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Yesterday felt super long, as I left the house around 11 AM to go to my psychologist's appointment, and really didn't return home until 12 AM. I still have three errands that I didn't do yesterday, so I should leave and do them, but I am still in my pajamas. I don't have to be at work until three, so I still have time.

So, I was listening to a metric ton of NPR, and one of the "news around the world" spots was that someone at MI6 was caught selling state secrets, and he was expected to get around 9 years in prison. My reaction was "I guess Toshiko's story was way overblown!"

I'm making some progress on [ profile] holmes_big_bang. I got distracted by a Torchwood AU at work.
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We went out and about today, shopping for things for vacation. And stuff for my lunch. We ended up leaving a bag at the check out at the first store, so after looking all over for the recipt I missplaced, we went to pick up the bag. They didn't give us our bag back, because when it was in the lost cart, the bread and donuts were squished and the cheese was unsellable.

On another shopping front - I'm trying to chase down some ebooks of the Jeeves and Wooster stories, and the only place I'm finding them is Waterstones. Would not even all that bad, if not for the fact that the ebooks are more expensive than the the dead tree version. By a couple of pounds.

On the other had, they also had two collections of Wodehouse that's more reasonably priced.
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With my training completed, I'm starting the night shift on Monday. Having two days to transition to that schedule is so much better than one.

But other than placing thousands of stickers, I haven't been doing all that much. I think I spent the entire week trying to get the Sims 2 working again.

I've also been watching a lot of White Collar. Yesterday, I watched episodes one through five. Today, I've watched episode six and been trying to get a working copy of episode seven for the entire day. Even though I have a strong signal, it's been taking ages to load pages, let alone download things.

The blankets my mother and I are doing for "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" have finally been finished. Cutting one inch strips that are four inches long was surprisingly insanity inducing. Not as much as the SCARY AIR, but few things are. = )

Uhm. I think that's it.

Oh, and I started fiddling with the correction on my parents' wedding photos. You can really tell the one's that the guests took and ones the professional. The ink on the guest snaps have degraded realy badly, with everything with a orange wash. I was very annoyed with one photograph in particular, until Mom pointed out that everything in the room was orange.
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I have an hour of bible study every Wednesday, okay? Before we got started, Meridith mentioned how excited she was for the Richard Dawkins lecture next Monday. Then Sophie mentioned that she was sad she she couldn't go, because she wanted to hear his rationalization of the evolutionist view of universal health care.

I was the first one to speak. I stammered out, "But... but he's British!"

Cue pretty much the entire time for the three of us to try to persuade Sophie that universal health care and evolution are not incomparable. She had the impression that if you think evolution ( especially macro ) evolution exist, then you also must follow the philosophical school thought of egoism, as acting contrary to that fact would be against the doctrine of the survival of the fittest.

It basically summed up to two problems. The first is that evolutionary theory does not adequately explain explain the development of kindness. I talked about some examples about why it would be advantageous to your genes to be altruistic: such as while it's not directly your genes, looking after the well being of a niece or nephew would also continue your gene line.

The other problem is that Sophie needs to study the theory of evolution a bit more. She got tangled up in her mind evolutionary theory and social Darwinism. Which are not the same thing, as one is a conclusion based upon observations and one is an excuse to treat people like crap.

This all sums up why I like Sophie. We come to the same conclusions, even though our thought processes are very, very different.
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Sophie and I went to the Irish Lion. She had a Guinness, I had a hard cider, and we both had a bit of each. The cider tasted good, the Guinness, not so much.

We chatted over drinks about this or that, for two hours, and when we were polishing up our drinks a nice public defender wanted to buy us drinks. We weren't at first, because she was driving and I weigh 120 soaking wet, but we ended up getting two orange juices and talking about his work and the pub and Bloomington in general.

The Irish Lion is the ragged edge of the "respectable" Bloomington. Going east, it's college campus, boutiques, and generally nice places. The west, it's shady, and where most of the murders and drug dealing happens. Next to the bar used to be the train tracks, so there was a literal right side/wrong side dynamic going on.

