Jan. 26th, 2010

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Last night's sleep was not restful. It felt like eight hours of Martian invasion. It felt very werid, as I and a few others had pre-knowledge about how the Martians would behave and what weapons they had because the invaders where straight out of "The War of the Worlds." And everyone else was laughing at our theory when they weren't running from tripods and their heat-ray. I had dug a shelter in the backyard, so I was very worried about the black smoke.

But since I live in a rural area, the probability of them deploying the black smoke was very low. Unlike where my sister lives. But she's smart and GTFO of the city. We played telephone tag, so while I never spoke to her I knew she was alive.

There was also plenty of crack, like Missouri and Mexico sharing a border. And I don't know whether the Martians having some of the "Mars Attacks!" sensibilities would count or not.
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Today I got sent home early from work. The parking lot was very, very empty, so I'm hoping it's because the machinery was down, and not because there is no more work to do.

But, over the last few days, I made enough to pay for a couple of months of my medication!

The job lot I did today did not require counting, so I could plot out my Holmes BigBang, and I think I got something going here. It's not only post-hiatus, it's post-retirement. Or an attempt at a retirement. Or they're thinking about what to do next, and they are watching the hives of an aquantince to see if they really want to look after bees for the rest of their lives. They're in a rural area, and there are bees, and Holmes brought a chemistry set.

On a completely different note, I cannot get any of my custom content to load in Sims 2. = (


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