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Olympic Fencing: Complete Style

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But I just reallized something a bit werid. Epees have triangular blades. Triangular blades are illegal (or just not used) in warfare because stab wounds from the blade have more trouble healing than from a diffrently configured blade. (Think broadswords, or kantana.) I know that the basic design of the blades haven't changed in years, but does anyone else think it's a bit werid that people are playing with weapons that aren't even allowed on the battlefield?
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Got back from Chicago yesterday afternoon. I'm still working on my post for the trip and the blow-by-blow, but I'm home and went to class today.

But, the important info from the trip is: I BEAT A NORTHWESTERN FOILIST, BITCH, AND SHE WAS A FUCKING LEFTIE. As in, I beat a varsity league fencer, and she was the opposite hand from me which usually makes it harder to beat. Except I'm fucking made with win when it comes with fighting opposite handers, and I kinda walked all over both lefties I faced. I got crushed by the other 25 other righties I faced, so I still suck. And still sore, natch.

But I beat a Northwestern fencer! *beams*

And yes, Heroes is good. I just don't have any relevent squee other than my normal confused face about everything, so I'm saying nothing. I'm also cleaning up so I can get checked out tomorrow for Thanksgiving break. I still need to vaccum, though I'm probably going to wait until tomorrow because I'm tired and it's broiling in my room.
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So, I'm off to the team fencing tournament in Chicago. Don't go burning down the internets while I'm gone, okay?

Oh, Snap!

Nov. 15th, 2006 10:34 pm
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Nothing like snaping awake and thinking "AH! I HAVE NO PLACE TO STAY FOR THE FENCING TOURNAMENT!"

I do, though. I have a room, a ride, and equipment. Why can't my brain understand this?

Okay, the equipment is a little foggy, as the foilsts managed to to have the suckiest luck tonight just fighting each other. Not only did two batteries die in the scoring equipment, we managed to break two foils as well. The first was easily fixable, but the second, the blade snapped in half and someone nearly got a broken blade to the chest. Luckily, Fritz realized "Hm. I should have already been touching him." and stopped his lunge before we were down a men's foilist.

Long story short, for about five people we have only one working electric foil. Brian is going to be putting together a few tomorrow, so it will only be three foils for five people, but since the men and the women foilists are going to be on different days, it will work out fine.

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Yesterday was pretty cool and there were quite a few luckey brakes, such as even though I was late to math, I got there just in time to recive the inclass quiz - and I could actually complete the quiz, would may be seen as even more fortunate.

Not much else happened - besides class - for the rest of the day until fencing, where I am going to the touney. I ordered my knickers too, and they ended up being cheeper than I thought. And I was making my way back from fencing, and I decied on a whim to go buy a ticket to see the Phantom of the Opera silent movie that was playing at the audiotorium. I thought I was going to go in late when this guy just randomly hands me a ticket for the balcony since I'm a student. Though I'm so glad I went, as there is no way that seeing the Phantom on a television can compare to seeing the film on a screen - especialy with live organist accompaniment.

Though the most exiciting thing about the film was the scene in color. Dear god, I see things in color all the time with sound to boot, but having the film in tinted black and white, and then suddenly color was amazing. Though I was a bit confused as The Phantom of the Opera is billed as a horror film, and it was more of a comedy/tragedy thing. Or at least, the 2006 audience found 1925 drama as hysterical. = )

Though, fast film fact: In the British verion of the film, one of the pieces that the Phantom plays on the organ is Bach's Fuge in D Minor. It's the first recorded time that music was paired with a mad organist.
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So! Fencing.

Today's excitement was that I took a blade to the nerve cluster that runs closeish to the femral artory in my left leg. Not fun I did, however, finish the bout. Lost it 3-5. But the worse I did all day was 2-5, so it was decent.

But, I'm probably going to be going to the fencing tournament in Chicago in November though. A bit nervous, as it's the second largest tournement in the US (or North America?) the Redoublet.

This means I'm buying equipment, obviously. At the very least, knickers.
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I was all worried about my in-class writting for Spanish, but it turned out fairly well. I knew what she wanted this time, plus the fact that I could write a great deal about Mr. Bush's current polices in Spanish, than writting why television is a cutural wasteland. I'm also happy that the prompt wasn't about sexism, as the topic makes me even more incohernt than I already am, especialy when I have to explain why certian ideas are sexist. Like, "a women having an abortion without teling the father and/or asking him" or "a man always paying for a date."

Uhm. Anyways, had a much easier time with the essay, though I kept using one word probably far too much and possbley incorrectly.

And since today is Wedsday, I fenced. For some reason, my stance is all wrong and the rest of the people continualy try to point out what I'm dong wrong. It's fustranting, not because I'm doing it wrong but because when they correct it they always contradict what someone had told me earlier. That's not getting into the trouble I'm getting with... other things. It's hard to describe, but I'm having a large disconect between some words that mean a movement and preforming the actual movement. (And I can't do a drill with more than four or five actions or I'll forget the drill in the middle of actually preforming it.)

But, even with all that, I did okay with the bouts that I fought today. The first two I got slaughted with either zero and one point, then I fenced okay and losted, then the last two the other guys lost their minds and started throwing themselves on my blade. I'm serious, they kept advanceing into my blade when they moved into the attack.

Finally, I now have to wear a armoured bra for fencing. The cups are plastic and the bit that attaches together is just like a normal bra's eye hooks. Though since I have nothing to really protect it's closer to a breast plate as it covers my entire ribcage for some reason.
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The IU open is today, but I can't wrestle the will to actually put on a pair of shoes and walk over there. I myself am not fencing because a I'm A: am worse than a ham sandwhich and B: don't have the proper safety gear to fence in compotion.

Though I'm considering getting the equiptment.

I should really go watch.

I'm not sure that I'm going to do either.
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Today's fencing gem: "Don't do that. It's a great way to break your sword."

Even though I'm studing the "most dangerous weapon" - foil blades are flimsy little blighters, and when they brake they have a sharper point because they're a a bit thinner in the circumfrence of the blade - fencing is still safer than golf, as no one has ever died in fencing sport in the US. I'm sure that some idiots snuffed it in a duel or two, though.

I'd update with more interesting things, but I do fencing and I go to class and that's pretty much it. Though I kinda wish they'd turn on the heat!
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Dear Guy Who I Fenced Today,

Please note that in foil, the arm is not target area. Hence, none of the soon to be brusies mottleing my arm counted as a point. If you like hitting there so much, please switch to sabre - or eppe, as my thighs are not target either.


As you can tell, I went to fencing pratice today. Got beat up lots, as I haven't practiced in over two weeks with one thing or another. Though some of it was completely the other guys fault, as there was a really big dent in my foil's bellguard that wasn't there when I got it at the beinging of pratice. Though the fact that my knuckles are all smashed is my fault.

I also learned how to direct a bout and what a marching attack is and how to fend it off, so it wasn't just entirely "let's kill our opponet!" day.

Now, for supper and to return some possibley late cds. I dont remember when I checked them out, not good.
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I have finally figured out the proper on-guard stance. You're supposd to stort of pop your sholder out of it's socket while keeping you're elbow somewhere almost on the hip. Because if it burns, I'm doing it right.

Though I did learn one of themost beatuiful infighting techniques I've ever seen today. It was like balet, if you conducted the dance with blunted swords. With the foil, as I think that's what I'm going to be studing. I'm not sure yet, as it's actually the least like actual swords.


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