Feb. 15th, 2010

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Oh, figure skating. You are one of my favorite types of crack. ( Along with speed skating, snowboard cross, and that sport where you fly off a ski jump and do aerial tricks. )
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What I was going to post, before I got side tracked by figure skating, was that I was that I had a stroke of strange luck while looking for locations to put my fictional town for my Sherlock Holmes Big Bang. I was mostly looking for a town that had a harbor, by a river, and had a cliff or high hill near-by. So I pulled up Google Earth, and I started on the western most region of the Jurrasic Coast and started scanning eastward.

First, I found one of the more awesome named towns in the UK: Beer, Dorset. I almost set the story there, but then I found the perfect place: West Bay, Dorset. Formally Bridport Harbour.

I have to rename it, because it's a crossover with War of the Worlds and that bodes ill for just about everything in the entire story except bacteria and viruses.


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