The pub itself used to be a bar/whorehouse, with the bottom floor being a bar where the railroad men could cash their paychecks and the top being the rooms were the prostitutes plied their trade. The bar next door, The Crazy Horse, was more or less a straight up brothel. The area was called "The Levy" in both senses of the term: the dividing line between goodness and deceit, and where people tried to get a cut of the paycheck they just cashed.

The guy was slightly bitter, as he was getting ready to defend a man for murder. Recently, the police had found the bones of man who had been missing for some time. A few years ago a more affluent family had their daughter kidnapped and the town was crawling with FBI agents. And other things.

The public defender wanted to buy us a drink, because he had a relativity good day and wanted to share the karma. And probably put a little good karma out as he sounded ready to bitchslap one of his clients for being a moron and that if he didn't give something better than the BS he'd be going to jail for a minimum of 25 years.

And he said good something about Jasper, that the people there mostly did things as they should. Bloomington is good on the surface with lots of poverty and a much larger homeless population that would be expected.

A good day - educational, fun, and illustrating how very lucky I am.
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I haven't been posting much. That's because my little spots of joy have been terribely dull: the glee of making purple folders doesn't exactly translate outside of my head.

Though, on Friday, I did do something rather neat. Usually, the things we make in my factory just bop about North America. But that day all I did was shrinkwrap folders... to send to Europe. So I started working over just what documents were these going to hold. COuld MI-5 use them to hold notes on a serial killer? Would [ profile] dune_drd be using them for her research? Would they hold the office records of Scott Gill? Would [ profile] jadesfire2082 use them to hide from freshmen on the pretence of filing?

And later that day I bought a quarter of a tank of gasoline and stocked up on drugs. Two of my ( lovely generic )psychiatric drugs, store-brand midol, store-brand aspirin, and Aleve Cold and Sinus. And a chocolate bar, which was definitely a drug I needed.

Especially since between an emergency crew rolling though, and people getting off work, it was completely gridlocked at the intersection in front of Walgreens. So I moved the car to get the best view of the chaos, and enjoyed a melting chocolate bar until traffic cleared a little.
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Having a dream that your alarm clock going off is strange. I got dressed and went to pack my lunch and then surprized how dark it was for 5:30. Though it made sense, as it was only 4:08.
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I've not been really around that much lately. I've been running myself a bit ragged the last week, as I went out every night. Either to the Doctor's - my GP, my psychiatrist, and my dentist - or visiting with my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Jim who were in the area visiting my Uncle Jim's side of the family.

And yesterday just blew like a blowing thing. Work blew because the shift before us were incompetent and we had to redo all of their work, and then the machine broke down for four hours. Driving home took twice as long as normal, as I got most of the way home and found out the road was blocked by a terrible accident. So I had to turn around and drive most of the way to work so I could take a different road home. And when I was on the off-ramp of the highway I spun out and came close to ending up in a rather enormous ditch or plowing though the guardrail and off a cliff. Somehow, I stayed on the road and continued home.

Today I'm just veging out, and not planning anything more taxing than dropping off the recycling.
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I was looking though my closet for clothes for going out to dinner with my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Jim, and I came across my two evening gowns. Both are red, and inspired by dress designs from the fourties.

Most of the time, I don't really care what I look like. Part of this is depresion, as I didn't even want to get cleaned up when I was muddy. The other is that I just don't really give a damm. But there are times where I just want to be fucking gorgeous. Dress up my hair fancy, put on some make-up, and strut my stuff because I am just that awesome.

The only problem with this is that if I do get dressed up, I feel that there's no place to go to, well, show-off. I've toyed with wearing the shorter dress - it only goes up to mid-calf! gasp! - to do grocery shopping. It's easier to move around in.

Desicions. Decisions. Decisions. But I have to go get dressed. In something warmer than an evening gown as even though it's seventy-one degrees, it's that chilly dampness out that makes the temperature feel so much colder.


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