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This past vacation to Disney World was languid. I cannot sing the praises of the Disney Vacation Club's Old Key West resort enough. Mom and I were able to sleep in separate rooms! This made such a difference to my quality and amount of sleep it was ridiculous, and made a very peaceful nap time. I needed a nap every day, but I only one really bad episode the entire trip, and used a very small amount of my xanax.

The parks were fairly crowded. The crowds this trip a different vibe from normal, as it was considerably lighter on the families and heavier on college spring breakers and school trips. And for some unfathomable reason, I noticed WAY more Canadians. The time of year also meant that Muslium families were out in force, since the humidity was low, and the temperature was on the razor edge of "warm" and "chilly." My last crowd observation is that I saw far, far more child-sized wheelchairs than adult ones.

The only people I had a specific problem with was the spring breakers, as some of them were being complete jackasses and waiting for a show to begin with them is far more noisy and stressful. I wasn't able to see Fantasmic because this fact, plus I was having a bad day already, I would have had a massive episode.

But, all of the above was helped by the incrediabally slow pace we set. We've been to WDW before, so there was no pressure to do EVERYTHING EVER, which cut out a ton of stress. As the lines for the E-Ticket attractions were often an hour plus, with some of the really popular attractions having a two-hour plus wait at times. We managed the Magic Kingdom by going to extended hours, and it's remarkable how short lines are at 2:30 AM. = )

The biggest ride highlight was that we had an completely awesome tour guide on Jungle Cruise. The majority of my enjoyment of the Jungle Cruse is listening to the twist each guide puts on the jokes and puns, as some parts of the trek I've heard over fifty times. There was some new stuff too, with some "Legends of the Hidden Temple" references and one of the jokes had been changed as to catch out people who have been on the ride a lot before. But this guy had the best Embittered Graduate shtick, as after he pointed out that one of his favorite plants he rattled off a long list of termonology about the fern - and pointed out that, one day you too can aspire to get a degree in biology and do tours on Disney's Jungle Cruise.

The best show was not Finding Nemo, this time, but seeing the giant cock-up at Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. And getting people's opinions that the show was just great anyway. What happened was that a large part of the middle of the show is a copper-looking globe rotates in the middle of the lake, and the contentients are really video screens. The video screens quit working after 20 seconds, so there was large swaths of time where the only thing that was happening was that there was music playing and four small fountains changed color in the lake. As I hold the opinion that the the globe is tacky, and hard to see in quite a few locations around the lake, it was nice to see that the show could actually survive without it.


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