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I found a place that sells comics! It's a drug store, so they only sell about twenty or so titles, but the most important thing is that they sell Detective Comics. Which means I halved the amount of time it would take to get my Gotham City fix.
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My "local" comic book shop, the one that became my LCS when the actually local and conveniently located one closed, is also closing. Their sister store is 50 minutes away. There's two that are a bit closer, but still 40+ minutes in directions I never venture.
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My Uncle and his wife had a stroke of brilliance when it came to Christmas presents this year. Either that, or my aunt remembered the conversation we had while driving me from the airport to my grandparent's house. As I have a Uhura action figure, and "Torchwood: Rift War" comic book. Which has a totally lying cover as it's a post-Meat pre-Rest fic, so it's TEAM fic story and not just post-series Two story that I was expecting.

Also, it has a timy-whimy aspect AND Steampunk!Torchwood makes a cameo! And Toshiko is featured taking actions and doing things other than read things off of computer monitors. Oh, and she rides Myfanwy.

The minuses is that, at times, the human cast is drawn very oddly. There are three artists on the book, and it really, really shows. ( The back up feature is drawn beautifully! ) Owen did not show all that well, and cannot really remember what he did.
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I love Batman: The Brave and the Bold. It's probably the only non-news television programing I follow right now. Plus, it looks like Black Canary is moving up in the ranks, which is just awesome.

Since the BTBATB is set in the present, but with lots of silver age charecters, I find myself getting lost on occasion. Which on one hand is great, more charecters getting screen time. But usually they give us the benifit of a name drop, so those not familar with groups like "Challengers of the Unknown" can at least wiki or google them.

Today, there was an unamed talking monkey. Luckily, wikipedia has a excelent cast list with who voiced what roles, so I was able to find out that the detective monkey was Detective Chimp. He was created in the '50s, then faded into obsurity until someone dusted him off for "What Ever Happened to Rex the Wonder Dog", then another cameo for Crisis on Infinite Earths, then DC then realized they had a primate detective and he's cameoed in a lot of other things.

Except for Manhunter, which is why I've never heard of him.
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I was looking when they are putting out the comic adaption of "A Study in Scarlet" - which is October 8th by the way - and went to Ian Ediginton's page.

He's not only done the two Sherlock Holmes comics, but he's also done adapted a version of the War of the Worlds, and one of the authors in "Torchwood: Rift War!"

I think he's now my favoritest comic writer/adapter ever. But don't worry, Carole is still my favoritest mixed medium writer ever.
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I'm getting closer to having everything done. I think the only thing left unpacked is my shoes and my laptop, though there are some small boxes. I have no idea what it seems like have so much more stuff. Nothing is in the car yet, either, it's in a pile in the dining room.

My room is almost clean as well, but I just have those tiny bits of things all over that are almost impossible to clean up. I've found Manhunter Vol. 3, which I've been missing for the past month. It was mixed in with my Discover magazines.

Speaking of comics, next weekend I'm going on a hunt for what I've missed over the past few months, and see if any more Ignition City got released. And anything that has Kate Spencer in it.

And I finally, finally found an Uhura action figure. She looks like every penny I bought her for, all 4,300 of them. Oddly enough, she comes with a phaser, which doubles nicely as a compact laser deluxe if one of my Jacks holds it.


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