching "Son of Herculues" and currecntly watching the unmsted version of "Egah!" is probably not helping matters either.
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My computer is either possesed or has become self aware. It randomaly restarted itself, with out me actauly doing anything. Well, I had clicked to read a post and the scren went black and it started the startup procedure. And I hadn't pressed restart, the power button, or even control alt delete!

And why, WHY Bravo must you subtittles and flash translations for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy UK Edition? I'll give you the tube/subway one, but the rest are unforgivable. Just let the Americans stumble though!

Speaking of UK English, is it werid when you hear a word with the US meaning and think of the UK meaning? The other day I was watching The Ellen Show and she was joking of having a game that was called "Pardon me, are these your pants?" I first though "jeans", but then thought "underwear?!".

I already found out today that I measure far better in the metric than the English system. We had to do some measureing in lab and the English for one was only off by a few millimeters, which was cool because the smallest unit on the meter stick was 1/8 of a inch, but the other was off by two centimeters! And I like the metric system too, except that the Farienhight tempeture system is easier that Celseius. But I just learned a kick ass convsersion equation, so I don't care much either way.

I blame science class and Britsh/Canadian comedy. Damm you Mr. T and Mrs. T and Father Ted!
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A quick thing because I've already restated the coper ten times in the last 4 hours because of Sharezza. I think I've finaly figured out why it keeps locking up the enitre computer: Everyso often someone attempts to upload from me a a stuplidly high rate. The last time it freazed in the way I would be able to see the shareza window, it was 527 b/sec. Or at five times faster than the highest I've been able to download and I'm on a cable modem. So I've been chilling near the computer restarting the computer when neccesary.

Yesterday was the series finale of The Drew Carey Show. This last season wasn't up to par (Lewis wasn't in half of the shows in the last two seasons, and Kate wasn't in the last two seasons at all) But I'm still sad to see it go. But the last five mintues Teh last shots was a replay of Drew palying pool in the rain and kate, Lewis, and Oswald watching him from the window and frinking beer. Then that shot faded to Drew Playing pool in the rain again and the main cast from the last season in the window watching him play and drinking beer. Then the cmera pulled out to show the whole set they were on and the lights went up and they had group hugs. Then they intermixed some behind the sence shots and the cast meeting fans in Cleavland.

This also means that I've seen two series finales and one show go completly off the air this year. If I didn't have my reruns/tapes and fanfiction, I just don't know what I would do.

Two of my home teams are going against each other, the Colts and the Patriots, and I'm rooting for the Pariots. I don't know what I'm going to do for the Packers Vs. the Patriots though.


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