Jan. 27th, 2010

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My Uncle and his wife had a stroke of brilliance when it came to Christmas presents this year. Either that, or my aunt remembered the conversation we had while driving me from the airport to my grandparent's house. As I have a Uhura action figure, and "Torchwood: Rift War" comic book. Which has a totally lying cover as it's a post-Meat pre-Rest fic, so it's TEAM fic story and not just post-series Two story that I was expecting.

Also, it has a timy-whimy aspect AND Steampunk!Torchwood makes a cameo! And Toshiko is featured taking actions and doing things other than read things off of computer monitors. Oh, and she rides Myfanwy.

The minuses is that, at times, the human cast is drawn very oddly. There are three artists on the book, and it really, really shows. ( The back up feature is drawn beautifully! ) Owen did not show all that well, and cannot really remember what he did.
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Yesterday was actually my last day at the assignment. I decided to keep the sleep schedual for second shift. Then Manpower called me in for an assignment in the same place, but in a different department.

On day shift.

So I should be in bed, except I'm not because I got up at 11:00! I am a champion sleeper, but as I am somewhat out of my dark hole it's hard. Which is normally really good, except today. = (


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