Apr. 10th, 2010

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I am starting my garden. Or I was starting it, before I broke two (2!) gardening implements preparing the gardening area. I think the pitchfork could be fixed, as the handle separated from the fork cleanly, but I think the hoe is just broke. But I have done about 6 x 4, and the final size is 8 x 5.

So I'm waiting for Dad to come home from work, so he can help and generally supervise. In the mean time, I'll pack for my sojurn.
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There was a little bit too much litter in the automatic literbox, so the rake kept raking. This was cleanly Wrong, so the kitties went to investigate.

Kizmet decided that the litterbox needed killing. So he was biting it and swating it, trying to kill it, and then Wisota got in on the action. The two cats then proceded to fight over how would get the honor of killing the litterbox.

The growling and general carrying on brought my mother over, where she simulationusly tried to both seperate the warring cats and stop the litterbox. Which brought me over. I ended up kiling the litterbox dead by pushing the power switch.

Then the humans spent a good ten minutes sorting out the cats.


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