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The ax has fallen, and I am now unemployed again. The reason that the company gave was because of me leaving early - so the long and the short it was because my crazy is not under control.
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I am apparently still not fired. This is leaving me bewildered and paranoid and deeply impatient for the ax to drop already.


Mar. 27th, 2010 12:00 am
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I am not at work. Again. I couldn't breathe. I feel better now, but I feel so stupid, like I could have prevented it or managed my attack better. Or something! I was feeling better when I was in the break room, but when I even thought about going back to work it felt like one of the cats where jumping up and down on my chest.
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I do not bring up politics in the breakroom. But today, one of my co-workers did. Specifically, about the healthcare bill that just passed. First, her statements were about how it would be paid for. I said a tax on indoor tanning - which is hilarious and true, and I thought it would be the end of it.

Then she brings up that the government would pay for abortions. AHGH! NO! I explained why that is not true, what the Hyde Amendment is, ect. This does not reflect whether or not abortion services should be healthcare or not, as I think it should. I just hate it when people are factually wrong.

In this particular case, I am pretty sure that I didn't get though. Which is a shame, because we were arguing about reality, which should be a fairly neutral point.
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Today is my last day of work before vacation. I would not even mind being sent home early today - something that I avoided like the plague yesterday.

I also have a good chance of getting the same job again, as even though I told my supervisors that I'd be going on vacation over a month ago, they did not actually plan for me to be gone. So they haven't trained anyone, and if they did train someone, I would be back the next day after they finished the training. = )

Not that, you know, stickering is all that complicated.

I still have some packing to do, but most of that packing is "charge iPod." I did end up having less of my burpropian than I thought, and have to pick some up before work. So I should make lunch. Anytime now.
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I am not at work. Or going to work, as the overtime I have to work has been moved to Monday, which is supposed to be a holiday. I am going in on day shift, because I am gambeling on the fact that we're fairly far ahead and we can go home early.


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